The eXiles

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The eXiles
The eXiles Emblem Year 15.png
General Information
Motto "Freedom Shall Prevail"
Status Active
Leader Helen Hawk
2IC Sol Savrek
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 42 (foundation date)
Year 15 Day 8 (reformed)
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite The eXiles

The Start

On Year 6 Day 142, The eXiles began with a group of refugees from the second DynaCorps purge. When Isoldor Storm fired many employees and executed others, many Dynacorps members fled, and decided to band together. Initially they consisted mostly of the former members of StormOne Mining. Quickly regrouping, they signed a contract with Akheton Mining Corporation, exchanging service for aid to set up an independent faction. As more and more people fled the purge at DynaCorps, the eXiles’ numbers swelled, and soon they were joined by most of the former DynaCorps leadership.

Tempted by the Darkside, Nathan Frost and Darren Stone stripped two of the DynaCorps factions when they left and stole some property from Combank. Acting quickly, the rest of the eXiles quickly arrested them with assistance from the New Anzat Order government. Acting on a request by Adliger Uriel, President of Combank, the eXiles agreed to offer the thieves a prison term, rather than execution, in exchange for return of the stolen goods to their rightful owners.

Seizing the opportunity provided by the confusion in the eXiles ranks, Dverol Nact of Akheton reneged on the contract and accused eXiles members of “consorting with pirates.” No explanation of how how arresting two thieves, and arranging for the return of Combank’s stolen goods constituted “consorting with pirates” was provided. In the ensuing chaos, several eXiles were killed, and many others simply disappeared. The two thieves, who had been turned over to NAO custody, were eventually executed by that government.

Reeling from the third crisis in as many weeks, the remaining members regrouped and began the difficult task of earning enough funds to form their own faction. Determined to make their own way and remain independent, the group turned down many offers of jobs or investment. However, their numbers grew as many like minded beings joined their efforts; but it was decided that a small, tight-knit group would be best, and some otherwise promising applicants were turned away.

Reaching an accord with Isoldor Storm, the group engaged in a large construction project in the Roche Asteroids, funded in part by a grateful Combank. Using proceeds from the Roche Project’s sales, Exiles acquired Csilla Excavations on Year 7, Day 51 and moved operations to the little explored, isolated regions of the Elrood sector.

Ironically, Csilla had been formed just over a year earlier by Pixelor Xess, on Year 6, Day 44, from the two sputtering companies of StormOne Mining Corporation and StormOne Recycling. Under Xess, Csilla was affiliated with the Iktochian Guard.

Over the next year, eXiles expanded Csilla's operations throughout the southeast of Elrood sector. Shortly after establishing their headquarters at Derilyn, the sector became the center of a raging war. With the Galactic Empire and Kathol Republic on one side, and Sorosuub and the Rebel Alliance on the other, most smaller companies fled the region. Csilla hung on though, and managed to mostly escape the ravages of the war. System after system though fell to the opposing governments, leaving little room for further expansion.

eXiles then looked to the Mayagil sector, left unclaimed after the Association of Mayagil Sovereignty collapsed when their ally, the Invisible Army, was brought down by the GE and the Twelve Colonies (formerly Dynacorps). The Twelve Colonies quickly moved into the void there though before ceding the sector to the GE. The Elrood War suddenly shifted when the GE turned on their erswhile ally, the Kathol Republic, and Sorosuub moved on Mayagil in force.

Seeking calmer environs, eXiles began developing new operations in the Rimma Trade Remnanats Sector, coreward from Elrood and Mayagil. Although numerous other groups had small claims or interests in the region, and the GE calimed the sector (despite having no presence there), eXiles managed to quickly establish dominance throughout the sector.

Zimbabwe Suluclac, one of the founding members of eXiles and an original Board of Directors member, retired during year 7. Leadership of Csilla during this period rotated between the three Board members: Jeb`el Ras, Kain Elderan, and Tukaram.

On Year 8 Day 9, eXiles opened Gal Mart, the Galaxy's first galactic-wide retail store at rattatk, in Rimma.. Offering the widest selection of droids, weapons, items and vehicles available anywhere, eXiles sought to establish Gal Mart as a dominant figure in galactic trading. Gal Mart's headquarters were shifted to Vandelhelm, where Csilla were developing extensive mining operations.

Early in year 8, the company was then reorganised into three departments: GalMart, Elrood/Mayagil Operations, and the Rimma Mining Division, with a member of the Board leading each department. As year 8 begins, eXiles are financially and territorially secure, and will continue their quest to become the leading independant faction of the galaxy.

