Elubei Mont`arne

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Elubei "Arty" Mont`arne
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (Human)
Homeworld Tatooine (Born on Corellia)
Mother Deceased
Father Deceased (Presumed)
Born Year -16 Day 310
Quote "Clear skies and full sails."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair Color White (Dark brown previously)
Eye Color Gray
Political Information
Affiliation Faerytail Family - Guardians of the Fey
Title Lord Admiral
  • (NR) Endeavour Battlegroup (Later Phoenix BG) Commanding Officer, Ret
  • (NR) Flight Marshal, Ret
  • (NR) Senator, Ret (Five-term)
  • (FF) Lord Commander, Ret
Prior Affiliation
"And don't call me Sir!"

Elubei Mont`arne (Callsign: Arty) is a former A-wing coffin jockey that still has rhydonium coursing through his veins. After rising through the ranks of corporate and governmental security forces, his commission in the New Republic Starfighter Command eventually called him serve as the Executive or Commanding Officer of the Endeavour (Later: Phoenix) Battlegroup for nearly half a decade in the Arkanis, Grohl, Mayagil, Savareen, and Sluis sectors. Mont`arne also served several terms as a New Republic Senator, and helped to spearhead operational reform in the Falleen Protection Force. His recent activities have been far less public and he has declined interview, but rumor has it in his free time he has taken heavily to Sabacc, as well as regional racing circuits away from the eyes of the galaxy.

Early History

Childhood & Teenage Years (Year -16 to Year 6)

Mont`arne in his teens while back on Corellia. Before his hair inexplicably turned white.

Elubei was born to a middle-class merchant family on Corellia in year -16.

At age five, his father perished during a fatal accident of suspicious circumstances in the Core Region, and his mother sent him to live with his uncle residing on Tatooine. His mother reportedly was killed in a gang conflict shortly after returning to Corellia.

Five years later his uncle in an apparently dementia-fueled haze wandered out into the desert never to return. The man had made almost whimsical preparations for such an eventuality, and for most of the remainder of Elubei's childhood years he was cared for by a menagerie of his uncle's friends including Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Bo`marr monks, a Wookiee, and a Vratix. While Elubei never learned what common cause these associates of his uncle had shared, they provided food, care, and education to the young Corellian as one of their own.

At age sixteen, as an apparent birthday present, Elubei was presented by the menagerie a aged freighter which was rendered spaceworthy enough for him to travel to Corellia in search of extended family. Though he did find some distant relations, none had been close to his parents, nor knew of his uncle's existence. Dishearten, Elubei returned to his adoptive extended family on Tatooine, but with a newfound desire to travel the stars.

Security Forces

Aegis Rivera (Year 6 to Year 7)

On year 6 day 313, Elubei met an officer from the paramilitary faction, Aegis Rivera, a part of the larger SoroSuub Conglomerate. The same day, following a brief goodbye to his family, Elubei enlisted under the command of Al`dindra C`baoth and Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar. Shortly thereafter being placed under the command of John Stewart.

Naively, Elubei caught wind of a treason plot against then-leader Adam A. Flynn being planned by Rick Shaw, and began to try to collect information on his own initiative. The would-be Intelligence Operative was sorely disappointed when within weeks, and long before passing the information he had onto his superiors, he was arrested for Conspiracy to Treason.

The now 23-year old Elubei spent three months imprisoned during the duration of his trial. Ultimately, the courts presided by Flynn himself found Elubei guilty only of biting off more than he could chew. His continued good conduct as well as time served left him only with a three month parole as a reprimand for failing to follow procedure.

During Elubei's time in Aegis Rivera he was involved directly with Operation: Elrood Eye, and to a far lesser extent Operation: Neighborhood Watch.

Sorosuub Corporation and Black Sun (Year 7 to Year 8)

In time, Aegis Rivera an as entity was dissolved, with the personnel and function rolled into the Sorosuub Corporation.

In late Year 7 a prominent member, Knightcrawler, aided the New Imperial Order in a bid to seize control of the Tatoo system with the ultimate goal of extorting control of the Black Sun faction from Adam A. Flynn. During this time Elubei was called back home to defend Sorosuub's interests during the conflict. While stationed back on Tatooine, Elubei was able to find the collection of sentients who had helped raise him, and was able to shuttle them off-world aboard the DX-9 "Beauba's Credits" so named for the funds his commanding officer Beauba Fettt had provided him on learning he wished to obtain his own vessel.

