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System Duro
Sector Corellian
Galactic Coordinates (57, -56)
System Coordinates (16, 14)
Astrographic Entry
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: glacier, ocean, grassland
Rotational Period 33 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 420 local days [1]
Population 171,629,970 inhabitants
Controlled By CorSec
Governor None
Magistrate None
Sentient Races Duros


Duro in the Corellian Sector is the homeworld to the Duros species. It is a beautiful blue and green world with a large continent that hosts the race said to be among one of the first to achieve hyperspace flight. The native Duros enjoy their cool and wet planet, as its climate is extremely comfortable for their skin which often becomes overly dry in other atmospheres. The central continent is laid claims by two Duro nations on very friendly terms both historically and currently.

In the planet's orbit, the Duros constructed a top rate shipyard that is still in use today. The quality of ships built there rivals those from Corellia, and the quantity of ships produced every year does not fall far behind from their Corellian counterparts either. The shipyard is currently controlled by the Duro Delta Twelve, and has been for the past few hundred years. This company plays an interesting role in Duro politics as the Duros define an eligible voter as a holder of stock in one of the many Duro ship construction corporations, of which Duro Delta Twelve being the largest. Each share of stock represents one vote, so the small number of the majority owners of the companies is among the most influential politically. CorDuro Shipping is an example of another major corporation important in the politics of Duro. It is an interplanetary transportation corporation that was more recently formed, but with the founder and CEO's good direction, it has become one of the premier companies in the transportation industry for the Core. Financial analysts often say that this Duggan Station-based company is likely to be a major driving force in shaping the industry across the entire galaxy in the future.

A recent trend on the world of Duro is that the households are moving to the residential space stations up in orbit. The surfaces are slowly being taken over by the automated farms. The farms generate food so efficiently that food stuffs are slowly gaining more importance as an export.

The Duros are a humanoid species that are characterized by their moist blue skin, large red eyes, and long and thin faces. The Duros tend to be calm and peaceful by nature. However, when pushed they will bravely defend their persons with force. Besides their innate curiousness and adventurous natures, the Duros are probably best known for their masterful skills in storytelling. Much of the literature that the school children on Coruscant study today is translated from Duro legends. The Duro Academy graduates are also among the galaxy's top navigators, and it is common to find Duros being employed as master navigators for large shipping fleets.

Neimoidians from the world of Neimoidia, a planet near Coruscant, are close kin to the Duros. Though differences have grown in their appearances after millions of years of evolution, genetic tests have concluded that the Neimoidians and Duros share the same ancestors that were probably closer to the modern day Duros than Neimoidians. It has been theorized that Neimoidia is likely one of the first colonies established by early Duros space explorers.

Located on the Corellian Trade Spine in the Core, the planet itself was mostly abandoned, mainly housing food processing plants. Most of the population lived in one of the twenty orbiting cities. [1]


Duro was surveyed by the Columi in 100,000 BCGT, but the Columi were not impressed and passed it off as a primitive failure, little knowing that the inhabitants of the world, the Duros, would become a space-faring species in the years to come. Under the Infinite Empire, Duro was a slave world, and helped create the Star Forge 30,000 BCGT. Following a plague that struck the Rakata, the Duros rebelled in 25,200 BCGT. The Duros then formed a hereditary monarchy. It was based at Ranadaast, a city named after Queen Rana Mas Trehalt, which fell into disrepair and was infested by criminals when the monarchy fell into decline. Several years after the fall of the monarchy, Duro became a member world of the Herglic Trade Empire, the most powerful government in the Core Worlds region at the time. [1]

Duros were interested in exploration and ventured off their homeworld to explore the galaxy at an early age. Hyperspace cannons linked Duro with Coruscant, Corellia, and other Core Worlds. Having reverse-engineered the hyperdrive independently of the Corellians, Duro entered a Golden Age as a Core Founder at the formation of the Galactic Republic. The monarchy was eventually abolished in favor of a collection of ruling corporations. The Duros High House became the government/legislature, and the Chief Representative Officer became the planet's head of state. At the same time, the Herglic Trade Empire fell with the formation of the new galactic government. [1]

The Duros colonized Neimoidia during their earliest wave of expansion, though the Neimoidians were considered a separate culture by 15,000 BCGT. The Duros discovered Sneeve in the Kymoodon Era, Adner in 5,000 BCGT, and Koboth around two hundred years ago. [1]

Nearly four thousand years ago, the planet itself was laid to near-total waste during the Mandalorian Wars, when the Mandalorian invasion fleet advancing on the Colonies and Core regions destroyed much of the world using thousands of Basilisk war droids. Years of misery and rebuilding were ahead of the Duros people, merely the latest phase in the long series of Sith Wars. [1]

In the following years the Duros abandoned the planet for space cities, and left food production and mining on the planet to automated systems; however overdevelopment caused mass extinctions and pollution on the world. [1]

The Galactic Empire collected what was left of Duro's natural resources, and forced many Duros to move off the planet. In an attempt to stir up conflict between Duro and Corellia, the Empire declared Duro to be part of the Corellian sector. [1]

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