Falleen Federation

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Falleen Federation
Political information
Motto Liberty, Equality and Justice
Type of government Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State King Jado Dur`rik
Head-of-Government Seneschal of the Crown Xanust Sizhran
Commander-in-Chief The King, via the Lord Commander: Ixzis Xojur
Executive branch The King's Royal Chamber and the Council of Lords
Legislative branch The Sejm and the Halls of Counsel
Judicial branch The Council of Lords
Societal information
Population One Trillion + (approx.)
Capital Falleen
Territory Expansion Region

Mid Rim

Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 0 Day 255
Status Active
Holosite Falleen Federation

The Falleen Federation is a union of the various Falleen clans that governs the Doldur sector, with expansion territories in Druess, Chommel, Vilonis, Lambda, Artesia, Merren, and Sujumis sectors. It is currently one of major economic powers in the galaxy, thanks in part to its Crown Corporations: Falleen Engineering Contracts, Falleen Resource Contracts and Falleen Naval Contracts. The Federation is widely renowned for its rich culture, including religion, celebrations, and education. Its current Head of State is King Jado Dur`rik. Through the Sejm, the Federation has also included a voice for the governed homeworlds of the Iktotchi, Clawdites, Talz, Geonosian, Aqualish, Qiraash and Sakiyaan races. The principle document of governance for the Falleen Federation is the Charter of Confederation of the Noble Clans of Falleen and Native peoples of the Federation. This Charter replaced the original constitution of the Federation under the rule of King Aldaris and was amended during the reign of King Dur'rik.


The Falleen Federation has a proud history. Here it is, in brief, as compiled by Falleen historian Spumis Ruppee.

King Tholin Dur'aak

The Falleen Federation was founded on Year 0, Day 255, after years of oppression by the Galactic Empire. The announcement of founding was made by Prince Tholin Dur'aak after a joint task force of the united clans and Rebel Alliance defeated the Imperials during the battle of Falleen. The Battle of Falleen saw an Imperial Squadron under then Commodore Gorn Veynom defeated by a combined Falleen/Rebel Alliance Force. Notable commanders included Prince Tholin, Lord Zoro Dur'aak (His brother and first commander of the Federation Military), Davyyk Lysander (who would go on to be a Rebel Alliance Admiral).

Prince Tholin became the leader of the interim government whilst an official governing body was built. By all accounts, this was a time of violence and increased engagement in galactic affairs. The Falleen Federation had a negligible military and relied on a network of allies and paramilitaries to exercise its influence. Alongside King Andrew Starfyre of Hapes and Dunkler Klerus of the New Anzat Order, the short lived Tri-Star alliance was founded.

The Falleen, though, are nothing if not determined, and they thrive during adversity. Following the tenets of Kiyorath Dhin and his prophet Chir'dorna, the Federation began to strengthen and expand. A government was established, and Tholin was crowned king. It wasn't a time of peace, but it was a period of relative stability, founded on principles of galactic neutrality but active involvement on matters of Federation ideals.

During this period Federation successfully fended off and defeated the Cartellian Hegemony. Numerous task forces were sent to the aide of allies in engagements like the Alissmaic Emergency and the New Anzat Contingency. It was also rumoured that through his clan links to Prince Qel Dar and Kosh Naranek, King Tholin and the Falleen Federation were behind the 'Black Sun Affair' with the Hapes Consortium.

This galactic engagement established Falleen sovereign legitimacy in the galaxy, however it was still a relatively poor entity and unable to expand beyond Doldur.

King Eldrik Kuraine

In the fourth year of the Falleen Federation, King Tholin abdicated the throne in order to incorporate the wealth of his Clansman Kuraine into the Federation. His successor, Eldrik Kuraine, had a special hatred of the Galactic Empire. This hatred led to the conception of Operation: Shadowstone.

The Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone was attacked by operatives working for King Eldrik. After a protracted battle between Federation battle droids and Imperial stormtroopers, the Star Destroyer was captured. While a great victory for the Falleen Federation, it would lead to one of its darkest days.

The destruction of the Libra battle station by Uebles' Empire.

The day of the Battle of Beta has gone down in the annals of galactic history. King Eldrik was betrayed and murdered, by Prince Tholin and Prince Jace (in concert with Imperial operatives) as the traditional faction of the Huruk-Rah, they were opposed to the political shift away from neutrality and outright war with the Empire.

The Federation stronghold of Beta was then invaded. Federation forces were saved only by a tactical retreat planned by Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris. Beta was lost, and entire populations were exterminated. Though the Federation lost, it was indebted to the Lord Admiral for his command of the situation.

