Frollo the White

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Frollo the White
Frollo the White
Biographical Information
Race Half Devaronian / Half Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Prospero the White
Spouse Acria Xinge (divorced)
Jahu Skyla
Siblings Vikernes the White
Children Syeirna the White
Born Year -23
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98m
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank High Admiral (retired)
[See Career History]
Positions Interim CEO Republic Medical
[See Career History]
Prior Affiliation Jedi Praxium
Rebel Alliance
Awards [See Citations and Awards]


Looking perpetually tired, but always alert, Frollo can usually be seen wearing a simple uniform, sometimes covered in a cloak. His mixed Devaronian heritage is hardly noticeable aside from a heavier bone structure in general and several slight bony protrusions on his head in particular. In later years he has been seen wearing a beard, but tends to shave it off again for special occasions.



Frollo's devaronian mother is a mystery to him, as his human father Prospero refused to talk about her. Certain is that she left not long after Frollo's birth. His father continued working for various governments all over the galaxy, taking his children along. As such, Frollo's interest in intelligence and security matters was kindled early. Having attended various academies and having assisted his father for many years, Frollo eventually sought out his own job out into the galaxy, leaving his younger brother Vikernes behind.

Early career

Although not Force sensitive at all, Frollo was interested in helping out potential Jedi. After having joined the Jedi Praxium in early Year 1, Frollo quickly rose up as Head of Security & Intelligence, tasked with protecting the small organisation from various threats. Due to declining activity of Praxium leadership, Frollo also helped out with other duties, one of which being diplomatic negotiations with foreign powers. In that capacity, Frollo negotiated with Rebel Alliance High Ambassador Acria Larkin, leading to the signing of the very first agreement between the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi Praxium.

Fresh start in the Rebel Alliance

CRI Logo in Year 2

Political strife within the Jedi Praxium caused a collapse of the organisation. While most of Frollo's ex-colleagues fanned out to various commercial groups, Frollo decided to accept the invitation of then CRI Director, soon to be Supreme Commander David "Dr. Fro" Salohah to join the Rebel Alliance and work for the Center of Rebel Intelligence as his assistant. Despite it being a time of political turmoil in the RA, Frollo's promotion to Director of CRI in only four months was still unexpectedly fast. Having inherited an almost empty shell of an organisation with virtually no resources, Frollo set out to completely restructure and revitalize it, to create the first large "modern" intelligence unit. Supreme Commander Relm Hesek saw fit to honor Frollo with a Presidential Commendation in Year 3 for those efforts.

Second tenure in CRI

Although quite successful, a change of pace was needed and Frollo retired as Director in the same year. Returning to the background of CRI operations, he served CRI Directors Lazarus Metzen and Nim Orlan in various divisions, while still keeping an advisory position in RA High Command. Specialising in subterfuge and intelligence gathering, Frollo trained most of the intelligence personnel for many years in CRI Academy. Also part of his duties were dealing with sudden emergencies. After rescuing four captured Alliance cadets from execution, Frollo was awarded the Distinguished Service Medallion and the Camaraderie Medallion.

The second time of Frollo becoming Director of CRI in Year 5 was a far better planned and executed change. Also his brother Vikernes became a CRI officer, joining Frollo in intelligence. With a stable and very capable officer corps, combined with proven methods, Frollo was able to further modernize intelligence techniques by introducing more advanced databases. Also several software tools were written for systemscan analysis. At the same time, efforts were made to gather a core of civilian factions into the Alliance and Frollo was able to successfully negotiate with old acquaintance Sterik Hasger and his compatriot Catrianna Eisel for the nationalisation of Corellian Transport Services. This also allowed Frollo to design and create of Transport Command, a division of the Interior, tasked with hauling goods and personnel.

The short-lived RA Transport Command

In the second year of his second directorship, Frollo also became the first Governor of the Republica system, it being the capital of the Rebel Alliance. Enjoying greatly the mathematical and esthetical challenges of world building, it also prompted the idea of a separate command tasked with all construction and production within the RA. A part of Interior Command, Engineering Command was created and set up by Frollo, after convincing High Command of the merits of the proposition. In turn, he was tasked with figuring out the very first production round of the Alliance.

As Chief Engineer, Frollo oversaw the first two production rounds, but his position was not accepted by all of the nationalised factions, whom until that time had been able to operate with less coordination. Losing interest in the intelligence business, but even more in the politics of High Command, Frollo stepped back after years of service and once again let his good friend and colleague Nim Orlan take over the reigns of CRI, this time leaving CRI permanently.

Frollo was rewarded with the Supreme Commander Citation by Supreme Commander Phymp Mindano for his CRI and Engineering efforts, but regardless he also resigned as Chief Engineer at the end of Year 7. Soon afterwards, Transport Command and Engineering Command were dissolved. Not all efforts were in vain though, as they soon re-materialised after the forming of the New Republic early Year 8, under the flags of the new ministries of Natural Resources, Civil Engineering and Trade & Industry, using the same doctrines Frollo developed.

The Military years

Having quit both his civilian jobs, Frollo decided to join the military. Being fascinated by Mon Calamarian technology and capital ship tactics, he joined the Navy as a lieutenant and was assigned to the fleet of Legacy Battle Group. After the merger and forming of the New Republic, Frollo is promoted and also given the position Adjutant to CMO Thies Windu to help out with military operations.

