Fleur`De Rouge

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Fleur`De Rouge
Fleur`De Rouge Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Gand
Homeworld Gand
Children None
Born Unknown
Died Year 14 Day 61
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Prior Affiliation Sunguard
Free Port Galactic

Fleur`De Rouge was a female Gand and an independent bounty hunter most notable for her abduction of the New Republic Chief of State, Cheda Quche, in Year 14. She is also known for her association with Aries Rathakar, her murders of Lucio Rossari, Jason Con, and Alexander Darkstar, and her captures of Rathakar, Helena Gladio, and Sevarlis Nolis. She was killed by the Eidola Pirates only a week after the capture of Cheda Quche.



Little is known about Fleur's distant past. She first appeared on the galactic scene when she was picked up by the Black Sun Vigo Jormungand Gand, who offered her a job as a pilot. During this time, she met a Black Sun agent named Sav Lakua and befriended him, learning that he was after Aries Rathakar's planet, Sartoy II. Fleur, being slightly educated and deceptive, quickly became the commander of Sunguard's navy while Sav became Second in Command. As time went on, Fleur met a young banker named Lucio Rossari, Second in Command of the Guild Bank, with whom she gradually developed a bond. They became unofficially engaged, and then Fleur heard rumors that her beloved Lucio was plotting her death. She murdered her fiance in response, thereby beginning her life as a criminal.

Association with Sunguard

In response to the murder, Xanxus Drol placed a bounty on Fleur with the Dark Star Hellions. The Hellions quickly got on the hunt and placed a spy, Thali`a N`ightshade, into Sunguard's navy. Meanwhile, Fleur was growing closer to Sav. As Sav told daring stories of Black Sun and the criminal life, Fleur became more and more involved with the operation. Soon, Sav went AWOL and Fleur became Rathakar's new Second in Command.

At this time, Gilbert Reed, a trading acquaintance of Fleur's, along with Sara Milanus and Aries Rathakar, entered into diplomatic discussions on creating a government called the Galactic Republic. As the platform grew, Rathakar, as de facto leader of the group, delegated more and more of the responsibilities to Fleur. Fleur, still friends with Jormungand Gand, developed a plot to destroy Aries once and for all. When she discussed her tactics with Sav Lakua, Sav seemed to have had a change of heart. Undeterred, she gathered allies from Lucious Maximus and Lethe Mining, and started building a resistance on Sartoy II.

When Fleur had enough support, she revealed Aries Rathakar and his evil intentions for the empire, thereby starting a coup. Rathakar, too cowardly to defend himself, fled. Xanxus Drol removed the bounty on Fleur, after the spy Thali`a had gotten Sara Milanus' husband, Ben Holo, captured. Sav Lakua, however, perished. The government was leaderless, so Gilbert Reed and Fleur formed a partnership and turned the would-be government into a small shipwright firm known as Free Port Galactic.

Dealings with Black Sun

While in Free Port Galactic, Fleur worked hard to maintain the organization's business reputation, as well as her own. Due to some shady trading under Aries Rathakar's reign, Fleur had been discredited as a trader, and this complicated matters. While many didn't like Fleur as a result of her former actions and association, she found it pertinent to make friends across the galaxy ranging from the New Republic to the Galactic Empire. As she continued to amass wealth, she began to want more out of life, and so she left Gilbert Reed and Free Port Galactic behind in order to set off on an adventure.

While flying to pick up a new recruit of hers, Ivy Rabor, Fleur fell ill on board her Bayonet capital ship. The sadistic doctor, Jason Con, rushed to her aid. After he healed her, she boarded Jason's ship where she arrested and executed him, claiming her actions brought him to justice for his intolerable crimes against a numerous amount of people. This action was met by a general public outcry, and Fleur's reputation worsened in the public eye, but she remained certain she had done the right thing.

Shortly afterwards, she met up with another Black Sun Vigo, Cait Catra. After several debates with Cait, Fleur surrendered the possession and control of Sartoy II back to the Black Sun, with the unofficial agreement taking place on a Namana cruiser. While Cait attempted to get her end of the bargain, Fleur captured Helena Gladio, an infamous Falleen trader. This action slowly caused public opinion to begin to sway in Fleur's favour. Helena, pleading for her life, offered ransom after ransom for her freedom. The Dark Prince, Banquo Knox, also offered two Namanas in exchange for Helena. Fleur, annoyed that Black Sun wasn't handling their debt on Sartoy II, accepted both deals. She quietly released Helena and accepted a small fleet in return. When Helena was freed, Fleur took her Modular Taskforce Cruiser to Muunilist, where she would go into hiding.

