Federation of Free Alliances

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Federation of Free Alliances
General Information
Motto "Reliable. Unique. Co-Op."
Status Destroyed (see: The Fifty Days' War)
Leader Zimbabwe Suluclac
Valat Horn
Han Daragon
Owner The eXiles
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 42 (eXiles foundation)
Year 9 Day 224 (government foundation)
Dissolved Year 11
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Federation of Free Alliances
Industry Government
Holosite Federation of Free Alliances (Year 10)

The Federation of Free Alliances (FFA) was a government founded on Year 9 Day 224 and were first led by Human Prime Minister Zimbabwe Suluclac. On Year 11 Day 150, many of the Federation's assets and planets were stolen by Gamorrean industrialist Kain Elderan. When Elderan requested the support of the mercenary contingent Aurodium Legion, a major conflict erupted between the remnants of the Federation and the Legionnaires. By the war's end, the Federation of Free Alliances ceased to exist as a formal polity. Its subsidiaries — Koensayr and Maelstrom Industrial Salvage — were consolidated into another successor regime known as the Commonality.

During its brief existence, the Federation of Free Alliances was governed by a dual-executive system. The President of the Alliance served as the Head of State in charge of international and intra-alliance policies. The President was elected by and answerable to the Senate. Members of the Senate were elected or appointed by the sovereign States of the Alliance; publication of Senators' names was the prerogative of the States. The President was not necessarily a member of the Federation.

The Prime Minister of the Federation of Free Alliances government was the Head of Government, in charge of civil affairs of the Federation and its subsidiaries. The Prime Minister was the leader of the eXiles and had neither authority over the Alliance nor over any other sovereign member States of the Alliance.


The Federation of Free Alliances was unique in the galaxy in that the legal body was merely a facade for the larger alliance of sovereign member states. Each member state was a legally recognized organization by galactic standards. While groups of member states joined into a respective union, the Alliance recognized each individual state as a sovereign entity. The Alliance itself served as a neutral central governing body established to promote trade, both international and domestic; manage foreign affairs and diplomacy; and to establish mutual defense.

The legal entity of the Federation of Free Alliances was a sovereign member State of the Alliance, and served as the bureaucratic apparatus of the Alliance, but was primarily devoted to the civil affairs of the eXiles cooperative and their subsidiaries (eXiles Intragalactic Lithology and GalMart). The legal entity fulfills the status of a recognized galactic government for the purposes of the Alliance, but was in fact, only a member State of the Alliance. Alliance business was managed by the President of the Alliance and the Alliance Senate. The Prime Minister of the Federation of Free Alliances was a member of, and leader of the eXiles and did not represent the Alliance as a whole.


The Federation of Free Alliances was born from a desire for freedom. While the Empire's military might hovers over the galaxy like an approaching thunderstorm, the Empire has failed to keep the peace in the galaxy. The Rebellion was long buried, supplanted by a rival empire to the Galactic Empire. Most of the governments in the galaxy were either imperialistic, despotic, aristocratic, or outright criminal. Inflation and crime run rampant, and the threat of war hangs constantly over the heads of the entire galaxy. Peaceful and independent sentients maintain a tenuous hold on their freedom and both sides of the Galactic War have made it clear by their statements and actions that those independent groups exist at the respective Empires' whim. The war cry of "You're either with us or you are against us" has issued forth from both sides of the war.

Where, then, can peace-loving sentients turn? Where was there hope for them to live their lives secure in their freedom? Even the once democratic Confederacy of independent Systems has transformed into an Oligarchy completely dominated by the Trade Federation, with sovereign groups being marginalizes in favor of subject States. The need exists for a new Alliance, a Confederation of sovereign, independent States to secure the Freedom and independence of the member states, promote free trade, effectively reduce crime, and establish mutual self defense.

The Federation of Free Alliances was created for this purpose. It will serve as the bureaucratic core for the new Alliance of sovereign and independent States which will together secure the Freedom and independence of all its members.


During Year 10, FFA/eXiles was being led by Executive Partner Valat Horn and Han Daragon several high ranking members of eXiles came back from retirement. Executive Partner Kain Elderan and Executive Partner Jeb`el Ras to name a few. Kain was very active within eXiles during his tenure back from retirement and took offense to Jeb's meddling in FFA affairs. They had strong words among each other and never saw eye to eye even before both retired. Kain then made his own medical company called Elderan Eugenics. Even though he had his own organization, FFA was still helping him in every sense as it helped their own.