On Year 9 Day 224, The eXiles created a government called the Federation of Free Alliances. It was governed by a dual-executive system. The President of the Alliance was the Head of State, in charge of international and intra-alliance policy, and was elected by and answerable to the Senate. Members of the Senate were elected or appointed by the sovereign States of the Alliance; publication of Senators' names was the prerogative of the States. The President was not necessarily a member of the Federation.

The Prime Minister of the Federation of Free Alliances government was the Head of Government, in charge of civil affairs of the Federation and its subsidiaries. The Prime Minister was the leader of the eXiles and had neither authority over the Alliance nor over any other sovereign member States of the Alliance.

However, On Year 11 Day 150, Kain Elderan decided to loot the Federation of Free Alliances for his own personal gain. Kain requested his wife to go to FFA will full privileges; Kain being a Executive Partner, his wife was given the same amount of respect and thus was given privileges to ship codes and facility codes. Kain already had his plan in place and thus a Looting was set of FFA from himself, his wife Skylar Elderan and his cohort Allaina Musava. Jr. Partner Jerrick Jataan was also in the mix as he is a Toydarian and was seeking monetary gain as well by bribing eXiles not to give pertinent information to Kain Elderan and Kabal Shryke.

Shortly after the foundation of the Commonality circa Year 11 Day 150, a rival Outer Rim government known as the the Federation of Free Alliances (FFA) became embroiled in a disastrous conflict with the Aurodium Legion, a ruthless mercenary contingent determined to claim the Federation's territory. Colloquially known as Fifty Days' War, the conflict began with the coup d'etat led by Kain Elderan within the Federation and culminated in the loss of many of its key territories. With the downfall of the Federation, many of its former nationalized subsidiaries such as the eXiles Corporation, Koensayr, and Maelstrom Industrial Salvage chose to seek sanctuary with the Commonality.

Following negotiations, the eXiles Corporation — its leader Han Daragon and surviving personnel — pledged allegiance to the Commonality. Soon after, Partner Helen Hawk of Koensayr requested an audience with Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard of the Commonality. The two dignitaries reached a beneficial agreement that granted the remaining eXiles personnel a safe haven in the Old Republic. Shortly thereafter, Han Daragon and his staff became integrated into the Old Republic's chain-of-command on Year 11 Day 205. This marked the beginning of a new democratic era.

On Year 13 Day 327, Krath Lord Frezt Raleigh was appointed leader of the Commonality to accommodate a merger between this government and the Krath Dynasty. Wim Jurgen, who at the time was Supreme Chancellor of The Commonality. Gave away the homes of the citizens of Commonality and thus a new chapter began.


On Year 13 Day 358. The eXiles were reborn. We are the exiled members of societies that have coalesced into a new government to promote their ideals. Fleeing from oppression, these diverse groups founded a confederated union to combat the very tyranny that forced them from their homes. This group started with citizens of the Federation of Free Alliances (FFA), who lost their homes due to the dictatorial coup of one of their own. During the fighting that erupted, homes were lost, and brother sought to assassinate brother, leaving what remained of the once strong government in the hands of Kain Elderan, the traitor of Gamorr.

The newer coalition amidst the eXiles are the citizens of Commonality. Once proud members of a vibrant government, these citizens were betrayed when their leader, the Tyrant of Dynali, revoked the Constitution and brought in Krath reinforcements to suppress the population. Krath, upon realizing that they were inadvertently defending a tyrant against his people, decided to make peace between the two sides and stave off a civil war. Dividing lands, homes and families, this peace is what created modern eXile territory, while the rest was annexed into the Krath Dynasty.

The eXiles, devout believers of individual rights and liberties, and those of the Commonality, who believed that such freedoms must be tempered by the good of the many. While the parties diverged in ideals, they did however remain firmly entrenched in one overriding principle that in unison they achieved a balance. As a result of these betrayals, the eXiles have become what many call a democratic timocracy, a free moving system of merit focused heavily upon honor. While some seek power and others seek glory, the eXiles continue as they always have, rebuilding in the hopes of one day reuniting the divided house that stands today, and to serve swift justice on the traitors and tyrants that divided it.


The eXiles went to work fast and with determination to prove to the galaxy that they were back and were still an economic powerhouse even if they had to start from scratch. Within 3 years they went from 0 income to close to a billion a month in facility income and taxes from it's population within it's territory. They made 3 station hubs, started creating a fleet to deter outsiders from being a threat to it's people and started to build defensive and R&D stations to plan for the future. Their future seems bright and hopefully will continue to shine bright.


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