Fox Spookers

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Fox Spookers
Biographical Information
Race Human[1]
Died Year 4 Day 141
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire (Year -1)

Fox Spookers, a.k.a. "Spookie," was a male Human,[1] and the sixth Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance (Year 0 to Year 2).


In Year -1, Fox Spookers began his career in the Galactic Empire as a TIE Bomber pilot. He eventually rose to the rank of Captain and served as Executive Officer (XO) of the 3rd Recon Fleet under Admiral Gorn Veynom.

After being condemned by Emperor Spytek for plotting a conspiracy aiming to discredit his Commanding Officer (CO) Gorn Veynom and to destabilize the Galactic Empire, Spookie chose to defect to the Rebel Alliance. He was soon contacted by Supreme Commander Zee Wolf the Elder, a famous rebel, and Spookie agreed to give him all the information he had concerning the Empire in exchange for a position in the Alliance Navy. That day his career in the Galactic Empire ended and his life in the Rebel Alliance began.

Spookie soon attained the position of Fleet Commander among his new rebel friends. When Zee Wolf retired and Mon Akira became Supreme Commander, Spookie was promoted to Chief of Operations; in essence, second-in-command of the Rebel Alliance. When Akira retired, Spookie became Supreme Commander. He served in this capacity for fifteen months.

On Year 1 Day 341, Spookie resigned as Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance, and Shae Briston assumed command. Upon his retirement, Spookie offered to remain as an adviser to the next Supreme Commander, but his antagonistic relationship with Shae Briston, his successor, prevented this. He decided instead to join "some old friends" and tour the galaxy with their gathered fleet.

On Year 3 Day 271, Spookie was formally expelled from the Rebel Alliance for theft. Almost a year later, on Year 4 Day 141, he was caught and executed by Warlord Venom Kazvar's Horizon Corporation.


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