King Bisz Aldaris

At the end of Year 4, the Lord Admiral became King. Bisz Aldaris of the Mindano Clan, perhaps in response to the tragedy at Beta, began a massive military expansion. A renewed focus on diligent service also helped propel the Falleen Federation to become one of the premier galactic powers.

In Year 5, King Bisz and his advisors signed the Falleen Federation Charter.

In Year 7, the Falleen Federation was instrumental in forming the Galactic Alliance to restore the Republic. The FF was growing and expanding in both territory and influence. Governments ebb and flow, however, and power can only increase for so long.

At the end of Year 9, the Tresario Star Kingdom was floundering and on the brink of dissolution. A solution was reached by bringing the TSK into the Falleen Federation as a protected domain. While this treaty worked in the short term, it eventually served to hurt both governments, and the Galactic Alliance as a whole.

The Tresario Star Kingdom seceded from the Falleen Federation in year 12, citing problems with King Bisz's policies and rampant Galactic Alliance corruption. This diplomatic conflict ended with the desertion of some key Falleen personnel and Regent Rick Farlander rising to the throne.

King Rick Farlander

King Rick Farlander's reign was a brief one - just over a year – but his stint as the head of the Falleen Federation is recognized as a time of revitalization for the Falleen clans. He burned bright as the king of the Falleen, but he burned out fairly quickly.

King Jado Dur'rik

Jado Dur'rik's ascension to the throne marked the return of power to the Huruk-Rah clan. Jado returned the Falleen Federation to its roots of being a more compact and elite government. The Falleen Federation left the Galactic Alliance near the end of Year 14, effectively taking control over its own destiny, and returning control of the Falleen Federation to the federated clans.

The Falleen Federation has done well under the control of King Jado Dur'rik, his now retired Regent Mephiston Leonatos, and Chancellor Ixzis Xojur. The Federation continues to build its military, set up protectorates, and continue to be an economic power. Kiyorath Dhin continues to bless as the Falleen Federation follows the principles of survival, excellence, and integrity.


Falleen Federation Ranks and Pay

The Falleen Federation follows the principles of "Liberty, Equality and Justice." As such, the Federation is accepting of other species and has members of many races other than Falleen.

The Federation has a standard pay scale based on rank; however, only active members who post for payment will get their credits for the month.

New Cadets

Every new recruit is given the rank of cadet and will be given an instructor from the Ichigo Academy to lead them through lessons including primers on Hyper Travel to subordinate management. Each cadet will take tests on their lessons, and after passing the lessons, they will move on to practicals. A practical is the name given to a hands-on lesson that the cadets will master. After completion of all lessons, the cadet will choose one of the branches to enlist in. At this time, the cadet will be awarded the next rank up in their chosen branch.


The Federation is led by the King of Falleen (Jado Dur`rik) and made up of three ministries: Ministry of Defense, Ministry of State and Ministry of Engineering. Each led by a Minister who answers to the King. These Ministers are guided by Seneschal of the Crown Xanust Sizhran and Chancellor Arc Dalton. The ministries are further divided into departments, led by secretaries who answer to their respective Minister and Deputy Ministers.

In addition to the executive authority of the Council of Lords, the King is supported by two advisory bodies. These two entities may have legislative rights at the discretion of the reigning monarch. The First is the Sejm, an organisation based on the ancient meeting of Falleen Clan leaders. This Forum allows the heads of the Falleen Noble and Minor clans, alongside representatives of native peoples homeworlds to provide advice to the King. The Second are the Halls of Counsel also referred to as 'Government House'. Delegates from each habitable world in the Federation form ever shifting political blocs based on systems/sectors or ideology on the issue at hand. These Representatives act as a 'lower house' or advisory body for the King. Young Federation citizens who first take their steps into the galaxy as Federation officials usually take their oath of office at this location.


The regular Falleen Federation Military consists of the Falleen Protection Force, which is divided into various task forces, while all other members of the Federation act as reservists. To ensure a high quality officer staff, only once an Acting Lieutenant (enlisted) has proven capable and reliable are they commissioned a Lieutenant by the King himself and allowed to progress through the officer ranks and higher.

Chain of Command

King Jado Dur'rik.

Ministry of Defense

  • Lord Commander: Ixzis Xojur
  • Director of FIB: Lord Director

Ministry of State

Ministry of Engineering

Crown Corporations

Crown Corporations are companies that are owned by the Falleen Federation.


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