Faerytail Recycling

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Faerytail Recycling
FTR Logo.jpg
General Information
Motto "For even Trash removal can be a Fantasy....."
Status Defunct
Leader Chloe Van Smyten
2IC Myrddin Rhydderch
Owner Simkin Dragoneel
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 270
Dissolved Year 19 Day 10
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral, Faerytail Family
Industry Recycling
Holosite Faerytail Recycling

Faerytail Recycling (FTR) is a private recycling corporation owned by Simkin Dragoneel. FTR owns and operates many Wrecking Ships and Vehicles. Faerytail Recycling is based out of the Tolanda Sector.


Cleaning the Universe

The Universe is a very dirty place. Dilapidated old buildings, worn out old ships, vehicles no longer needed, and space stations that have lost both their purpose and their luster. To make the Universe a cleaner and healthier place, Faerytail Recycling was formed.

Company Biography

Faerytail Recycling is a Subsidiary Corporation owned entirely by Simkin Dragoneel. FTR was formed to better assist the wellness of all Faerytail Medical customers in providing Holstic services by making the places where people live and work healthier without clutter. That being said, FTR personnel have been trained to tackle any recycling job they are asked to do.


FTR is led by Chloe Van Smyten, a lass who has all the qualities needed to lead one of the Faery factions. Chloe has the three [3] "B's". "Breasts, Booty, and Brains", and in reality she doesn't really need the brains. For any inquiries into the services FTR provides, please send Chloe Van Smyten or Simkin Dragoneel a message for assistance.


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Faerytail Family
Family Members Faerytail Medical; Faerytail Recycling; Guardians of the Fey
Allies Faery Friends Sekkret
NAP's Sekkret
Sectors Dalchon; Likasha; Harrin; Renillis
Planets Krmar II; Oshara IV; Dalchon; Denubba; Harrin Prime; Harrin Minor; Harrix; Harrad; Harresh; Harrak; Mechis I; Mechis II; Mechis III; Foless