Fred Berry

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Fred Berry
Biographical Information
Race Ithorian
Homeworld Ithor
Mother Janance Berry
Father Alexander Berry
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -15 Day 267
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.6764 meters
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Krath Dynasty
Positions Commandant Krath Marines
Prior Affiliation None
Awards Ground Service Ribbon, and Security Ribbon


Growing Up

When Fred was growing up he had little friends, although he was also anti-social, he seemed to be more focused on his school learning so he could get in a good college. Although he did try to make friends by joking around with them, those jokes soon became rumors that prevented future friends. He was annoyed that he had technically started the rumors, but he soon got over it and continued his school work. By the time he reached high school he was well above normal when it came to knowledge and his friends were mostly his teachers and a couple he made before all the rumors began about the fifth grade. He kept his 3.6 GPA and moved on to college where he met this mysterious person he seem to be using some sort of magic to defend himself, when Fred walked up to him and asked, "how did you do that?" the mystery person replied, "the force, let it guide you." and the person ran off, even today no one knows who that person is. Puzzled by this statement, he began his readings on the so called Force. Fred continues to learn about the force, but still has no concept of how it works or what it really does.

Krath Dynasty

Graduating college Fred was eager to learn more about the concept of the force, however he doesn't have all the facts. Fred Explored his home world in the Ottega System and stumbled across a classified ad to join a galactic government known as The Krath Dynasty. The ad stated that the goal was to find the facts about both sides of the force, which spiked his interest so he applied. On 10.025 Fred passed all the tests and was accepted into the government and began was waiting eagerly for his first assignment. A couple of weeks later the Dynasty assigned him to the marines, though he wanted to be a Diplomat, but he did his duties as directed. Fred later became a Trainer for the Dynasty and is now teaching new recruits the way of Krath, while he continued to work hard as a marine. He was assigned a ship approximately three or four weeks after his assignment. On 10.226 his promotion to Sub Archon was announced and he was officially the Sub Archon of the Q.U.A and pledged to fulfill his duties as expected. Fred's reign as Sub Archon soon ended as Teenek Ta`ash could not handle the workload of a commanding officer. With Teenek's step down, Fred stepped up and was Commanding Officer for the Krath Marines. Within months of becoming the Sub Archon he was now unofficially the leader of the Krath Marines, and never promoted past Teenek, though he held the same rank. After his efforts to keep the marines healthy and ready to defend Krath, he was promoted to Strike Captain, and become the Commandant of the Krath Marines on Year 12.036 Fred Berry was now officially the Commanding Officer of the Krath Marines.


Fred Believes that Knowledge is Power, and seeks to find all the facts before he makes his decisions, how ever that might as well be his ultimate down, because he will not fight unless he has to defend himself or something he strongly believes in. Fred views every one as neither good nor bad, unless previously acted upon or he knows them very well. He has no hostile intentions other then to those who he strongly disagrees with, however there can be some differences between beliefs he only marks those as foes if they do something completely unethical.