Meanwhile, another Black Sun Vigo, Nyarlathotep Alaks, had agreed to switch ships: a Namana for the Modular, until he had Helena in custody. When Helena was in custody, the Modular and the second Namana would then be presented to Fleur. Fleur agreed. However, when Black Sun realized it was a set up, that the insulted Fleur was attempting to take what she considered rightfully hers, they organized an assassination plot. Fleur was trapped on board the Modular, her old ship. After countless tries, she was finally able to break through the hatches and escape. A few hours after Fleur was safely aboard her Bayonet, Nyarlathotep arrived to execute her, too late. Fleur decided to train on Muunilist for a little bit, to practice her hunting techniques. Having her possessions with her, Ankha's Heart (The Namana) and Ivy's Last Stand (a gift from Jormungand Gand long ago), Fleur sat in isolation. However, soon rumors that Aries Rathakar had escaped to Muunilist reached her ears, and she decided to search for him. She eventually located and captured him, and once the news leaked, Fleur was back in the public eye.

Friends and Duels

To make some extra credits, Fleur began selling items from Ankha's Heart, and when a trader who had stalked her for a while, Alexander Darkstar, showed up to collect an illegal sniper rifle, she arrested him. She promised him his release if he or his friends would turn over an X-45 Sniper Rifle and an A-Wing. His employer, Kiie Cristal, believing Fleur was bluffing, refused the demands, which ultimately led to Darkstar's death.

By this time, Fleur's intergalactic circle of friends was growing. She had particularly come to care for Wedge Achilles and Ankha Natanaele from the New Republic. She was considering making amends with her past, when a young Jedi named Sevarlis Nolis came about. He was a pilot for the logistics department for the New Republic. Sevarlis asked to meet with Fleur, and Fleur agreed. During the meeting, the young Jedi took some property of Fleur's, which infuriated her and caused her to arrest him. While Fleur wanted to kill the Jedi, Ankha pleaded that he be spared and brought to trial. Fleur reluctantly gave in, having strong emotional feelings for Ankha.

After the transfer of the prisoner, an old enemy of Fleur's, Xakic Jix from the Dark Star Hellions, challenged her to a duel. Previously, Xakic had stolen a Lictor dungeon ship from Fleur, so the duel was accepted without any hesitation. After arranging for reputable trader and middleman, Dac Kain, to set up the dueling arena, Jix backed out of the duel. Fleur returned to Ankha's heart and left Muunilist for the last time.

Capture of the Chief of State

Fleur soon met a charming fellow named Seele, later to find out was the Executor of the Galactic Empire. Lord Seele convinced Fleur that it was impossible to arrest Cheda Quche, the Chief of State of the New Republic, and in response, she spent weeks developing a plan to prove him wrong. One morning near Kashyyyk, Fleur successfully captured the Chief of State on board a vessel. Ankha pleaded with Fleur to free her friend, Cheda, but Fleur was too caught up in the situation. She chose to imprison Cheda and sacrifice her friendship with Ankha, which she regretted ever since.

During this process, a new associate emerged into Fleur's life: the Pirate Lady, Syn. Fleur, having done some trading with Syn in the past, was only too eager to accept Syn's guidance for the future of Cheda Quche during the critical days of his capture. The two women considered a number of options for making the most of the situation, which ultimately led to Fleur accepting the Chief of State's pleas for his release in exchange for a sizeable ransom of New Republic technology, for which Syn would middle.

Quche was given a deadline, and was briefly freed in order to access his New Republic accounts. At the last minute he decided not to pay and instead attempted to commit suicide rather than be faced with potential torture and interrogation on board the ship from which he was unable to escape. The ransom having fallen through, Fleur escorted Cheda Quche, the fallen leader of the New Republic, straight to the hands of the Galactic Empire on Coruscant.

Although the capture itself was highly controversial and publicly condemned by the New Republic, Fleur's reputation with the public seemed to be becoming solidified as a competent, if vindictive, public figure.


The Eidola Pirates publicly took credit for Fleur's death on Year 14 Day 63, claiming that she had arrived on Ylesia in an attempt to murder Syn. The two leaders of Eidola, Syn and Squall Chitose, intercepted and executed her.


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