Edvin Simson

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Edvin Simson
Edvin Simson Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Mon Calamari
Homeworld Dac
Siblings Lukastar Narvaka (by bond)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Mon Calamari Society, House Koi`Nonia
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Prior Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom, The Wraiths, The Avance Coalition
Awards Republic Readiness, Chief of State medal (post-NR)

Edvin Simson was a Mon Calamari who had been in the New Republic military most of his life. He had been studying to become an engineer later becoming one of the top students in his final year. After that he decided to join the military as that would be a good place to discover the latest technologies and use without restriction.


Early Years

As a young Mon Calamari, Edvin travelled the galaxy with his father, who was a talented researcher and was requested around the galaxy to aid in various projects. Upon his father's decision to retire he gave Edvin his special customized YT-1300 which he had received as a gift from a company he had worked at. With that Edvin started travelling around the galaxy. Making friends, eventually coming in contact with engineers working for the New Republic. There he chose to assist in various projects, while studying to become an engineer. During that time he encountered many Naval officers, thus sparking the interest in military life. Soon after graduating he decided to start at the military academy of the New Republic. After that he immediately went into active service.

Republic life



Walking away

There is much speculation as to why Edvin had left the New Republic. One thing that was sure, he had left without sending a message to the New Republic citizens. Some said he had grown tired, others claimed he could not handle the pressure anymore. The reason he gave himself was that he had lost faith and heart with the New Republic. After leaving the Republic he flew around the galaxy for a few days before requesting political asylum with Tresario Star Kingdom. The newly crowned king, Jude Vatz accepted this request and offered him a job to earn credits while staying within the kingdom. Edvin accepted and contributed to the cause of Tresario.

A New Hope

After completing some tasks with Tresario Star Kingdom, Edvin decided to leave once again. This time his journey brought him to The Wraiths. Being out of combat shape, Edvin used their extensive training department to get back into shape. After completing this he was assigned to a battle group. Here Edvin hoped to regain some of the faith and heart he had lost.

His early days with the Wraiths were calm.

Taste my Wraith

The Return of the Fish

Following the regular procedures he re-applied for New Republic citizenship. He would return to the military service in his old department, the Navy. His hopes were still set at having a Home One cruiser being named after him while still in service.

He was welcomed back by many old faces but also so a lot of new faces. Those that would shape the New Republic in years to come.

Starting the year good

With Year 13 just having begun, the votes of 'The NR Wacky Awards of Year 12' were counted. Edvin was crowned as 'Most Eligible Bachelor' of the New Republic. Being tied with several others for the Year 10 awards, he took home the title alone this year. He had also hoped to capture the title of 'Most Sexiest Male' but that award was won by Simkin Dragoneel, who had been campaigning a lot to win in this category.

He also returned to a spot he knew all too wel, the New Republic Intelligence Service. There he took the position of Public Command Officer he once held under Nikolo Nardini. Feeling energized and more motivated then before he continued the path he had set out himself as Director.