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General Information
Status Active
Leader Valat Horn
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 361
Dissolved Year 15 Day 90
Political Information
Industry Recycling

DynaCorp, to be blunt, are the exiled members of societies that have coalesced into a new government to promote their ideals. Fleeing from oppression, these diverse groups founded a confederated union to combat the very tyranny that forced them from their homes.

This group started with citizens of the Federation of Free Alliances, who lost their homes due to the dictatorial coup of one of their own. During the fighting that erupted, homes were lost and brother sought to assassinate brother, leaving what remained of the once strong government in the hands of the Traitor of Gamorr.

The newer coalition amidst the eXiles are the citizens of Commonality. Once proud members of a vibrant government, these citizens were betrayed when their leader, the Tyrant of Dynali, revoked the Constitution and brought in Krath reinforcements to suppress the population. Krath, upon realizing that they were inadvertantly defending a tyrant against his people, decided to make peace between the two sides and stave off a civil war. Dividing lands, homes and families, this peace is what created modern eXile territory, while the rest was annexed into the Krath Dynasty.

DynaCorp and The eXiles, devout believers of individual rights and liberties, and those of the Commonality, who believed that such freedoms must be tempered by the good of the many. While the parties diverged in ideals, they did however remain firmly entrenched in one overriding principle, that in unison they achieved a balance. As a result of these betrayals, the eXiles have become what many call a democratic timocracy, a free moving system of merit focused heavily upon honor. While some seek power and others seek glory, the eXiles continue as they always have, rebuilding in the hopes of one day reuniting the divided house that stands today, and to serve swift justice on the traitors and tyrants that divided it.