Fairwind Exotics

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Fairwind Exotics
General Information
Status Active
Leader Tattysail Thyr
Owner Cantrell Conglomerate
Historical Information
Founded Year 19 Day 326
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Trading

Fairwind Exotics started as a simple salvage and resell operation ran by two Twilek brothers. They discovered that whenever the fabled Fairwind Gunship would land, it’s captain would dump loads of salvage and technology. The brothers made quick work of the refuse and in no time had a fairly decent gig. It wasn’t long before their operation got large enough to be noticed by certain Outer Rim personalities. The salvage operation was forcibly bought out and re-branded Fairwind Exotics and has since then been a leading trade venue for the strange and extravagant in the Outer Rim. Besides providing Market access at is various trade outlets, Fairwind Exotics also provides premiere soldiers and servants for any party interested along with rare creatures and exotic alcohols from all across the galaxy. They also provide a management service with only a slight fee. Also, in order to expand its trading portfolio, it sponsors Fairwind Exotics Auctions under the leadership of Guildmistress Avelyn ca Vella.