Elubei and the other former Aegis members were transferred to Black Sun which served as the security arm of the Sorosuub Corporation until their subsequent merger with the Rebel Alliance.

New Republic Security Force (Year 8 to Year 9)

The merger of the Sorosuub Corporation and the Rebel Alliance on Restoration day, Year 8 Day 98, led to the formation of the New Republic. Due partially to this great increase in the areas that needed policing, the New Republic Security Force was formed under the full direction of Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar to provide internal security for the newly formed Republic.

Elubei and his peers from Sorosuub's paramailitary force were transferred from Black Sun to the NRSF. During his time in the NRSF, Elubei served under the commands of Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar, Thrass Karr`das, and Beauba Fettt.

A trend of commanding officers leaving continued for Elubei, with Edhrikhor and Thrass being called to serve the Republic in other ways. Beauba, forced into action due to a complicated political situation, faced Thiess Windu onboard the New Republic’s Home One Cruiser, the Nautalis during a ceremony called as a trap. Fettt was able to subdue the Jedi, and fled the Republic. Elubei, being one of the speedier pilots of the NRSF, had been one of the first to the ceremony, and was quite dumbfounded by the entire situation. A search was put into action to find Fettt, his accomplish, and Thiess. While the search did find ships in Fettt’s possession, even if the Jedi had been aboard one of them, the conclusion was reached that there was nothing that could be done. Aiden Taan was brought in to serve as a command replacement, Elubei's sixth in less than half as many years.

During Elubei's time in the NRSF, he was placed as the equivalent of an New Republic Group-level Starfighter Command Executive Officer.

Military Career

New Republic

Endeavour Battlegroup (Year 9 to Year 11)

New Republic Endeavour Battlegroup Seal

A brief time later, the New Republic Security Force was dissolved in order to integrate the Security members into the New Republic Military. This decision also lead to the formation of the Endeavour Battlegroup.

On Year 9 Day 226, Elubei was promoted to Commanding Officer of Endeavour's Starfighter Command, as well as the Executive Officer of the Endeavour Battlegroup, then under Commanding Officer Faldang Luckas. On Year 10 Day 102, Faldang stepped down to the XO position and Elubei was Elevated to Commanding Officer of the Endeavour Battlegroup. He would later rejecting an opportunity to leave the New Republic in order to command the Talost Nightwatch's forces on Year 10 Day 160.

Notable operations performed by Endeavour included "Bataan" and "Hide & Seek."

Phoenix Battlegroup (Year 11 to Year 14)

On Year 11 Day 313, members of the short-lived Odyssey Battlegroup were merged with Endeavour. The group was then rechristened the Phoenix Battlegroup. At this time Elubei was moved to Executive Officer of the Phoenix Battlegroup. Under the command of Odyssey's former commanding officer, Alexander Daigle. Aves Sunfell would be cycled in to replace Alexander following, and on Year 13 Day 230 Elubei would be promoted back into the Commanding Officer position.

During Elubei's years in the Phoenix Battlegroup, he would serve as a liason representing the New Republic Military in the Galactic Alliance, and in multiple instances was tasked with leading group task forces made up of members of various member factions.

Senate (Years 9 to 10 and 13 to 14)

Elubei would serve as a senator in five different sessions. Winning his seat outright or taking a partial term seat every time he ran.

Sessions Served
Session Dates Start Date End Notes
Session 5 Year 9 Day 263 Year 10 Day 18 Full Term
Session 6 Year 10 Day 27 Year 10 Day 143 Full Term
Session 7 Year 10 Day 150 Year 10 Day 268 Two Half-terms
Session 14 Year 13 Day 94 Year 13 Day 270 Half term
Session 15 Year 13 Day 277 Year 14 Day 91 Full Term

Resignation (Year 14)

In the second quarter of Year 14, New Republic High Command made the decision to close the Phoenix Battlegroup and reassign its members to the remaining three groups which had been in continuous operation since the Rebel Alliance-era preceding the Merger.

