Express Enterprices

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Express Enterprices
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General Information
Motto "Express Enterprices, Striving to offer the galaxy the best in complete services."
Status Active
Leader Ember Aranyos
Historical Information
Founded Year 17, Day 313
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Trading



Express Enterprices, formerly Joruba Trading Corporation.

The Joruba Trading Corporation was originally formed by Three Brothers under the name of Joruba Consortium, Joruba being taken from the first two letters of each of their names Jochran, Ruban and Bandana. The Consortium ran for several year as a successful wholesale distributor buying up anything cheap they could get their hands on, they specialised in speeders, foodstuffs and holoprojectors. They would travel around in the vast fleet of ships to backwater planets other companies tended not to visit so much buy up as much cheap stock as possible and then ship it to more desirable locations where it would be sold for profit. It kept itself business dealing relatively quiet in the public domain but had a large list of corporate clients and was well respected. Unfortunately the company also had a underside to the business as well and as well as legitimately moving stock it would employ their fleet to move and smuggle anything from spices to guns and even slaves. The Consortium enjoyed a successful wholesale distribution business buying up cheap stock in backwater planets shipping it to more desirable locations and then selling it for profit. It kept itself relatively quiet in the public domain due to it being a front for their various illegal activities.

Eventually after several near misses with the authorities the Sector Rangers got wind of these nefarious deeds and arranged a sting operation. They sent in Two of their best Agents who infiltrated the Consortium and went deep undercover for several months, eventually the brothers came to conduct business on Sabrash II were the sector rangers were based the two operatives tipped off the rangers who were ready and waiting. After a fierce firefight in which several of the brothers bodyguards were killed and one ranger seriously injured the brothers were captured.

Once the brothers were captured all the faction assets were seized by the rangers most were sold off to help fund the victims of their slavery actions. The main structure of the faction was kept and drawn into the sector rangers faction where it remained for several years using the contacts available from it to help the rangers conduct their business as they needed.

Then with the changes in the rules of Galactic Trading the Sector Rangers were approached about the possibility of reforming Joruba to the once great faction it was. They granted permission on the proviso that services remain available to them and that it was to be run as a fully legal registered faction. With this headquarters were formed on Sabrash II in the same city as where the brothers were captured in Kastolar and the faction was officially opened for business to public on Y13 D220 and managed by Brand Malden

After almost four years, Joruba Consortium was acquired by the Solonar Ranger family on Year 17, Day 33. Brian MacBoruma became the owner and lead trader. He changed the name to Joruba Trading Corp, and continued to follow in the footsteps of the previous owners.

In Year 17, Day 313, Teresa Rowley acquired Joruba Trading Corp from Brian MacBoruma, upon his retirement and merged it into her growing NFG; Express Enterprices. She changed JTC's name to Express Enterprices, expanded the services offered, ensuring that it would continue to thrive and expand. The board of directors she had set up for her NFG quickly stepped up to help in running the faction, each director heading a different department in the growing company, all working together towards making the company run smoothly and efficiently, to provide top quality services to their customers.

In Year 18, Day 250, Express Enterprices was acquired by Ember Aranyos.


  • Year 13 Day 220: The Joruba Trading Corporation is reopened Brand Malden was named as leader.
  • Year 17, Day 33: The Joruba Trading Corporation was acquired by Solonar Rangers Family, Brian MacBoruma was named as leader and owner.
  • Year 17, Day 313: Teresa Rowley acquired Joruba Trading Corp from Brian MacBoruma.
  • Year 17, Day 318: Teresa Rowley changed JTC's name to Express Enterprices, and expanded the services offered.
  • Year 18, Day 250: Express Enterprices was acquired by Ember Aranyos