Feth Ophoxi

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Feth Ophoxi
Feth Ophoxi Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Duros
Homeworld Duro
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Weight 93 kilograms
Coloring Grayish-blue complexion
Eye Color Red eyes
Political Information
Affiliation The Hutt Cartel
Positions Majordomo
Prior Affiliation Tamerin Foundation
Anzatan Commonwealth
SarShen Spaceworks
Arkanian Trade Syndicate
Tapani Starship Cooperative
Awards Order of the Realm
Knight of the Black Sword (House Ismay)

Feth Ophoxi is a male Duros mercenary from the toxic planet of Duros who rose to prominence as the ruthless majordomo of Voragga Zuuma Ajurr's Hutt Cartel, a notorious crime syndicate. Born in an orbiting space city above Duros, he eventually became a young star-pilot aboard a spice freighter and later gained employment with the Tamerin Foundation. Following the Foundation's merger with New Anzat Order, Ophoxi became a squadron leader in the Royal Azantan Navy until resigning in the wake of the assassination of Regent Wilhelm von Ismay. As a freelance operative, he soon garnered a reputation in the Core Worlds as a deadly blaster-for-hire. Circa Year 12, he was appointed by the vile gangster Voragga Zuuma Ajurr to oversee the daily operations of the Hutt Cartel.


Early Life

Feth Ophoxi was hatched in the Jyvus Space City which is one of the many floating colonies that orbit his heavily polluted and depopulated homeworld of Duros. As the planet is located on the Corellian Trade Spine, his family operated a profitable spice trading business and amassed a considerable fortune in untraceable funds. However, during a trip on Duro's desolate surface, his parents were obliterated in a surprise orbital bombardment by Separatist forces. Now an orphan, the thirteen-years-old Ophoxi was raised by his cutthroat uncle who was the captain of the spice freighter Uurmba. As his uncle's protégé, Ophoxi knew nothing but trading, flying, smuggling, and whoring.

Between smuggling spice through Imperial blockades and visiting backwater starports, a young Ophoxi soon became bored and frequently spent his spare time running crooked Sabacc games with high stakes. As the stakes increased, he attracted the attention of local crime lords who wanted a piece of the action. In order to protect himself, he tried to arm himself with weapons stolen from his uncle's warehouse. Ophoxi's uncle caught him and, as punishment, arranged for him to be enrolled as a cadet in the Tamerin Foundation.

Anzatan Dawn

The assassination of Regent Wilhelm von Ismay spurred Ophoxi's departure from the Anzatan Commonwealth.

As an entry-level employee in Auron Kun's Tamerin Foundation in the Churba Sector, Ophoxi began work as a nondescript pilot patrolling the Hoth system and, over the subsequent months, he repeatedly demonstrated his competence, intelligence, and loyalty. Due to his exceptional piloting abilities, his talents were quickly recognized by his superiors and he was promoted. In short order, he was appointed an officer in the First Sun Naval Squadron. Eventually, the Tamerin Foundation merged with the New Anzat Order and formed the Anzatan Commonwealth. As a result, the First Sun Naval Squadron was integrated into the Royal Anzatan Navy. Eventually Ophoxi assumed command of the latter squadron. During this time, he was knighted by the famous Regent Wilhelm von Ismay and inducted into the prestigious Order of the Realm.

Then an unexpected chain of events occurred that dramatically altered his future in the Anzatan Commonwealth. In a coup d'etat on Year 10 Day 112, the ambitious Queen Keishi Miahr assassinated the reigning monarch Wilhelm von Ismay. Ophoxi was both shocked and enraged by his death. Von Ismay had been not only Ophoxi's leader, but also his friend and confidant. With the demise of his respected sovereign, Ophoxi refused to swear allegiance to Keishi Miahr's new regime and thus he departed the Anzatan Commonwealth. Before his departure, on Year 10 Day 143, Ophoxi was made a Knight of the Black Sword in House Ismay by loyalists to the old regime.

