Freelancers Alliance

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Freelancers Alliance
General Information
Motto "We are freelancers and neutral. No questions, no curiosity. You pay, we deliver."
Status Active
Leader Hans Miller
Owner Hans Miller
Headquarters Skeebo III 17,14
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 270
Political Information
Industry Services, Transportation
Holosite Freelancers Alliance

Freelancers Alliance or FA was created from HMT Transportation led by Hans Miller the previous Wing Commander of SYT Transport. With the help of the supporters like Tony Highwind, Galdayo Everstar and the other numerous pilots who wanted to stay in the background; we could create our dream. A transportation company which could be a home to every freelancer in the galaxy. Freelancers Alliance was created for individuals who would like to be a freelancer but still want to connect to a group that they can call home. Or to offer a focal point in between jobs. We offer a place for every sentient in the galaxy regardless of the origin, religion, or affiliation. FA is one of the few transportation companies in the galaxy that still stands and is still growing. Our clients are companies and individuals from the largest and richest, to those companies and people who are just starting out.[1]



Freelancers Alliance was set up to provide a transportation services. Those services aim to provide a secure, no questions asked transportation for private customers, company employees and businesses. We do not hold any type of bias towards any affiliation nor are we affiliated. That is why we are willing to meet the requirements of a wide range of groups. We offer employment for pilots on a pay per job venture, that way they can move on when they are ready like the freelancer they are. Freelancers Alliance will always provide reliable transportation with no price tables. Make and offer and we will go from there. FA has growth in its mind and is working on expanding into other business opportunities.


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Freelancers Alliance beginning started in SYT Transport with a pilot who worked there named Hans Miller. Hans worked there for over a year learning the ropes as a logistic pilot. After that year he was promoted to the position of Wing Commander and learned how to manage a group of pilots as well as to manage company assets. After spending time in this position Hans Miller decided he wanted to make it on his own and run his own operations. What started as a one man operation turned into a small crew working under the name HMT Transportation. Growth continued and business continued to flow in and soon the crew turned into a fifteen man operation. Soon more than just pilots were needed for the continued growth of the company. Hans waited till he felt he had an adequate foundation and enough people to lead before making the next leap. With the help of Tony Highwind and Galdayo Everstar, Hans decided to announce the formation of the company Freelancer Alliance on Year 13 Day 270. Logistic operations continued up too present time with FA trying to expand into other business ventures.


  • Transporting
    • Ships
    • Raw Materials
    • Droids
    • Personnel
    • Items[2]
  • Upcoming in the future
    • Space Station construction services


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