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LanguageEwokese [1]
Average Height1 meter [1]
Skin colorBrown [1]
Hair colorShades of white, brown, and black [1]
DistinctionsFurry, short stature, acute sense of smell [1]

Biology and appearance

The Ewoks are an honourable and usually good-tempered species. Their civilization is primitive, and their clothing consists of little more than hoods, decorative feathers and animal bones. Hunters and gatherers, they construct small villages atop of huge trees. Ewoks are inventive, and use natural materials to build everything they need, from watermills to gliders that can be used for low-altitude flights. They have an expressive language that other species can learn to understand relatively easily. Some Ewoks also mix words from basic with their own vocabulary, thus making them easier to comprehend. The Ewoks have a keen sense of smell that partly compensates for their poor eyesight, so they make excellent trackers.

Ewoks had large, bright eyes, small black noses, and hands that possessed two fingers and an opposable thumb. Despite their small size, Ewoks were physically strong enough to overpower combat-trained Humans.[1]

They were quick learners, however, when exposed to advanced technology with simple mechanical processes and concepts.[1]

Some Ewoks were removed from their planet and taken as pets or slaves. Others left voluntarily out of a sense of curiosity. [1]

Culture and society

During the day, they travel down from their tree-top villages to hunt and gather food on the forest floor. At night, the moon’s large carnivores take over the forest, and even the bravest Ewoks know that they should not leave the security of the village after sunset. Their main enemy is the Gorax - a 30-metre high humanoid creature that stalks the forest looking for prey. The Ewoks have complex beliefs, centred, like everything else in their lives, on nature and the great trees that house and protect them. Their legends consider these trees (which can grow up to 1,000 metres high) to be guardian spirits and long-lived supernatural beings. For each Ewok birth, a tree is planted - the wokling and tree are then symbolically linked throughout life. When an Ewok dies, it is believed that the Ewok’s spirit joins with that tree. Every village has a shaman who, together with the chieftain, rules the community and reads the signs and omens that the superstitious Ewoks see almost everywhere. Ewoks love to hear and tell stories. They also enjoy dancing and singing, since music plays a very important part of their culture. They use it in religious ceremonies, storytelling and also as a communication tool. An Ewok’s first concern is his tribe, however, and he will selflessly give his life to protect it. This sense of community is instilled in the Ewoks from a very young age.

The Greater Galaxy

The primitive Ewoks had been known for a few decades before the first of them began to travel off their homeworld. Inquisitive as they were they quickly learned the finer arts of operating vehicles and ships to the best of their ability. As they left their world the great plague that had long been rampant in the galaxy also gained the ability to transform people into Ewoks, thus giving the Ewoks great knowledge when before they had little. How these small teddy bears will fare in the galaxy dominated by space faring species that have flown the stars for thousands of years is anyone's guess but they they have taken their first steps as of Year 22 Day 177.

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