Dyvel Price

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Dyvel Price
Lady Dyvel Price.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human (Coruscanti)
Homeworld Coruscant
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.80 meters
Coloring Tan
Hair Color Blue-black
Eye Color Arctic blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Rank Admiral (formerly)
Positions Minister of Protocol
Prior Affiliation
  • Warlord Award
  • Imperial Black Heart Award (IBHA)

Lady Dyvel Price was a notable Imperial admiral who served as the Minister of Protocol in the Galactic Empire during the ephemeral reign of Emperor Suntzu circa Year -2.[1] According to fragmented historical records, Price became one of the key conspirators in former Emperor Hiram Drayson's Order of Darkness, an Imperial separatist movement which sought to remove Suntzu from power.[2]

Together, Drayson and Price successfully stole a large number of Imperial Star Destroyers from Suntzu's heavily-guarded shipyards.[2] After Suntzu's downfall, Dyvel was unexpectedly invited to rejoin the Empire during the reign of her friend Emperor Spytek and was restored to her former rank.[3] However, when Spytek was overthrown in Year 0, she quickly became disillusioned with the constant political intrigues of the Imperial High Command. Accompanying Spytek into exile, they controversially joined Princess Gabriella Storm's Black Sun syndicate and began criminal careers.[4] Several years thereafter, Price became the Baron Administrator of Cloud City between Year 2 and Year 3.[1]


Early Years

Born on Coruscant to unremarkable parents, Dyvel Price enlisted in the Imperial Navy as a young woman during the reign of Emperor Hiram Drayson. She performed exceptionally well at the Imperial Military Academy and was regarded by her peers as a talented starfighter pilot with a bright future. Her first assignment out of flight school was as a TIE Interceptor pilot aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD) Invincible.

She rose quickly through the ranks. Promotion followed promotion — from Captain and Evac Commander in the BETA Destroyer Group to Admiral and BETA Destroyer Group Executive Officer (XO). Due to her diligence, she soon gained command of the Invincible itself. During this period, she received the Warlord Award and the Imperial Black Heart Award for her exemplary service.[3]

Retiring from active naval duty while retaining command of the ISD Invincible, Dyvel accepted the dual positions of Minister of Protocol and assistant to the Minister of Defense.[3] She oversaw such varied projects as the Imperial Jedi Training Program and the ambassadorial office. At one point, Dyvel served alongside a young Spytek who would repay her friendship when he ascended the Imperial throne.

Order of Darkness

On Year -2 Day 330, Suntzu became ruler of the Empire. Lady Dyvel and a cadre of other Imperial officers became increasingly disenchanted with his reign. They believed he was a puppet of Moff Vodo Bonias whose influence had irreparably weakened the regime. In protest of Suntzu's incompetence, former Emperor Drayson returned from the Unknown Regions and formed "a purer iteration" of the Empire called the Order of Darkness. In a surprise move, Admiral Dyvel and Officer Evax defected to Drayson's side with a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers from Suntzu's orbital shipyards.[2] The theft of such prized vessels further sullied Suntzu's reputation and was instrumental in his overthrow after a single month in power. Despite Suntzu's removal, Price remained a staunch member of Drayson's separatist movement until its eventual dissolution a year later.

Spytek's Reign

Approximately Year -1 Day 186,[5] Emperor Spytek gained the throne. He promptly reactivated Lady Dyvel's military status and restored her former rank.[3] Due to her friendship with Spytek, Admiral Dyvel received additional responsibilities equivalent to Vice Emperor.[3] Preferring the less ostentatious title of Minister, she oversaw the Dark Jedi civil government, the ambassadorial office, and the Evac fleet from aboard her command ship Invincible.

When Spytek was overthrown by Admiral Piett on Year 0 Day 122, Price chose to depart the Empire for the second time as she distrusted the new Imperial High Command and disliked the political intrigues of various subordinates. Accompanying Spytek into exile, the duo joined Princess Gabriella Storm's Black Sun crime syndicate as personal advisors.[4] Price reportedly operated at the highest levels in Storm's organization. Little is recorded of her exact movements during this period, although rumors indicated that she supervised Storm's criminal enterprises on various Core Worlds. The extent of Price's concurrent ties to both the Empire and Black Sun became the subject of much controversy.[1]

Cloud City

On Year 2 Day 163, when the Devaronian businessman Paraic of Argoth stepped down as Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Price assumed ownership of the floating metropolis.[6] As a former high-ranking Imperial officer with ties to Princess Storm's underworld network, Price's sudden acquisition of Cloud City led to concerns about whether the Empire or Black Sun might assume indirect control. Price explained in a holonet broadcast that citizens of the elegant colony needn't worry: "This was not a hostile takeover. It was a simple change of ownership and, therefore, of management. As far as I am aware, there is no bad blood over the transaction."[6]

Paraic's overnight departure caused an uproar among Cloud City's Heads of Department as Lady Dyvel suspended their authority and revoked their access codes. In particular, Dahurgha the Hutt was furious and smashed three protocol droids upon learning the news. (Some historians claim Dahurgha had planned to succeed Paraic as Baron Administrator, and the unexpected change in ownership thwarted this ambition.) Lady Price remained calm throughout the chaotic transition and assured the Department Heads that their status in Cloud City would not significantly change. She appears to have kept these promises as no bloodshed occurred.[6]

After her tenure as Baron Administrator, Dyvel's later activities and whereabouts are unknown. Infrequent sightings indicated she maintained close ties with the late Gabriella Storm and other Black Sun alumni for many years.[3]


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Baron Administrator of Cloud City
Preceded By:
Paraic of Argoth
Dyvel Price
Year 2 Day 163Year 3 Day 242
Succeeded By:
Jake Kiltar