Echuu Shen-Jon

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Echuu Shen-Jon
Biographical Information
Race Kushiban
Homeworld None
Mother Unknown
Father Elm Aran (Adopted)
Spouse None
Siblings Xpofer Tomas

Larry Turner

Stack Soto

Apoc Starder

Gretchen O'Hara (Former Wife)

Allana Aran-Kutol

Jaydon TaVolarian

Florian Laiden

Sabo Magus

Tika Majere

Pat Kil`astra

Krios Malana

Siejo Kutol

Calista Kutol(Adopted Niece)

Children None
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.2 meters
Hair Color White and Grey
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tal'ShenAran
Prior Affiliation Red Fury Brotherhood, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Rebel Alliance, NeuroSaav Technologies, Omega Order Vehicles, Triton Dynamics, Scitrok Mining Incorporated, Kathol Republic, Drax Industries, The Freeholders, Corporate Alliance, Confederacy of Independent Systems

Echuu Shen-Jon is a proud Kushiban, and one of the most successful members of his species in the galaxy. Originally born from a noble Corellian family, the Derra Virus later transformed him into a Verpine during his leadership of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During his years as a Privateer under the 2nd CIS banner he was again transformed by the Derra virus into the Kushiban species. When his family were declared traitors within the Core Worlds, he developed a great desire to fight back against unjust oppression and corruption across the galaxy that lives on to this day. Echuu is a highly experienced leader, and has a natural talent for naval command and starship engineering. He is the protector and founding member of The Family now known as Tal'ShenAran.


Year 4 Day Unknown

A Rebellious Start - Year 4 - 5

Echuu Graduated from the Rebel Alliance Fleet Academy as a valedictorian at the beginning of Year 5, and began his first tour of duty on a Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser “Independence” charged with the defense of the Republica System. After two tours of boredom he began searching for a means to support the Alliance outside of just the Military, teaming up with a friend and fellow fleet member from the academy Zeff Traner. Echuu was offered an opportunity as Head of Security for an Alliance owned company, NeuroSaav Technologies ensuring the protection of the Alliances weapons of war. In late Year 5, he was asked to take command of the company under Jimothy Qrrrg and he began and working with Zeff to expand NST into an active force within the Rebel Alliance.

By the beginning of Year 6, Echuu had been transferred out of the Republica Defense force, and was appointed Commander of the 3rd Division of the Alliance Army eventually taking the rank of Lt. Colonel. While serving in this new position, Echuu met the beginnings of his new family under General Elm Aran. Together with other Alliance Army members they formed the first adoptees of The Family, now known as House Tal'ShenAran.

3rd Division during an assault on an Imperial world

At the end of Year 6 Elm Aran was removed from the Alliance High Command under the delusion of a security violation. Elm took great pride in the men that served under him, and had shared classified High Command intelligence that shed light on internal corruption and instability. This action within the Rebel Alliance infuriating many including Echuu and the rest of their family. Taking a small loan from the company he helped build, Echuu recruited a small group of mercenaries and left the Rebel Alliance for the deep Outer-Rim Territory. Landing on a small forest moon weeks away from any government controlled space, construction broke ground on a militia complex, forming the foundation for Scitrok Mining Incorporated.

Family Affairs - Year 6

For over a year, Echuu and The Family worked to build Scitrok into a rich and efficient mining corporation known throughout the galaxy. Together, they took control of the Allied Tion sector, building it into a prosperous mining sector still flourishing within the Galaxy today. Nine months into their venture in Tion, Elm Aran fell victim to a dangerous and highly contagious pathogen while surveying a forest in the Tion system. A member of the family quickly assumed command of the company in the hopes of keeping operations running. A month later, the family became divided under the new leadership causing the destruction of the company from within and the loss of Echuu’s brother Pocus Nuckie by his own hand, and the Tion sector they worked so hard to secure. Echuu left the family and the Tion sector behind, joining his new friend Samuel Vimes to help claim territory for the newly formed Kathol Republic.

