Elijah Shoryyhn

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Elijah Shoryyhn
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.13 meters
Coloring Dark Grey
Eye Color Dark Green
Political Information
Affiliation Rwookrrorro Industries
Rank Chieftan
Positions Navigator/Chieftain of Rwookrrorro Industries
Prior Affiliation Unknown

Appearance & Demeanor

Elijah Shoryyhn is a large, powerfully built, Wookiee from the forest world of Kashyyyk. His fur is kept and was once brown with black highlights and lighter in color around his face. Now the long years have since seen his fur turn a majestic, dark gray, a visual indicator of his time in the galaxy. His eyes are a deep, dark green, and his piercing gaze reveals the still-vibrant spark of life at his core. He wears no raiment save for a traditional woven fiber belt with a small satchel attached. He speaks confidently and does not waste his words. His stance is formal and his actions calculated. Though quiet and somewhat reserved he is friendly in nature.

Early History


Elijah is a native of the densely forested world Kashyyyk. As a Wookiee cub he devoted himself fully in his studies to become both a skilled technician and warrior. Always active, he felt uncomfortable if he wasn't undertaking some new challenge and so he quickly excelled in most aspects of his life. When allowed, he would eagerly join in the hunting parties; his hunting instincts were daily honed as he learned to track, stalk, and outmaneuver the prey. Of course, these activities did not consume the whole of his life and when he had a quiet moment he would slip away and use his sharp claws to ascend the ancient Wroshr trees and rest in the canopies above. He especially enjoyed doing so at night when the stars high overhead cast a beautiful silvery light upon the tops of the trees. Sometimes he would linger there for hours as he wondered what lay beyond them. "Certainly adventure and battle await across those stars," he would think to himself. And so, this pattern continued for a time in Elijah's life.

Intermediate History


Elijah quickly grew into a strong Wookiee, knowledgeable and confident, exhibiting great potential. Soon, the time would come for the Hrrtayyk ceremony, a coming-of-age in which young Wookiees would journey down to the lowest level of the forests known as the Shadowlands. Once there, they would learn survival techniques and engage in ritual hunts of deadly predators. The Syren plant, native to Kashyyyk, is a powerful and dangerous plant which would often play a role in the ceremony. A young Wookiee would attempt to harvest the tuft of white fibers at its center, often with the help of friends. When the time came for Elijah's Hrrtayyk he readily accepted the challenge and descended down into the Shadowlands. His journey there is intensely personal, though he may feel inclined to relate the adventure if asked. That said, he was successful and even retrieved the syren fibers which he wove into a traditional Wookiee belt. The celebration that ensued upon his return was a most joyous occasion and a memorable moment in Elijah's life.

Recent History


Elijah proudly continued life on Kashyyyk for a long while, though there was always something that drew him to look up at the stars. The gentle pull of destiny and heightened awareness that comes from knowing what path to follow encouraged him to embrace his dream. Thus it came to pass that Elijah made the decision to leave Kashyyyk and embark on a new adventure. He knew the galaxy would challenge him in new and varied ways and that he would experience many successes and failures along the way. But fear of the unknown could not stay him as he finally took to the stars. Elijah has made and lost many close friends along the way and achieved great accomplishments. He has found that the galaxy can be both a frightful and wonderful place all at once. A plethora of stories, opportunities, and cultures. An ever changing thing. Amongst it all he remains steady as he continues his journey and is always ready for a new challenge!