Ettore Kalsi

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Ettore Kalsi
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Lita Kalsi
Father Darek Kalsi
Spouse Not Married
Siblings None
Children Jack Kalsi
Born Year -11
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Medical, Confederacy of Independent Systems
Rank Leader, Head of State
Prior Affiliation Ailon Nova Guard

Ettore Kalsi is the former Head of State of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Leader of Galactic Medical. Through a tumultuous adolescence came a man ready to take on the problems of the galaxy. Working for the Ailon Nova Guard became a turning point for the young man and he set him on the path to eventually becoming Head of State of the CIS, though this would take much time.



Ettore had lived in obscurity for years, working security for small shops or piloting ships for others. He never stayed in one place for long. He hopped from system to system doing odd jobs making enough just to survive and keep moving. This established the skills and mindset necessary to fight his way to the top. Late in Year 10 he decided to put his skills to better use and he put himself on the galactic marketplace. He was recruited by a man name Xavier from the Ailon Nova Guard, with the intention of joining their Navy he enrolled at the Ailon Academy on Chandrila. As he graduated he was offered a job there, working as an instructor for the Academy. After much consideration he took the job.


The Ailon Nova Guard faced an internal structure change that dissolved the Academy that had been, and he was granted the title Prefect, and given a task force to run for the government of Bormea. He focused on building while his team did various tasks from moving droids to moving RM. He would be a major hand in the construction of Gumbus, building hundreds of facilities across the planet. His success in his leadership tasks led to mixed results, he had much to learn and his lack of leadership experience showed, despite many successes, he was aware of the mediocrity of his task force. He would be forced to leave this position after less than a year, when his former side projects took his focus fully. His time at Alion Nova Guard defined him for a time, but Ettore was able to eventually outgrow that shadow.


At the Ailon Academy Ettore Kalsi met a Chiss by the name of Jack Creed, and they quickly became good friends. Before they even graduated they set the foundations of the Kalsi Creed Nidor Starcroft, or KCNS, with friends Silus Nidor and Max Starcroft. KCNS would be renamed the Kalsi Creed Trading Alliance after a vote that also saw new partners join their ranks. The companies focus was on the distribution of weapons and armor to the common people. Ettore built a reputation as a fair and honest trader as both he and the company proved themselves. KCTA operated under a complex charter and stock system devised by Ettore himself, but with his limited management and business experience it lacked the proper foresight.


The Kalsi-Creed Trading Alliance fell apart after Jack Creed decided to leave the company to explore opportunities in the world of smuggling. This lead to a crack in the company, and a canyon between the Creed and Kalsi. This would force Ettore to look to his past for inspiration. He discovered the name of a company his family was once heavily involved with and took it for the continuing operation. With a new name, but the same goals and traditions. Pacnorval Defense Systems allowed Ettore to further establish a name for himself, as he slowly discovered everything that name meant. He discovered his family was once royalty, and he discovered his father's brother, and his family. He has discovered cousins from various branches of the family and his family continues to grow. With the help of the Board of Partners Ettore lead PacNor into a prosperous time.


Crawford Zapp, second in command at TransGalMeg, approached Ettore about a job. Crawford had heard of and been told of Ettore by employees at ANG. They told him of how he told PacNor from nothing into the leading independent weapons distributor in the Core. Crawford needed a leader, someone to run a company he wished to establish. He found his man in Ettore. Without anyone to leave PacNor to, and not willing to abandon the project he took up running both companies at the same time. Galactic Medical provided Ettore with a chance at showing what he could do, and time has shown his resilience as a leader. A year later Galactic Medical is stronger than ever, and now under Ettore's ownership. Shortly after their year anniversary Crawford and Ettore reached a deal for 42% of the stocks, which when added to what Ettore already owned, gave him majority ownership. Many months after founding GM Ettore would leave PacNor to Pravus Malum, first by making him Chief Operating Officer, then by dissolving the company, liquidating and allowing Pravus to take the name and rebuild it. Only time will tell what will happen to this part of Ettore's past. Galactic Medical moves forward, ever growing.

Confederacy of Independent Systems

At the request of the Executive Chief of Staff Duke Leo Iscander, Galactic Medical's board of directors approved a motion to apply to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As a Senator Ettore got to work writing many laws for the confederacy, and took part in nearly every debate. He assured his voice was heard, taking stands but conceding to logic and reason. He helped shape the Treasury Act and Senate Procedural Act, among other pieces of legislation.

After the resignation of Head of State Horley Cyan and the secession of many Confederate factions the Confederacy was left reeling. Ettore maintained his voice during this period and was nominated to fill the now empty seat. Once seconded he accepted. Though other nominations were made, none were seconded, and Ettore Kalsi became Head of State. He was reelected to a full term in the First Year 12 Elections. Ettore has continued his campaign on the power of law, and of fairness, and democracy. As political leader of the Confederacy his power was defined by his ability to get things done, and his ability to rally people behind a cause, platform or piece of legislation. His term saw the Confederacy establish its judicial system, its foreign affairs department, the membership of the Andromeda Republic, the passing of Appropriations Amendment, and many other legislative victories. Originally working with Leo Iscander as Supreme Commander, and later Supreme Commander Alex Track, Ettore took an eye to the Military. Knowing his constitutional powers did not extend to the military he never interfered in military operation or structure. Often when approached by a problem about the military he was known to shrug and say “Not my job.” Despite this he worked closely with the Supreme Commander and always let his opinion be heard.

Personal life

Ettore Kalsi was married to Doctor Amanda Watson, but the marriage was dissolved after a long period where she was replaced by a clone, who fathered Ettore's son, Jack Kalsi. He is currently single. Ettore is the King of Kalsi and First Prince of Praxius, claiming the title which stretches back thousands of years, and one he plans to pass to his son some day. When not running the Confederacy or Galactic Medical he plays with and trains his son. Ettore and Jack have been known to go at it 10 hours a day. The majority of his employees have faced him in unarmed combat at one time or another. His cousins Pat Kil`astra and Leo Iscander, aswell as his uncle Julian Kalsi, have become daily parts of his life, giving him the family he never really had before. The four of them are among the last of the true blood of the House Kalsi. Ettore Kalsi also has three clones of himself as made by the clone of his exwife. These clones, Alpha, Beta, and Delta, were made with varying degrees of success, and none are perfect copies, though physically, one who had not seen Ettore in any length of time would have a hard time distinguishing the real from one of the clones. Alpha Kalsi, the first clone is currently missing, rumor has it that he has taken up the life of an author on some rimworld. The second clone, Beta, travels with Ettore's long time friend, Brask, and searches for information about the Kalsi name. The third clone, Delta, lives as a mercenary with a twi'lek, Ettore has never met Delta.


Ettore Kalsi died after he was flown into a black hole. As the ship was pulled to its end he recorded and transmitted seven minutes of audio which was sent to Amanda Watson, who was told when to give them to Jack. In his will he left Galactic Medical to his cousin Pat Kil'astra who is still leader and owner of Galactic Medical.