Kathol Corruption - Year 7

Samuel Vimes had a dream of creating his own democratic empire, stretching from the Outer Rim into the Core Worlds. Echuu shared his vision for a peaceful and free society within the galaxy, joining his forces under Vimes command. He was tasked with a logistics fleet to invade and capture key under defended worlds within the Deep Core Security Zone under the nose of the Galactic Empire. Echuu’s forces were successful in their operation, capturing 2 star systems within the Deep Core Security Zone, though they would later be stolen back. After his success Vimes appointed Echuu to the Kathol Senate, taking leadership of the ship manufacturing corporation Drax Industries. From his new internal view, Echuu began to notice a power struggle taking place within the Republic. Auron Kun known at the time in the quiet whispers of the government halls as “The Kunt family” was working his way into a trusting position of many Senators beds. Late into Year 7 Samuel Vimes stepped down from leadership of the Kathol Republic, leaving Auron Kun to be elected as the new Head of State. Echuu immediately warned of the dangers of the Senate's decision, standing publically against the Kun families leadership within the Kathol Republic.

The Freeholder - Year 7-11

After the withering of the Kathol Republic under leadership of Auron Kun and his eventual betrayal and looting of the Government, Echuu took his leave and partnered with his longtime friend Ryann Lhojugg. Together they worked to liberate and unite the system of Gamorr in the Outer-Rim, battling with Czerka Corporation for control of the Sector. Founded on the principles of peace and prosperity within the systems, The Freeholders was created in early Year 7. After over a year of fighting, an eventual peace was established between Czerka’s leader Arklari Clise and Echuu, dividing the sectors systems between them and signing an eventual Non-Aggression Pact between the organisations. The Freeholders would later abandon their territory in the sector to the Federation of Free Alliances, moving their operations to the Almar system under the protection of Rogue Squadron. By year 11, Echuu and Ryann dissolved The Freeholders, merging their territory and members into the new family Corporate Alliance under the leadership of Siejo Kutol. Echuu’s wealth expanded greatly during these years, taking the small millions invested in the early faction into the billions, expanding his economic and military strength further than ever before.

Confederate Obligations - Year 12-14

Echuushenjon.png A year after the dissolution of The Freeholders, Siejo and Echuu made great strides in the growth and prosperity of the Corporate Alliance. Expanding into numerous industries, Echuu took ownership of the ship production group Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. expanding its operations in the Kalarba system. Within a year HKD produced over 2,000,000,000 in profit through the mass production centers of the Kalarba system, netting Echuu a sizeable influence within the Corporate Alliance factions. In year 12, the decision was made to expand their mercenary defense forces into the formal government and create the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Echuu and the family invested the entirety of their planets and resources into the new government, taking up important roles within its structure. Echuu was appointed as the Senator of the Corporate Alliance, and would later be elected as Supreme Commander of the united Confederate Forces.

The Opening Battle for Mondress

The 2nd Battle for Mondress

Echuu received a classified report from one of his contacts on the now Fallen Federation occupied planet of Mondress. It was discovered that there was a new large Federation operation on the northern half of the planet, working to disrupt Confederate efforts to rebuild the planet and aid its population throughout their blockade. Unsure of this act, Echuu took a small contingent of Confederate forces and voyaged to Mondress where he observed firsthand of a recent raid on a local Corporate Alliance facilities. The raid took sizeable resources from their stockpiles, and Echuu’s own passcodes were used to bypass security. Confused by this event Echuu began gathering local information on the perpetrators, eventually tracking them to a abandoned Fallen Federation city in the planet's northern hemisphere.

Echuu investigating the Mondress attacks

After infiltrating what appeared to be the headquarters facility of the rogue group, Echuu was betrayed by his battalion and attacked by his brother Siejo Kutol in a violent fit of rage. Records are not clear on what happened during the confrontation, but after the battle in the abandoned facility, Siejo was left heavily wounded during Echuu’s escape with help from a local criminal organization who was assisted him in his investigation, The Red Fury Brotherhood. Siejo survived the confrontation, quickly assuming emergency command of the Confederacy and declaring Echuu an Enemy of the State. His brother Siejo would later disappear before ever learning the truth of Echuu's presence on the planet, leaving a painful scar with Echuu to this day.

