Evelyn Reighner

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Evelyn Reighner
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran (Formerly Coruscanti)
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Gloria Reighner
Father Drake Reighner
Partner Kyran Caelius
Siblings Jacob Reighner
Born Year -11, Day 304
Died Year 16, Day 281 (Aged 27)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation DroMor Motors, Black Sun
Rank Overseer
Positions Chief Operating Officer, DroMor Motors

Consigliere, Black Sun

Prior Affiliation Alpha Medical Corps
Signature Evesignature.png

Evelyn "Evan" Carissa Reighner, (Year -11 Day 304 to Year 16 Day 281) an employee of DroMor Motors and a Consigliere of Black Sun, was from the galactic capital of Coruscant. Born into the affluent house of a politician, Evelyn was provided many opportunities early in life. Influenced by her parents and her residence in the Imperial capital, Evelyn developed an anti-Galactic Alliance stance. A philanthropist by nature Evelyn attended the prestigious University of Coruscant to pursue a medical profession. Excelling in her education Evelyn graduated early and set off into the Galaxy to fulfill her ambitions in improving the lives of sentients in the galaxy.

Early Life

Raised on the Imperial capital of Coruscant by parents Drake and Gloria Reighner, Evelyn spent her early childhood primarily around her father’s office as he pursued a political career. As part of a higher society Evelyn was shielded from injustice and the suffering of the destitute. As she grew older though and began exploring Coruscant on her own she became aware of the state of the impoverished citizens among them. From that point on she began to take an interest in people and how she could improve their lives.

Intrigued by the biologic side of sentients she explored the medical treatment. This interest coupled with concern for the welfare of other sentients drove Evelyn to attended medical treatment courses at the University of Coruscant, much to the dismay of her parents. Her parents felt Evelyn had a better future as a politician than a doctor. Her parents did not concern themselves with sentients in dire circumstances; they maintained the mindset of being above others. Clashing views drove Evelyn and her parents apart, culminating in Evelyn’s departure for her own life.


The Doctor Will See You Now

Following her graduation from the University of Coruscant's medical school Evelyn began searching for a community of medical professionals. Bitter from her relationship with her parents she looked outside of the Imperial sphere in an attempt to find like minded individuals, ones that wanted to help any sentient in need. However, influenced by her upbringing from within the Imperial capital, Evelyn bypassed offers from Galactic Alliance sympathizers.

During her travels Evelyn arrived on the planet of Endor. While there she met the many citizens of The Avance Coalition, pleased by the reception she received from the citizens she looked to make her home within The Avance Coalition. The warm influenced her decision to join Alpha Medical Corps as a doctor. Far from the grasp of the Empire, Evelyn busied herself with treating the variety of sentients in the Outer Rim.

Improvements in cybernetic implants caught the attention of The Avance Coalition and by extension Alpha Medical Corps, which wished to expand into the industry. Fascinated by the swift developments with the equipment Evelyn spent free time researching the technology. Evelyn's deep interest in the technology caught the notice of her boss, who requested she assist in plans for the development of an advance cybernetic surgical centre. Pleased by her in depth knowledge Evelyn was asked to aid in cybernetic surgeries at the newly developed centre.

Homely Feel

Looking to expand her involvement in The Avance Coalition, researched the inter-workings of Avance's House system. After thorough analysis of the varying Houses Evelyn sent an application to House Soyak-Ikron. Evelyn felt that the views of the noble House aligned well with her own and she felt drawn to the members.

After an exciting interview with House officials, which resulted in spilt drinks upon Evelyn from a drunken sentient, Evelyn was accepted into House Soyak-Ikron. As a close-knit House she was able to develop friendships with even The Avance Coalition leader, Navik Ikron. Discussions with Navik led Evelyn to further her involvement in the House system. Evelyn received a nomination to becoming the Hall of Peoples representative, a liaison between the people of Avance and the Hall of Houses, leaders of the Houses. While losing the election, Evelyn became the representative following the deferment of the elected candidate.

Spurring discussions among the people on how to approach certain situations she acted as the liaison between the two Halls until her resignation a year later for personal reasons. Following her resignation from all Avance involvement, aside from House Soyak-Ikron, Evelyn began a sabbatical which lasted only a month.

Take One For the Team

After her brief sabbatical Evelyn returned to work with Alpha Medical Corps. During her time away clashes upon Derra had impacted The Avance Coalition. The return of wounded personnel with a variety of ailments and injuries required the assistance of Evelyn's skills. It is during this time that she believes to have contracted the Derra Virus.

Around Year 14 Day 30, Evelyn had been treating a badly wounded soldier. His body had reacted strangely to the medication that was given to him, medication that usually alleviated pain rather than increasing it. While deciding on her next move to treat the soldier, he began seizing. Reacting quickly she held him down, in an attempt to prevent him from hurting himself, while she called for help. However, almost as quickly as it began the seizure began to dissipate.

The soldier was breathing laboriously and she attempted to see what might be the cause as she peered down into his throat. Suddenly the soldier’s stomach heaved and he released a greenish fluid that then covered him and Evelyn as well. Nurses came soon after to tend to the patient and she left to clean herself up.

The next day Evelyn became ill and was admitted to a hospital. Shortly thereafter, Evelyn fell into a coma for three days. When Evelyn awoke she felt as if something about her had changed but she was not sure what it was exactly. Looking in a mirror she noted her face shape had changed and she had become slightly taller and thinner in appearance. Upon ordering tests she discovered that her DNA was highly similar to that of a Thyferran rather than her birth race of a Coruscanti.

On Year 14 Day 34, Evelyn was infected with the Metamorphosis Plague, transforming her into a Thyferran.

Changing Tide

Through her involvement in The Avance Coalition's House system Evelyn came into contact with Kyran Caelius, at the time a member of White Star. Both being apart of the Political Caste for House Soyak-Ikron, the two engaged in many conversations regarding both employment and House affairs. Becoming disillusioned by life within Avance she looked for another place to call home.

Taking hold of the opportunity of the founding of DroMor Motors, Evelyn left The Avance Coalition and boarding her personal Lictor, [RFS] Rilech, began the long journey from the Southern Outer Rim to the Northern Outer Rim. Once arriving within the territory for DroMor Motors operations Evelyn threw herself into the work assigned to her.

After being with DroMor Motors for a year and shifting leadership changes Evelyn, a recent addition to the Black Sun Family, was appointed as the new leader of DroMor Motors in late Year 15.

Personal Life


On Year 16 Day 281, Evelyn Reighner was found unresponsive aboard her ship the [RFS] Rilech by her childhood friend and personal assistant Celeste. Her death was confirmed later that day.