Evan Traner

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Evan Traner / Kit Lorcan
Biographical Information
Race Hapan/Tatooinian
Homeworld Tatooine
Father Kalen Traner
Spouse Drael Nagatee
Siblings Zeff Traner
Noah Alexandria Traner
Padme Knight
Children Brick Traner
Born Y -13
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.61 Meters
Political Information
Affiliation The Nagatee Kingdom, the Traner Family, Galactic Alliance.

"Dominos Pizza" - Evan Traner

The Prince Dowager, Evan Traner was born to the Traner Family on the planet Tatooine on Year -13. He is half Hapan, half Tatooinian.

He is a tall man, his skin is dark as well as his eyes.

Evan Traner used to be known as Prince Consort of the Nagatee Kingdom since he wedded the Royal Princess. But upon the divorce, his title was stripped and Prince Dowager became his new title.

Early Life

Not much is known about the early life of Evan Traner, except what his adopted sister could tell. He lived on Tatooine, and was very protective of Padme, including adopting her. He left Tatooine to join the New Republic. Sometime in this time, the Force Presence of Kit Lorcan joined him.