Wanted Criminal

Echuu went on to become the leader of the same privateer group that saved him from the Confederate droid army, the Red Fury Brotherhood. Wanted by the Confederacy by his closest friend and brother Siejo Kutol, Echuu refused to abandon his family. He worked for over a year amassing a fleet of warships and hidden caches throughout Confederate controlled space and the galaxy, watching patiently from the shadows. Near the end of Year 14, Echuu obtained information about a rouge operative within the Confederacy tasked with assassinating Siejo and his family. Smuggling a small contingency force, Echuu tracked the rouge agent to the planet of Cularin, only to find the home of the Kutol family destroyed, and the family missing. Echuu later obtained the classified report of his brother’s disappearance on the abandoned asteroid base, and the rouge operative responsible.

The Pursuit of “RedHawk” and Siejo Kutol

Echuu spent months and a large part of his wealth searching the asteroid fields of Cularin looking for a trace of his brother Siejo, and the rouge operative responsible for his disappearance. After discovering the remains of the asteroid base, the damaged sensor logs indicated two life forms escaping the station on a small ship just before the attack, leaving Echuu to forever believe his brother may be alive and in hiding, for the protection of the family. The Corona Class Frigate Apocalyptica was detected entering hyperspace after the attack, the records too corrupt to fully indicate its destination. A large reward was offered throughout Confederate space to anyone who could recover the data of the Apocalyptica’s destination, and is still being attempted by multiple research institutes.

The Providence

The Providence.jpg

"The Providence" was discovered crashed in Year 7 by an exploration team lead by Echuu on the planet of Almar. Wanting to restore the ship to its former glory, Echuu took a large loan from his father Elm Aran and began the restoration process two months later. The ship was outfitted with replacement parts scavenged from across the galaxy, custom bulkheads, navigation systems, new durasteel plating, and two high powered forward mounted heavy laser turrets. Echuu took pride in keeping the ship original, refusing to supplement "upgraded" parts and instead paying top prices for original replacement components. The ship served as his official diplomatic vessel during his leadership of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and whenever a non-threatening vessel is required.

Pride of the Hardy


The Veltraa-Class Cruiser "Pride of the Hardy" was discovered derelict in year 15 by Odac Drol during a survey mission of the Kalarba Asteroid Field. Modeled the legendary Interdictor-Class Cruiser of the past, the ship was salvaged to Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. and would later serve as the flagship of Echuu and the Red Fury Brotherhood.

HKD Engineers replicated the ships formidable hull and shields, added an additional hangar bay and tractor beams to allow for the capture of vessels of interest. Repulsorlifts, which give the vessel the advantage of atmospheric capabilities, give the ship paramount versatility to hide and ambush where similar Capital ships can not. This combination and the ships vigorous firepower make it a powerful and versatile flag ship ship.

Blood Brother


The "Blood Brother" was purchased by Echuu in Year 19 after the dissolution of the Galactic Alliance and death of a prominent member. Manufactured in Year 15, the ship now serves as the flagship of the Kalabra system fleet.


Sub Lt. - Rebel Alliance Fleet Republica Defense Force

Lt. Colonel - Rebel Alliance Army 3rd Division Commander

Chief of Security - NeuroSaav Technologies

XO - NeuroSaav Technologies

Armed Forces Commanding Officer - Omega Order Vehicles

Personnel Manager - Triton Dynamics

Director of Logistics - Scitrok Mining Incorporated

Senator - Kathol Republic

CEO - Drax Industries­­­­

President - The Freeholders

Magistrate - Corporate Alliance

CEO - Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.

Head of State - Confederacy of Independent Systems

Pirate - Red Fury Brotherhood