After aimlessly wandering among the various hyper-lanes, Ophoxi was contacted by an old friend and offered the lucrative position of Director of Construction and Development for SarShen Spaceworks, a nationalized subsidiary of the Arkanian Trade Syndicate. Ophoxi enjoyed his time there, but things soon took a turn for the worse. During a routine survey expedition to locate a suitable planet on which to build factories, his starship was ambushed in the Cron Drift by the Lumini Pirates led by the enigmatic Rahm Zarkov. Ophoxi was badly injured in the ensuing fray and his vessel captured by the marauders. As a final act of wanton cruelty, Zarkov's pirate gang marooned the wounded Ophoxi on the harsh surface of a nearby planet to rot.

Wandering for weeks on the hostile planet, Ophoxi found his way to a deserted Imperial outpost whose inhabitants had gruesomely died from Candorian plague. Among the rubble and decrepit buildings, he discovered a broken Holonet transmitter. After repairing the device using worn-out tools, he managed to send a bootlegged Holonet transmission that contained a distress signal. In a stroke of luck, a mining vessel owned by Tapani Starship Cooperative received the transmission. Descending to the outpost, the miners discovered the weakened Ophoxi in the ruins. Although he had no credits, Ophoxi offered to work for the company in return for their aid to help him off the planet. The miners transported him to his other ship that Ophoxi kept hidden orbiting a small asteroid in the Hoth system.

The Hutt Gambit

Qaun Wain succeeded Ophoxi as majordomo of the Hutt Cartel

After several months of employment with Tapani Starship Cooperative, Ophoxi was relaxing in a seedy holo-bar on Altyr V when he was approached by an old acquaintance, a shabby old desert-rat-of-a-man. He had an ancient leathery face, cracked and weathered by exotic climates, set off by dark penetrating eyes, and a scraggly white beard. While guzzling a foul-smelling grog, the old spacer recounted to Ophoxi an interesting tale: In a far-flung region of the galaxy, the vile gangster Voragga Zuuma Ajurr had purportedly reestablished the legendary Hutt Cartel and was searching for a ruthless taskmaster to oversee a ragtag outfit of repugnant henchmen consisting of Gamorrean thugs, Zygerrian slavers, and Rodian enforcers. The prospect of working for Voragga the Hutt intrigued the adventurous Ophoxi. After bidding farewell to the old spacer, Ophoxi walked back in the darkness of the city towards the hangar bay and turned over the job offer in his mind. He decided to apply for the position.

Traveling in a battered YT-1300 freighter, Ophoxi voyaged to a remote planet and then trekked to the hidden fortress of Voragga the Hutt in order to seek an audience. Knowing that the Hutts were the masters of all illegal activities in the galaxy, he hoped to ally himself with them and expand his criminal endeavors to even greater levels. After a tense salary negotiation involving a thermal detonator, Ophoxi was hired on Year 12 Day 164 by his excellency Voragga the Hutt to serve as majordomo of the extensive criminal network known as the Hutt Cartel. Using the underworld connections he made while in the Anzatan military, Ophoxi began to rebuild the organization. He recruited a motley crew of cowardly thugs, bumbling thieves, bounty hunters, fugitive rapists, spice smugglers, and trigger-happy star-pilots from the galaxy's dens of iniquity. Ophoxi, along with his unpredictable Kubaz companion Qaun Wain, gradually reestablished the Cartel as a power to be reckoned with. After a successful year running Cartel operations, Feth was grievously injured in an ambush set by renegade Mandalorians and was incapacitated for several months. He handed over the reins of power to his friend Qaun Wain and, together, they continue to expand the Cartel's influence across the galaxy.


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Majordomo of the Hutt Cartel
Preceded By:
Azalus Outmian
Feth Ophoxi
Year 12 Day 164Year 13 Day 241
Succeeded By:
Qaun Wain