This decision was key among a mounting number of issues which ultimately led Elubei to state his formal resignation from the New Republic in order to recapture his lost vigor and face new challenges. During his final address to his battlegroup he had these words in part to say;

"For the entire time I've known you all, you've put on one hell of a show. We've had our ups and downs for sure. All of us. But as a group we've always stuck together. We've endured the hardships, and always maintained an effectiveness that I'm proud of. I believe each of you are wonderful officers, and the units that will be receiving you are lucky to have you if you can keep up anywhere near the good work you've shown me. And even more so if you can integrate just as well into those groups as you did our beloved Phoenix Battlegroup. As I know far too few of you as well on a personal level as I'd have liked, I doubt many of you know how sad I am to see the Battlegroup closed. But I know that you share in my sadness with me, and it does my heart good to see the same willingness to adapt to a challenge that I've always seen from you all. Don't ever lose that, gentlemen. It's one of your greatest strengths. It empowers you and those around you. Allows you to surpass what potential, or skill might dictate is your limit because you aren't afraid of challenges. You embrace them, overcome them, and become better than you were before. And as you've always done I know you'll give this latest challenge the same show you've always put on."
- Elubei Mont`arne, Y14D167

After settling his affairs, and seeing to the Officers under his command being placed fairly and according to their skills and experience; Elubei resigned from the New Republic on Year 14 day 171. Having served for seven years, nine months, and twenty-two days between the New Republic and Sorosuub Conglomerate, leaving behind the world he had known nearly his whole adult life.

New Republic C-2 Flight Marshal Rank Insignia
Elubei Mont`arne Retired at the C-2 rank of Flight Marshal while in contention for the sole C-3 Vice Marshal appointment.
Citations Earned
Name Image
Meritorious Unit Medal Award Meritorious Unit Medal ribbon.jpg
Republic Service Award Serviceaward.jpg
Operation: Forging Freedom Award Operation Forging Freedom ribbon.jpg
Operation: Elrood Eye Award Operation Elrood Eye ribbon.jpg
Joint Operations Jointop.jpg
Operational Service Award Operational Service Ribbon ribbon.jpg
Master Pilot Ribbon Master Pilot (Military).jpg
Five Plus Years of Service Ribbon 5 Year Military Service.jpg
Starfighter Command Ribbon SFC Command.jpg
Basic Training Training.jpg

Additionally had minor roles not warranting citation in Operations: Peacekeeper (Command element with one to two weeks on the ground) and Neighborhood Watch (Material logistics).

Falleen Federation (Year 14 to Year 16)

Falleen FederationLord Commander Rank Insignia

At the invitation of King Jado Dur`rik, Elubei joined the Falleen Protection Force immediately following his departure from the New Republic, with the intention of leading reform in the Federation's military utilizing his experience from the New Republic. He was awarded the C-2 Position of Lord Commander, the top rank in the Falleen Federation's military structure.

This time in the Federation was one of peace, and life primarily fell into a routine. Adjustments made to logistics, ship compliments modified, procedure memos filed. Though Elubei had somewhat grand ideas and the support of his executive officers, cultural changes were slow, especially for one perceived as an outsider.

Elubei would go on to amicably leave the Falleen Federation two years and three months later on Year 16 Day 275. While his goals and objectives were largely left uncompleted, the exposure to a different culture was invaluable and Elubei continued to stay in communication with a number of citizens of the Falleen Federation.

Faerytail Family (Year 16 to Present)

Upon leaving the Falleen Federation, Elubei still felt it was appropriate to continue his search among the stars, and not time to go back to the New Republic. Knowing few people outside of the NR/GA sphere, Elubei joined the Faerytail Family at the behest of Simkin Dragoneel, whom Elubei had worked with during his years in the New Republic. He was granted the title of Lord Admiral, and lead the military arm of the Family, Guardians of the Fey for approximately two years. In the middle of Year 18, Elubei stepped back to serve more as a military consultant than an active officer.

Given the unique structure of the Guardians of the Fey, Elubei would eventually find himself less in the large-scale administrative roles he had been in for many years, and more of a return to his roots, performing irregular tasks within the territory.

Elubei used this opportunity to largely remove himself from Galactic politics as a whole, focusing on simpler things. With no direct-reports, or heavy mantle of responsibility, he has spent time working on passion projects ranging from small-scale manufacturing, tinkering with snub fighters tuned for racing, and long safari trips.