Dupol Enterprises

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Dupol Enterprises
Our Logo
General Information
Status Open
Leader Bram Dupol
2IC None
Motto 'Safe, Secure, Discrete'
Headquarters Deep Space Trading I Area '85'
Historical Information
Founded Year 21 Day1
Dissolved -
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Buisiness
Holosite *********


Dupol Enterprises was founded on Year 21 Day 1 by Bram Dupol. It was started as an independent company specialising small scale ship construction and a variety of other ventures. Bram Dupol founded the company to utilise the stations he had constructed at his Deep Space point, 'Area 85', located at 85,-XXX.

Dupol Enterprises Companies

At first, the company consisted of one X-7 Factory Station and a single Luxury Space Colony, 'Hotel Dupol'. This expanded in the following months and years with Defence Platforms, More Factory stations, a Trading I and a Shipyard or two.

One of Dupol Enterprises first successful ventures was 'Hotel Dupol' a sumptuously decorated Luxury Space Colony located within Area '85'. 'Hotel Dupol was Opened in the first month of Year 21 and rented out suites of two rooms for a monthly or yearly rate to members exclusivly of the New Republic. Each member was assigned a safe in the suite for their valuables along with a custom Escape Pod just outside the station walls for larger items.

Other services available range from Bespoke Written work, Biographys, Holocron pages, GNS Articles, anything you need written we can handle it at reasonable prices. Space can be rented aboard our Factory Stations and Shipyards to enable others to build items or ships(as long as building those items on the Resistance Restricted or Illegal list. We can even build things for you should you wish it, just Contact your local Dupol Enterprises Representative or Bram Dupol via DM or on Discord.


Dupol Shipping Services - TBA


Dupol Creative Services.

Our crack team of writers can handle anything you need. Full satisfaction or your money back! Take advantage of our 'lifetime' biography, for a one-off payment we will provide you with as many updates to your biography as you need.


Dupol Living Services.

The home of 'Hotel Dupol'


Dupol Manufacturing Services.

Dupol Enterprises Manufacturing arm. If you want something built and you don't have the room, you can rent space to build or we can build for you, as long as you have the credits we are your people.


Vanilla Chinchilla Inc.

Vanilla Chinchilla Incorporated is an offshoot of DMS and DSS that transports merchants to and from events and provides a safe, secure environment for sales during said events.