Federation-Aurodium War

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Federation-Aurodium War
DateYear 11 Days 183233
Location Hypori
ResultDestruction of Federation of Free Alliances
Peace Agreement between Aurodium Legion and Koensayr
FFAlogo.png Federation of Free Alliances
Jo-logoTransparent.png Jedi Order
EXilesLogo.png EXiles Intragalactic Lithology
Koensayrlogo.png Koensayr
MISlogonew.png Maelstrom Industrial Salvage
Ee mining logo.png Elderan Eugenics
Aurodium Legion Emblem Gold Year 13.png Aurodium Legion
HCTrans.png The Hutt Cartel
Black Sun Holocron logo.png Black Sun
Commanders and Leaders
Prime Minister Valat Horn
Jedi Knight Kara DuMonte
Jedi Knight Keibak Aruu
Director Kain Elderan
Legate Dorn Zeke
Prefect Helseth Hlaalu
Sultan Voragga Zuuma Ajurr

The Fifty Days' War, also known as the Federation-Aurodium War, was a major conflict fought between the Federation of Free Alliances (FFA) and the Aurodium Legion (AL) that began on Year 11 Day 183 and lasted until Year 11 Day 233. A coup d'etat on Year 11 Day 150 by Kain Elderan of Elderan Eugenics was the proximate trigger of the war. Long-term causes, such as antagonistic political intrigue within the Federation, likewise played a major role.

On Year 11 Day 183, the conflict opened with the Aurodium Legion's invasion of [...]


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In Year 9, the Federation of Free Alliances was formed as a galactic government by a conglomerate of various corporations. These corporations included eXiles Intragalactic Lithology, Elderan Eugenics, Koensayr, and Maelstrom Industrial Salvage. After three years of toil and sweat, the Federation possessed a vast swath of territory governed by a powerful board of directors which included high-ranking individuals such as Kain Elderan, Jeb`el Ras, and Kabal Shryke. In Year 11, a schism developed between Elderan and Ras. Elderan — a veteran miner who had worked for the eXiles for six years — and others began to resent Ras' growing power within the conglomerate.

On Year 11 Day 147, the leadership of the Federation sought to remove Shryke — a close friend of Elderan — from their board of directors. A special meeting was called to decide Shryke's fate which Elderan was unable to attend. Angry and frustrated, Kain Elderan, his wife Skylar Elderan and Allaina Musava launched a coup d'etat within the Federation on Year 11 Day 150.

Elderan seized control of many assets and planets within the Federation as well as its mining subsidiary, eXiles Intragalactic Lithology. A vigilant Helen Hawk discerned Elderan's betrayal and confronted him in a holo-transmission. Elderan asked Hawk to join his coup, but she refused. Hawk led rescue operations to retrieve trapped hostages while Han Daragon and Valat Horn launched a counter-attack against Elderan's forces. Facing a losing battle, Elderan appealed to Legate Dorn Zeke of the Aurodium Legion for assistance. Elderan promised the Legion a substantial reward if they helped win the war. Likewise, with its ships stolen and planets invaded, the Federation begged the Jedi Order for military assistance.


On Year 11 Day 183, Aurodium Legion entered the Exiles-FFA war. Siding with Exiles after failed offers of aid to FFA, the legion takes the lead and aggressively expands its control into the Tapani and Rimma Sectors. AL and its allies Exiles push the enemy back on all fronts in a high pitched war engulfing numerous Sectors. On Year 11 Day 214, the Jedi Order interceded in the conflict on behalf of the FFA and dispatched agents to the planet Adval.



By the war's end, the Federation of Free Alliances had been militarily and politically defeated and ceased to exist. Its remnants were absorbed into the Old Republic.


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