Ethan Travis

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Ethan Travis
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Iridonia
House House Arkoh
Mother Anna Travis (adoptive parent)
Father Carol Travis (adoptive parent)
Born 357 BCGT
Languages Zabraki, Basic
Religion Sada'hun
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.92 meters
Weight 90 kg
Coloring grey
Eye Color yellow/red
Political Information
Affiliation CorSec
Rank Field Marshal
Positions Commander of Tactical Response Team
Prior Affiliation Aurodium Legion; Jedi Order

Ethan Travis, is a Zabrak. Records show that Ethan was born on planet Iridonia in 357 BCGT where he grew up as a child of a poor merchant family. At the age of two his parents went missing and were declared dead by the local authorities. Two weeks later Ethan was placed in the local orphanage for adoption and it didn’t take long before Ethan was adopted by a wealthy Corellian family who came from the planet Talus in Corellian system. His step-father, Carol Travis was a wealthy landlord who owned couple of spice plantations on Talus vast continent. His step-mother was a full time house wife, though barren and childless, she was always there for Ethan. When Ethan, reached the age of 6, he was sent to the local school. Although he never exceeded in one or other field, he graduated it nevertheless at the age of 16. Even though Ethan didn't want to continue studies in academy, he complied in the end with his father wish and began studies at Nashal Technical Academy as an high energy system engineer. At the age of 22 he graduated it, and life was set for him, with his father's wealth and degree backing him up in the social ladders. But the life of knowledge pursuit of university didn’t seem that appealing to the hot headed Iridonian, and soon Ethan found himself in a different company. It was the turning point in Ethan's life that set him on many adventures centuries later. He lived a long and a happy life and on Year 18 day 23 CGT, Ethan passed away as the Sith Artifact that kept him alive pass his natural lifespan failed.


Mercenary life

In 338 BCGT Ethan joined a mercenary outfit called Crimson Legion, that was on a recruiting run on Talus to replace their numbers and seek new contracts. Legion used an old hauler called ‘’Bloody Maid’’ that was modified with additional life support sections and barracks to serve as a transport ship and their mobile command center. This freighter became home for Ethan for the next 6 years, during which Ethan served on different planets as a mercenary.


Ethan at the frontlines with the Crimson Legion

In 326 BCGT Crimson Legion was employed to serve as an skirmish unit during the Melida/Daan Civil War for the Coalition faction, where brutality and casualty rates among both warring sides were sky-high. For almost 3 years there was a planet wide stalemate, where fronts moved only couple of clicks before being pushed back by opposing faction counterattacks. But at the end of 323 BCGT, one side broke through the lines in one of the mayor fronts. Crimson Legion was sent to the front to secure key areas that were under the threat of being completely overrun by the opposing forces. That day casualties in the outfit were high, as only 50 people survived out of the original 240 members of the Legion. Most of those that did survive were under critical condition and because medical facilities were being overrun with war casualties, most of the wounded found themselves cryogenically frozen and sent to neutral zones in large retrofitted ships to recuperate and heal.

The long sleep

Ethan found himself to be one of the war casualties, as a passing rail-gun slug had cut one of his arms while turning to shreds the other from the sheer force impact. He was immediately rushed to the field hospital where he was frozen and to be transferred to a refitted luxury liner ‘’Orion Lane’’ for evac to neutral zones. Both the warring factions had agreed that these ships would not be harmed, as both used the nearby neutral systems to ship their wounded for recovery. Fate had it that the ship on which Ethan was on-board never reached the destination, as it experienced an critical failure in one of its core systems that blew a large chunk in the outer hull of the ship. It took only seconds before the luxury liner underwent an immediate depressurization, killing all crew except the wounded in cryogenic tubes. No one got a chance to send the distress signal and for 210 years the ship floated in space between stars, never encountering any passing ship, until on day the internal com system started to send a distress signal. It didn’t take long till a rescue ship arrived and picked up the frozen survivors.



Ethan's body after the long cryosleep.

