Durand Somerville

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Durand Somerville
Durand Somerville Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Kuat
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Infinite Innovations Inc
New Imperial Order
Prior Affiliation

Brigadier General Durand Somerville was a notable Commander of the Imperial Army during the brief reign of Emperor Greyson Uebles. Circa late Year 4, Somerville was a key participant in the decisive Battle of Beta and was a member of the Imperial Army Special Ops team that disabled both the defense grid of Ul Yanin and the shield projectors for the Libra battle-station.


Born on Kuat, Durand Somerville joined the Imperial Army and swiftly rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant, serving under Major General David Terrio. One of the few officers remaining in service after the Emperor Charon was ignominiously overthrown, Durand rose to prominence when he proposed the creation of a new Army Staff comprised of junior officers and subordinated to Army Command. Colonel Magnus Locke accepted the suggestion and Durand was appointed to the Staff as Intelligence Officer with responsibility for liaison with the Empire's security agencies.

When Colonel Locke subsequently resigned as Executive Officer, the Imperial Army was plunged into a state of confusion. Although still only a Second Lieutenant, Durand took charge, declaring that with Army Command absent, the Army Staff would take charge, with himself at its head. Despite the move being technically illegal, the Army rallied around Durand and his actions were subsequently endorsed by Grand Admiral Black Lodge, who promoted Durand to Brigadier General and gave him permanent command of the Imperial Army.

Almost immediately, Durand conducted a reorganisation of the Army and persuaded a number of veteran officers to return to duty (notably Tyr DeMeer). He also did much to create an esprit-de-corps, particularly among the junior officers; no less than three of his proteges would lead the Imperial Army. However, Durand would also aggressively promoted the rivalry with the Imperial Navy, fueled by his own ongoing feud with Commodore Daelin Zerk. In the eyes of Durand, Zerk was a micro-managing bureaucrat whose constant interference in Imperial affairs outside his jurisdiction was a major source of friction. The estrangement between the two branches of the Imperial military would ease under Durand's successor, but Army and Navy Commands remained suspicious of one another for a long time to come.

During the Battle of Beta, he was part of the Army-Sith strike force consisting of six commandos — Adric Simms, Thraken Solo, Rurouni Locus, Tyr DeMeer, Owen von Ismay and Durand — that destroyed the shield projectors for the Libra battle-station on the planet of Ul Yanin. This covert action enabled the three battalion groups waiting in orbit to land, and Durand directed the remaining ground operations. The battle marked both the high-point and the beginning of the end of Durand's Imperial career. His ongoing dispute with Zerk worsened after the latter was promoted to Commander of the Navy, and he came into conflict with Vodo Bonias, now an Imperial Executor and a personal friend of Zerk. Following Uebles' abdication and Bonias' ascension to the Imperial throne, Durand announced his resignation and was moved to leadership of Infinite Innovations Inc, an Imperial nationalized company.

Life in the business world did not suit him and Durand soon went into retirement. For a period he worked with his former protege Owen von Ismay in the New Anzat Order, but left after hearing of the formation of the New Imperial Order. He resumed his old rank of Brigadier General and became the first Commander of the New Imperial Army. Whilst still serving, he was killed in action.

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Commander of the Imperial Army
Preceded By:
Magnus Locke
Durand Somerville
Year 4Year 5
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