During Year 11 Day 147 the board sought to remove Full Partner Kabal Shryke from FFA as his only intent was using eXiles for his own personal agenda as well as having close connections with the criminal syndicate of Black Sun and Vigo Tar Alaks. Kain was very close to Kabal and Kain didn't agree fully with this proposition. A meeting was to be held in place to address this among other things.

Unfortunately, not everyone could attend because of the distance as every Board member was in different areas of the galaxy, Kain being one of them. He took offense a meeting would be done without him even though he was told he could either get on HoloNet and view the meeting and vote and or view logs of the meeting and vote. This was not enough for Kain, he thought he deserved to be at the board regardless if his vote would count later on before any decision would be made or not.

On Year 11 Day 150, Kain Elderan decided to loot the Federation of Free Alliances for his own personal gain. Kain requested his wife to go to FFA will full privileges; Kain being a Executive Partner, his wife was given the same amount of respect and thus was given privileges to ship codes and facility codes. Kain already had his plan in place and thus a Looting was set of FFA from himself, his wife Skylar Elderan and his cohort Allaina Musava. Jr. Partner Jerrick Jataan was also in the mix as he is a Toydarian and was seeking monetary gain as well by bribing eXiles not to give pertinent information to Kain Elderan and Kabal Shryke.

He took control of everything in FFA and XIL which was FFA's mining company. Fortunately, he didn't have any control of Koensayr. Senior Partner Helen Hawk was on watch when this happened and immediately confronted Kain, Kain stated that he was tired of Jeb and his ideals and preferred his new found wealth. Kain requested that Helen join him in the looting, Helen refused and stated that honor and friends are worth more than wealth and being considered a traitor and a thief. Helen and Valat Horn pleaded with Kain to release all hostages and people trapped, he refused and in doing so, Lady Helen turned her whole attention to rescue all eXiles in this predicament. Kain decided to conduct propaganda stating he did it for the better of FFA and because Jeb was a bad person to work for, what he didn't see is that he was now a thief and in doing this malicious act, no Partners followed his treacherous path.

Though, what Kain didn't know was that Helen's honor is bigger than anything else and she declined and ultimately, got on the comms to Partners in FFA. Some XIL assets was saved though FFA assets was lost. Millions of sentients were trapped under Kain's control and he demanded either you are with me or against me. To his surprise everyone in FFA, Koen and XIL went against him. Lady Helen, used her own resources to gather hundreds of ships to conduct rescue operations along with FFA's Partners of all the trapped sentients across the galaxy as that was more important than assets.

Dorn Zeke of the Aurodium Legion led the war against the FFA.

All 95% of all eXiles sentients were successfully rescued, once this was accomplished, a re-takeover was set in place by the eXiles Full Partners and above: Nat`rhon L`uukh, Doric Eckender, Valat Horn, Zandar Russa, Jeb`el Ras, Izgit Mazarit, Han Daragon, Gatorfett Fronek and Lady Helen.

Kain saw that FFA was retaking control and immediately saw that his plan was not working. So he sought help from the despised Black Sun cryme syndicate based on a recommendation from his comrade Kabal Shryke. Ultimately, however, he approached Barabel Legate Dorn Zeke of the Aurodium Legion for military assistance.

Dorn was an alien entrepreneur and he was looking to score big, he was promised systems and sectors, among ships and assets from Kain as long as he was helped to regain control as it was looking quite pathetic given that eXiles was regaining several assets with no help and trapped members.

Because of this, FFA had no choice but to seek help as it was down in assets and had personnel still trapped at the same time and now it was Black Sun, Kain and Aurodium Legion against them. Executive Partner Valat Horn and Han Daragon talked to Avance Coalition and Helen Hawk seeked the Rogue Squadron for help and both came to it's aid.

Kain and Dorn were disgusted that Rogue Squadron accepted to help FFA being that RS had been an arch-rival of FFA at one point. FFA couldn't get many assets back as it was impossible though they were able to secure quite a bit. Because of this FFA Partners took a meeting to discuss future plans for FFA and a new adventure began...


Executive and Full Partners



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