Falleen Prime

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System Falleen
Sector Doldur
Galactic Coordinates (211, -186)
System Coordinates (14, 13)
Astrographic Entry
Type Temperate/Breathable
Primary Terrain: Glacier / Jungle / Grassland / Mountain
Rotational Period 23 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 372.7 local days [1]
Population 1,559,066,589 inhabitants
Controlled By Falleen Federation
Governor Falleen Federation
Magistrate Jonpas Auditore
Sentient Races Falleen

Falleen Prime is the homeworld of the Falleen Species, also known simply as "Falleen". Falleen Prime is a planet in the Doldur sector of the Mid Rim region and is the capital of the Falleen Federation. It had jungles, vast plains, and icy mountains.

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