First Annual Tournament of Derra

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The First Annual Tournament of Derra was formulated by Rochi Zaraki on Year 14 Day 6 after the outbreak of the Great Animosity Plague. The tourney was held on Derra IV under the only volcano on the planet. The bracket was reorganized several times, and some fights were forfeited due to contestants not being able to attend the tournament grounds on time. The first fight was held on Y14 D96. Ragnos Deott was the tournament winner, defeating Rann Halcyon in the final round of the tournament. In a controversial move among bettors, both opponents had agreed to use only lightsabers in their fight.



  • 1st: Trophy to mark your achievement, 150M cash prize.
  • 2nd: Trophy to mark your achievement, 75M cash prize.
  • 3rd: Trophy to mark your achievement, 50M cash prize.

(As funding and resources increases prizes will be increased.)


Current Rules:**

  • All competitors will need to have access to holonet communications. (IRC)
  • Gear limitations will be strictly followed. (See gear restrictions bellow)
  • We understand that Force Sensitive beings may choose to participate, but will be confined to additional restrictions to keep things fair for all.***
  • Official betting will be run by the managers of the Tournament, and we ask that those participating do not bet on themselves or anyone else.
  • Those of unmatchable skill may be asked to participate with a handi-cap. (Excessively high level players may be asked to fight un-armored or with other restrictions.)
  • Only the tournament entrant is allowed in the melee or to interact with participants on the field until the combat is concluded. (No healing up from outside sources.)
  • All fights are one-on-one. (No NPCs or creatures allowed in your squad.)
  • Should a fight extend for too long (let's say...over 3 hours) then the fight will be called off for the day, to be continued on the dawn of the next morning. During this time no healing beyond time will be allowed.
  • All participants will be equipped with moment by moment recording software for their fights and must turn in their data after each attack remotely. (Screen shots of your fight.)
  • Healing is allowed as you see fit, but participants are resricted to mobile healing while on the field. (Patches, Sticks, Kits, but no Bacta Tanks for obvious reasons.)
  • Retreat will be considered surrender and the participant will be disqualifed. (You can't hop onto a ship or vehicle while it's your turn.)
  • Camera men and droids will be set up on the field, we ask that entrants please respect their jobs and avoid attacking them in the heat of the moment.

(Rules subject to change before the first round of the Tournament)

Violation of these rules and regulations will result in immediate disqualification.

X Access to a fully equipped Bacta tank will be available for round participants after each fight is concluded, completely free of charge.

X Minimal weapons, healing supplies, and armor vendors will available on location for above average prices. If your company has interest in setting up a booth, please contact an official directly.

Submit your application here, or send one directly to Ms. Rochi Zaraki via Holonet.

Gear Restrictions:

Illegal Armor:

  • Mandalorian Armor


(F) stands for Force Sensitive preferred bracket.