Exanthium Kerensky

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Exanthium Kerensky
Biographical Information
Race Kaminoan
Homeworld Kamino
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 3.4 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black and greenish
Political Information
Affiliation Olanji/Charubah
Rank Locargix
Positions Technician
Prior Affiliation Deadman Lines

Exanthium (pronounced Xantium) Kerensky was born to a normal life on her home planet of Kamino. Her parents were both of the Scientist Caste and were rather highly regarded in their field. It was not until her first birthday that she was found to be born with a slight greenish tinge to her eyes. This made her a stigma within Kaminoan society. Her parents outwardly showed society that they were going to follow through with the customary ritual of exterminating their sole child, but instead they contracted with a smuggler that was on planet for a job to take her off-planet and keep her safe.

Exanthium found herself to be in the care of a Corellian family that raised her as one of their own. She grew up in a loving family environment where she learned the art of freighter piloting as well as being given the opportunity to utilize her natural affinity for science.

Exanthium found that she had a natural affinity for R&D, mainly in Electronics, but also rather well in Engines and Metallurgy. She used these skills to help better her life while piloting freighters across the galaxy. This enabled her to make a rather good living for herself.

Exanthium traveled across the galaxy for a few years doing odd jobs here and there for others, doing just enough to keep her out of destitution. She was always able, it seemed, to find just enough work, whether legal or otherwise, to keep her ship running properly as well as keep her credit account out of the red.

Exanthium has never been back to her home planet of Kamino since she was that young girl a long time ago.

At about the age of 15, adult for a Kaminoan, she found herself in the employ of Slayn and Korpil as a freighter pilot. She was eventually promoted to Assistant Logistics Director. This brought her to the attention of others at that time. In a very short amount of time, Exanthium found that she was getting job offers from others that were looking to start new business ventures.

At this time, Exanthium decided to break away from Slayn and Korpil, but she never lost her connection with the friends that she had made there.

Exanthium found herself being promoted to 2IC of Deadman Lines, where she took over as Logistics Director for the entire company. She did very well while being there in that position. Many others came to her to get their wares delivered to them from across the galaxy. She also started to run a side business selling weapons and what-have-you to whomever needed to use her services. After a short time her friend and business partner, Tik Nkik, decided to go and run another company that he had purchased. This left Exanthium in full control of all aspects of Deadman Lines.

After leaving Deadman Lines, since it dissolved from the inactivity of its pilot caste, Exanthium has since taken up residence at eXiles Intragalactic Lithology (XIL) as Chief Operating Officer.