Frezt Raleigh

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Frezt Raleigh
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Charubah
Mother Merdita Acoma
Father Mystiel Raleigh
Spouse Divorced
Siblings None
Children None
Born Uncertain
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters (6'2")
Eye Color blue-green
Political Information
Affiliation Krath Dynasty
Rank Krath Lord
Positions Grand Seneschal (resigned)
Prior Affiliation Kathol Republic, Astaroth, Invisible Army, Lant Mining Corporation, Order of Krath

Lord Frezt Raleigh is a Krath Lord and former leader of the Krath Dynasty. He is the creator of the Nova Crystal.



Frezt Acoma was born to Merdita Acoma in a House of Servants of the Dukatii on Charubah, a tech-oriented world in the Hapes Cluster. As a servant to nobility, Merdita Acoma worked long hours. She was estranged from and fearful of the boy’s father, and being Hapan, she had little to invest in a son. Thus Frezt grew up roaming the streets of Remar, hungry for his share of the untouchable fortunes he saw all around him. Many of the boys Frezt grew up around, feeling trapped, followed in the steps of their forefathers and became pirates and criminals.

Not so, young Frezt. He was clever enough to realize that the accident of his birth, being both male and commoner, had locked him out of the mighty Hapan corporations which were protected by long-standing relationships with the Hapan nobility. Yet, the traditional Hapan values of honor and pride prevented him from taking the easy way out. He had a head for business and a heart for entrepreneurship.

He concocted a plan to leave the Cluster, but had no clear idea where he would go. In this frame of mind he encountered the charming and clever Blackhole, commander in the Order of Krath and history was made.

Order of Krath

The Order was rooted in the beginnings of civilization, but at this time they were nomads. Blackhole was on the lookout for talent and ambition to serve the Order, bring glory to Krath and ensure the well-being of her people. One evening in a tavern was all it took to convince the pair that they had found a mutually beneficial solution.

Frezt already had great faith in his own ability to succeed. He now added to this faith in Krath. The combination was a potent one. He started off in the Military Academy where he met Tapar Craken, a high-ranking Krath officer who was to become like a brother to him. He graduated quickly and just as swiftly proved himself in battles and skirmishes with the Imperial Remnant, bitter enemies of the Order.

The Krath General.

Soon, he was dispatched to serve from within various other interests, notably Lant Mining Corporation, where Frezt began to steadily shine. His business acumen earned him a place on the Direx board, where he rubbed shoulders with many of the galaxies most brilliant business minds. From there he helped establish the Invisible Army, before moving back to the Order itself.

With an astounding rapidity, due to his business acumen, Frezt had procured the fortune he had so wished for as a child. By now though, the wealth had become only a means to serve the Order and Krath herself.


The Hapan’s experience with Lant moved him to finance the acquisition of the nearly defunct Astaroth Mining Corporation for the Order. Under his leadership, Astaroth was raised from the ashes and became a power in its own right. It still serves as one of the major economic arms of the Order of Krath.

With the success of Astaroth, the Order, due in part to Frezt’s passion, was no longer the ragtag band it had been when he came to them. They were able to acquire a few planets in the Minos Cluster and the rest were soon settled as well. Every time there was a step to make the Order rise, Frezt was there to make sure it happened.

Soon the Order affiliated itself with the Kathol Republic, and Frezt moved to government, serving on the Repulic’s Senate in the service of Krath.


It was during this service that Frezt became acquainted with death. Late in Y6, the Order sent a few members to Asarya`Katr Chitose to see which of them could join the ranks of the apprentices. They met on the world of Alderaan. There Asarya took the Krath in total surprise. Greatly outnumbered, and facing several Dark Jedi, they were all captured and taken aboard her flagship.

While the Order attempted to locate them, Asarya murdered or ransomed most of her captives, retaining only Frezt and three others whom she expected could give her access to the Order’s treasures. When her attempts failed, she murdered or abandoned the rest to die.

Due to the grace of the goddess, Frezt survived that ordeal, if barely. He was handed over to Lord Mystiel Raleigh, the leader of Krath, who completed a long ritual in the young Hapan’s behalf. As Frezt healed in the care of his leader and Krath herself, he also discovered that Lord Mystiel Raleigh was his father. He took the lord’s name, arising from what could have been his deathbed as Frezt Raleigh, with a determination to serve Krath that was stronger than ever.


By Year 7 the hostilities between the Order and Remnant, who had diplomatic ties to the Republic, had eased. Then an Imperial plot to assassinate the President and loot the Republic in preparation for absorbing it was revealed.

