Fath Industries

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Fath Industries
General Information
Status Active
Leader Cornellius Miller
Owner Cantrell Conglomerate
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 239 (Original), Year 21 Day 236 (From Machinehead)
Dissolved Year 21 Day 92 (Original)
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate
Industry Mining

Fath Industries was created by Mercedes Morgan to serve the Fath sector in all of their recycling needs. Be it big or small, Fath is ready to take on the job at hand. From their base in the Ord Cantrell system, their goal is to create valuable resources from unwanted salvage in dangerous asteroid fields and deep space. Sometimes, the asteroid fields need their own defenses and Fath Industries is always ready for the toughest jobs. With a small fleet of BTL-S3 Y-Wing and Toscan Starfighters, they're ready to give even the toughest bandit a walloping they will not be quick to forget. From these bandit wrecks, 'Ugly' starfighters are created for sale at the free port of Ord Cantrell to anyone and everyone at a price point that cannot be beat. These fighters might not look like much, but for a first ship, one could do much worse. Through superior design techniques, they take the ugly out of the 'Ugly'!


The second iteration of came about on Year 21 Day 236, with the unexpected disappearance of beloved owner Cleo Kolasha. Then-leader, Mercedes Morgan, stepped in with the full backing of the Cantrell Conglomerate, and convinced the shareholders to cede full power and responsibility over to her. Thus, Fath Industries was reborn. The new owner looked to revamp and review the current business model to meet the ever changing demands of her clientele.