Elm Aran

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Elm Aran
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Biographical Information
Race Arcona
Homeworld Cona
Mother Ketaloni Aran
Father Rogan Aran
Spouse Kelineti Deseary(deceased)

Gabbi Yuri(Widow)

Children Echuu Shen-Jon (Adopted)

Xpofer Tomas (Adopted)unknown

Stack Soto (Adopted)unkown

Apoc Starder (Adopted)unknown

Gretchen O'Hara (Adopted)deceased

Larry Turner (Adopted)

Pocas Nuckie (Adopted)deceased

Adam Nuckie (Adopted) deceased

Allana Aran-Kutol (Adopted)

Jaydon TaVolarian (Adopted)

Florian Laiden (Adopted)

Cal Armuntar(Adpoted Brother)

Sabo Magus (Adopted)unknown

Leo Iscander (Adopted)

Shall Ti (disowned grandson)(assasin)

Pat Kil`astra (Adopted)

Krios Malana (Adopted)

Tika Majere (Adopted)

Siejo Kutol (Soninlaw)

Daniel Skyrunner (Adopted)

Kassandra Dasiva (Adopted)
Daniella Leigh

Patric lee (Children of a former marrage of Gabbi)

Siem Ro Kutol (Adopted Grandson)

Calista Kutol(Adopted Granddaughter)

Jaered Martano TaVolarian (Adopted Grandson)

Teeana Getz TaVolarian (Adopted Granddaughter)

Born Unknown
Died Year 18 Day 159, 0:47
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Alliance
Confederacy of Independent Systems
Galactic Medical
Haven Recycling Corporation
Positions Chief Magistrate
Prior Affiliation Creshaldyne Industries
Drax Industries
Falleen Federation
Kathol Republic
Rebel Alliance
Scitrok Mining Incorporated

Elm Aran, a proud and prominent Arcona patriarch of The House of Tal'ShenAran, was the Chief Magistrate and Leader of the Corporate Alliance until his death in Year 18.


Born On Cona in a small Nest (Village) Of Arcona met and Cerimonaly Mated to Kelineti Deseary, several months later the bonded pair had a clutch of eggs. While out scavaging for Water from plant roots Elm`s mate was taken by a wild beast, by the time Elm ha beaten the beast off Kelineti had died of her wounds.Elm was never the same, after this loss he visited starports and bars in them. It was during this time that Elm discovered Salt and started to neglect the clutch of eggs. Salt became the ruination of him and got him banished from the Nest.

One day a human found him in a salt dazed stupor and took him in. He trained him in space travel and general skills and helped cured Elm of his salt addiction. the last remaining signs of his old addiction are his golden/greenish eyes. Elm traveled with his mentor for several years till a run to Corellia ended it all.

In year four Elm was a pilot on a trade (Smuggler) Ship. The ship was destroyed over Corellia while on a smuggling run and escaped in a life pod. While on Corellia Elm became involved with an underground cell of rebels who help him get off planet and join the rebel cause as a member of the Rebel Alliance Navy defence fleet under Jeff Knight, after serving some time in the Navy Elm transferred to the RA Army and advanced rapidly up the ranks having found his niche within RA. While in the ranks of the RA Elm worked within the Mining Company RMC as Executive Director before being promoted to Army XO then Army CO near the end of year five.

Elm then joined S&K ship manufacture but decided it was not for him due to clashes with the company owner. Elm decided that his experience in the army would be of use to the Falleen Federation and joined their ranks, also at this time Elm decided to use his mining experience to invest and lead a mining consortium by the name of Scitrok Mining Incorporated. For over a year, Elm and The Family worked to build Scitrok into a rich and efficient mining corporation known throughout the galaxy. Together, they took control of the Allied Tion sector, building it into a prosperous mining sector still flourishing within the Galaxy today. Nine months into their venture, Elm Aran fell victim to a dangerous and highly contagious pathogen while surveying a moon in the Tion system. A member of the family was quickly given command of the new company to keep operations running. A month later, the family became divided under the new leadership causing the destruction of the company from within and the loss of Echuu’s brother Pocus Nuckie by his own hand, and the Tion sector they worked so hard to secure, till all this happened things were going well, causing a major investor to pull out.

In year eight Elm then took the job of the Managing Directors position of Kathol Mining Corporation and a member of the Kathol Senate, which is was his present vocation and worked hard to promote its growth and welfare. Elm then moved on to lead Drax Industries, helping it to grow into a very successful freighter ship builder. Having set Drax on the road to success, Elm set his sights on bringing more industry to the Kathol and Churba sectors by investing in and leading Creshaldyne Industries. Cresh Industries was an item manufacturer and became a major supplier of Armour to the galaxy. After the death of Senator Malakia Brooks, Elm became the senior share holder of Creshaldyne and lead the organization for many years.

After Kathol Republic was taken over by the Krath Dynasty, The conglomerate of Drax, UTS and Creshaldyne felt that their obligations to the former Kathol Republic no longer stood and had no obligations to the new governmental body. Their alliance worked to build it self up, adding the mining company NAE to the fold.

After a long spell with M-Inc and the disputes within it causing divisions, Elm decided to call it quits so in year eleven Elm decided to sell Creshaldyne Industries, merging it into Baktoid Armour Workshop and join his Son-in-law Siejo Kutol in the Corporate Alliance. When necesity called Siejo away to Haven Recycling Corporation, Elm was appointed Chief Magistrate and Leader of the Corporate Alliance.

Word of the death of Elm Aran broke to the public on Year 18 Day 159, 0:47 when the shares he held in Aratech where transferred to Ku`Bakai Roche upon his death. The exact circumstances of his demise are not yet known other than he is dead.

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Rebel Alliance: LT Commander

Navy Officer

Rebel Alliance:

Rank High General

Army CO


Organization XO

Falleen Federation:


Marine Defense CO

Scitrok Mining Incorporated:

Managing Director

Kathol Mining Corporation:

Managing Director and Senator of Kathol Republic

Drax Industriess:

Managing Director and Senator of Kathol Republic

Later CEO and President

Creshaldyne Industries

CEO and President

Corporate Alliance

Chief Magistrate, Senator and High Ambassador OF the Confederacy of Independant Systems Alliance