They were sent to a nearby starbase called Azar that acted mostly as a medical research facility. It took several fatalities through trial and error until a team of scientists successfully put out of the cryosleep the first survivor – Ethan Travis. They replaced the stumps with new cybernetic arms and placed him under a heavy supervision and quarantine, for overseeing of any possible physiological defects or deadly pathogens, before the hospital proceeded to revive more survivors. 4 months later, the medical facility went dark, with no contact made over the next week, local planetary government sent a team to investigate. Neither the 300 person staff nor cryofrozen survivors could be found. Further investigation revealed that all the data from the security systems was erased. Except a single bloodied datapad that was smashed almost to bits but retained in its memory core the last entry


As Ethan soon discovered the long cryogenic sleep had serious side defects, as he experienced an complete cellular breakdown in most of his organs. Ether long cryostasis or a genetic mutation, had caused Ethan's cells to stop duplicating that caused eventual rapid degeneration of the tissue. To solve this Ethan started experimenting with retrovirus therapy in hopes of rewriting his genetic makeup and fixing the damage.

In first weeks the therapy was a resounding success, his organism started to self-repair the tissue damage and Ethan even experienced a renewed vitality, but soon he fell sick again. The retrovirus that he had injected himself had mutated to such extent that it caused his skin to adopt a pale gray pallor and begin to perspire profusely, necrosis set in within days and a gelatinous gray fluid would developed beneath it, as the circulatory system carried the virus throughout the body - cell by cell Ethan was dying. Vomiting blood, seizures, respiratory arrest, and cardiac arrest were almost daily and without spending much of his time in the bacta-tank, Ethan would have died within the first month, which was something that he wished for, as the virus did not destroy pain receptors, on the contrary, it amplified the inflicted pain that he experienced from having his skin falling off or developing rashes beneath it.


Being between life and death, in the cold bacta tank that sustained him, Ethan started studying the ancient scrolls of long dead Sith Lords, as they were the ones who have been known to experiment with prolonging their longevity or even try to archive immortality. Being immobile and having only power to access some of the archives that were available to him, Ethan hired an Anzati by the name of Victor Von Drakenstein to help him track down any lead of an Sith Relic that was called the Life Shard of Bogan and once belonged to an Sith Lord by the name of Vilken Berranstein. Vilken was obsessed with prolonging his life and getting back his youth, as such he created an Force Artifact that pulsated with Darkside and could influence organic cells on genetic level. It took many years before Victor finally found the tomb of Dark Lord Vilken, where right besides the deceased body of the Sith, laid the red shard that still glowed. Once Victor had returned to the weak and frail Zabrak body that was Ethan, the surgical operation of implantation with the shard commenced. It took only few weeks for Ethans body to stabilize and recover, he no longer looked like an old Zabrak but rather one in his 40s or 50s.

Lorekeeper in Jedi Order


On the fringes of the Galaxy


Service in the CorSec



During one long journey in his YT-2000, Ethan got weak and wary. The effect of the Sith Artifact that had kept him alive and young was failing. During his last breaths, he managed to send out a distress signal and with that he succumbed in his cockpit seat. Mindless but still alive, he had collapsed and was in a comatose state.


Ember Aranyos acquired the coordinates of Ethan's pod from the mutual friend of Amelia Kolczynski. She forced Ember to pay handsomely for this knowledge. Ember set out to aid his dieing friend, once he arrived he drew apon his connection to the force to try and recover Ethan health. with many days of trying Ethan finally awoke however he became mute and seemed to only follow basic commands. wanting to protect his Friend Ember took Ethan home to serve the House of Aranyos in any capacity Ethan was able. Ember thought this was better than leaving Ethan to die a slow and painful death.

Jawa Archaeology

After receiving proper medical care and becoming less of a husk of his former self, Ethan found his way into the employment of Jawakind through Jic Uiji. Ethan has seen being involved in numerous xeno-archeological expeditions related to Jawas, from involvement in some early research into ancient shamanic artifacts by the Jawa Industrial Magi to overseeing digs at sites throughout Tatooine.


Ethan likes to spend time hunting exotic and dangerous beasts, especially with friends like Amelia Kolczynski. In the past Ethan had funded and personally participated in many xeno-archeological expeditions to find long lost relics of dead civilizations that were scattered through out the galaxy. While some of them were of personal interest, Ethan soon discovered the lucrative trade of selling artifacts and curiosities to sentient beings and governments alike. Not only he had archived great wealth and influence in short span of time by doing so, Ethan also was able to fund and invest in the growing enterprise of Caldria, which even further expended his reach, wealth and renown.