The response to Imperial treachery was immediate and Frezt, now also commanding Krath’s armed forces, soon launched an attack on the Imperial Remnant which culminated in the taking of the entire Mayagil sector, including the homeworlds H'nemthe and Clak'Dor VII.

It was also in this year that Frezt lost father he had so recently found, Lord Mystiel Raleigh, who sacrificed himself to Krath. Frezt was devastated by the loss, both personally and practically. Lord Mystiel Raleigh was a pillar of the Order and compensating for his loss robbed Frezt of precious time need to grieve.

Then in Y8, all Imperial holdings in the Outer Rim were transferred to a weapons producer that eventually became known as the Imperial Outer Rim Authority. The war was suddenly closer to home than ever, and raged hot until the IORA abandoned the tyranny of the Remnant and signed a treaty with the Order years later.

Krath, along with Frezt, started a new company called Minos-Mestra Munitions. It was a weapons manufacturing company, created to strengthen the Order’s hold on the Minos Cluster, protect it from the invasion of a criminal element and create a stronger credit flow so that the Order could grow. This company too, still serves its purpose for the Order of Krath, to the glory of the goddess.

It was also in Year 8 that Frezt's life changed radically. He met Ma’at Seshet, a bold, self -assured Krath officer arrested Frezt’s attention. They fell in love quickly and were soon married.


Frezt was elected President of the Kathol Republic. Almost immediately, he instituted major economic reforms. He also tracked down former Vice-President Dhamon Raleep who had thieved millions of credits and assets from the Republic. He retrieved what had been stolen and executed the criminal responsible.

Y9 saw Frezt overseeing the merging of the Kathol Republic and the Order of Krath and the nationalization of both of the companies he had started, cementing the security of the new Krath Dynasty.

His energy now went toward expansion and buildup. In an attempt to ensure the Krath Dynasty's continued survival in face of the Imperial threat, Frezt re-established an incarnation of Koros Spaceworks to bulk up fleet defenses and oversaw the induction of the Krath Dynasty into the Galactic Alliance.

Grand Seneschal of the Krath.

Frezt had now accomplished what he had set out to do for the Order, and more, but not without personal cost. His marriage, subjected to the pulls of two very different and intense schedules, dissolved in Year 10.

That was also the year that Nova, a peculiar substance with special properties was discovered on certain planets in the Kathol and Minos sectors. Immediately recognizing the inherent possibilities of the quasi-mineral Frezt pushed for Krath scientists to discover a way a way to craft it into something that could be safely handled, shaped and transported. Their work led to the success of Frezt’s brainchild, the Nova Crystal, which rapidly transformed the Dynasty from within, becoming its official currency.


In Y13 Lord Frezt Raleigh announced that he was retiring as Grand Seneschal of the Krath Dynasty and his closest friend and natural successor, Tapar Craken would be assuming the mantle of leadership. Frezt cited personal reasons for his leave, though the truth was, he chose that path for the same reason he had chosen each path he had taken since joining the Order. It was, quite simply, for the good of Krath.

Frezt was worn from years of effort in behalf of the Order and against the Imperial tyranny, the Eidolan scourge and the menace that is Mandalore. He nursed war injuries, that, while not major, still took their toll, and he still had the loss of his parents and the estrangement of his wife to address, things he had not had time to focus on before. Frezt retired to his Hapan-styled estate in Shesharile to enjoy the quiet and healing nature that home could offer.

Frezt still travels extensively, pursuing private business interests in the Mestra system and special projects in the Mayagil sector, and serving behind the scenes as an advisor to Grandmaster Craken. He remains, as ever, at the disposal of Krath, confident that what he has already done and what he will yet do in her behalf will echo through eternity.

On Year 13 Day 327, 232 days after his retirement started Frezt returned to the public stage for a short period of time. He was appointed leader of the Commonality to lead and accommodate the merger between the government and the Krath Dynasty. He personally visited all seven sectors that were joining the Krath Dynasty government.

In Year 14 two projects were completed under command of Lord Raleigh. One was the construction of 21 state-of-the-art space defence installations in Krath's capital system of Shesharile.

The second one was Frezt's own charity program, for which 22 medical centres were developed in 22 different systems spread over Krath territory. The centres offer free medical services, funded by the Drome Foundation in honour of Lord Nomak Drome.

Leader of the Krath Dynasty
Preceded By:
Position Created
Frezt Raleigh
Year 8Year 13 Day 95
Succeeded By:
Tapar Craken