Esul Enif

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Esul Enif
Esul enif large.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Iridonia (Raised in Dathomir)
Clan Enif
House Cole
Mother  ?
Father  ?
Marital Status Single
Siblings  ?
Children 0
Born Year -6
Languages Zabraki, Basic
Religion Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 210
Coloring Yellow with Black Tattoos covering body and face
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow and Dark Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Archduchy of Tolonda
Title Vassal of House Cole
Rank Constable
Positions CO Navy 1st Imperial Fleet
Prior Affiliation Tion Hegemony, Permanent Solutions, Sienar Fleet Systems

Born a Zabrak in Iridonia who was then taken from his family to Dathomir at a very young age. He was trained in the arts of hand to hand combat, and taught to use an arsenal of weapons to become a better assassin. After paying a visit to Dathomir, a Sith took interest in Esul and took him up as her apprentice but only to be trained as a mercenary since his connection to the force was not yet present. After some time, he gained respect and formed part of the same faction as his trainer. Ascending to the rank of Lance Corporal after showing the qualities of a great soldier; strengh, perseverance, and sharp critical thinking. He managed to hold the position until the eventual dissolving of Sienar Fleet Systems. Shortly thereafter joining a better fitting outfit amongst the ranks of Permanent Solutions where he would refine his skills as a mercenary and a pilot further. Moving upwards in his career, Esul later found another place to call home and prove that nothing would stand between him and his opportunity for honor, glory and most of all battle. Time had passed with Tion Hegemony Defense Division. Days turned to months. Months to years. He had grown inside Tion Military command to a fine Elite Praetorian warrior. But all good things have their end. Great service never goes unnoticed as a mysterious figure from a far away land began to take notice in the Zabraks achievements and capability for more. One day the mysterious figure revealed himself to be a Duke of the system of Tolonda. After speaking to him about possible futures and his true potentials the Zabrak, though strong willed, had been befriended by the Duke and convinced to become part of the Duchy of Tolonda and take the place of Executive Officer in the military. Taking time to get used to the new atmosphere he enjoyed the increase in responsibility. Enif had joined the House of Cole within the Archduchy and was given a respected position as a Vassal. Not long after he was promoted to Commanding Officer were he oversaw amd carried out most of the Military's commands from higher up in the chain of command. Working hard and being very Esul never gave much thought to anything but his career until he laid eyes on a woman who went by Mags whom he began a friendship with and began feeling stronger about their relationship.Although sweet and showing promise, the relationship between them was brief as they soon would find out their careers weighed heavy on their shoulders.