After various promotions he is assigned as Fleet CO of Legacy BG in Year 9. Unfortunately, only days after, faction leadership collapsed due to the IRV/Adam A. Flynn crisis and all NR communications were cut off. Frollo was able to partially restore old Rebel Alliance communication frequencies, through which orders could be relayed and evacuations coordinated, while NR leadership struggled for control. After order was restored, Frollo was commended and awarded the Group Commander's Citation by CMO Dan Russ for coordinating the rescue of stranded citizens by personally boarding captured ships. However, lives were lost regardless, among which his old friend Nim Orlan. The shuffling of ranks resulted in Frollo's immediate assignment as the commanding officer of the entire Battle Group.

Having free reign of the BG with its excellent officers and high morale, Frollo redoubled efforts to modernise and equip the unit up to the highest technical standard, by replacing old ships with new ones and refining the tactics with them. Meanwhile, military operations to capture or defend planets also increased and the citations associated with them are still worn with pride and good memories.

On the bridge of his flagship, the Resolute

At the end of Year 9, Frollo was able to institute the technical and tactical upgrades of capital ships NR wide, as he was appointed High Admiral of Navy Command. Unfortunately, he was not able to retain his leadership of Legacy BG, but regardless was able to be present at various military operations in the field. Occasionally, even older skills from CRI days could be called upon, as imperial Moff Mitth`oro`nuruodo of Oversector Kuat found out as he was effortlessly ambushed and captured by Frollo during one of the planetary invasion missions.

While his naval duties certainly kept him busy, Frollo continued for years with his governorship of Republica, also modernising it with help of the nationalised factions and at the same time making sure its defensive and productive capabilities were maximized and ready for future endeavours. Eventually, as his activity began to drop, Frollo decided to step down as governor in Year 12, with Jake Azzameen competently taking over. Chief of State Taka Aioko honored Frollo with the Outstanding Excellence Award for his work in the Republica system.

Being part of the Advisory Council had the drawbacks having to deal with political strife on all levels of government. Known for his no-nonsense and anti-bureaucratic views, Frollo certainly did not endear everyone. Frequent were his clashes with the Senate and elected superiors. Growing increasingly tired of the political arena, together with his retirement as governor he also stepped down as High Admiral, leaving active naval duty as Vice Admiral in Year 12.

Back to Civilian duties

In Year 13, in the second term of Chief of State Taka Aioko, a small leadership crisis in the Ministry of Civil Engineering lead him to ask Frollo to return and step up as Minister of Civil Engineering. With some reluctantly but out of respect, Frollo agrees to join the AC once again. However, as minister he was able to utilize his favorite skills of city design and management. While overhauling the governor administration of the NR itself, he also took on the governorship of the Republica system, once again. Recruiting more skilled governors was not easy however and so Frollo's recruited new enthusiastic planetary builders all year round, training them on the spot. Priorities were the security and economical positions of every NR planet, an almost overwhelming task. After a year and a half, Frollo felt the need to take a leave of absence. After months of reclusion, his continued lack of energy despite his enthusiasm, made him draw the conclusion to retire completely from all NR positions, which he did at the end of Year 14.

In Year 17, Minister Taka Aikoko once again requested Frollo to return, this time to step up as CEO of Republic Medical. Frollo was again reluctant, but as a personal favor to former CEO Jahu Skyla, he promised to stay on only for 6 months. Starting with a full overhaul of all communication systems, rosters and procedures, he was quick to identify highly competent leadership material in Huw Roon and Gile Landala, slating them as his replacement after his tenure. Frollo was rewarded the Executive's Citation for his work by Chief of State Orion Chran. Unfortunately, right at the end of the promised 6 months, Frollo was suspended as CEO and trialed for retrieving New Republic technology from the open market. After paying the 33 million fine, Frollo remained in Republic Medical, returning to his retirement, waiting for the next potential job offer.

Jahu and Frollo's wedding announcement

Personal life

In Year 6, Frollo married to Acria Xinge. Less than half a year later, their daughter Syeirna was born, in the city of Sede Bianca on planet Republica VIII (formely known as Circaligee). As a small infant, Syeirna was primarily brought up (together with two older children from a previous marriage) by Acria, with Frollo often being away on the intelligence missions. However, the marriage faced severe difficulties and could not be sustained. Acria filed for divorce in the middle of Year 7. Syeirna was soon sent back to Frollo, resulting in a distinctive gap in her social family-life experiences. However, since then endeavoured to provide her with the best care and education within his possibilities and limited experiences as a single parent.

After many years of working in close proximity of each other on both the civilian and military sides of the Rebel Alliance and New Republic, resulting in a close friendship and mutual respect, Frollo courted and married Jahu Skyla in late Year 9. The wedding ceremony was held privately with very little public acknowledgement and was attended by only a small circle of friends. Unfortunately, Jahu Skyla would often disappear for long stretches of time, leaving Frollo to wonder when she would return, and in later years, if she would return at all.

Career History

Current Positions - New Republic

  • None

Former Positions - New Republic

  • CEO Republic Medical (Y17, D76 - Y18, D331
  • Minister of Civil Engineering (Y13, D101 - Y14, D305)
  • High Admiral Navy Command (Y9, D308 - Y12, D90)
  • CO Navy Command (Y9, D308 - Y12, D90)
  • Rear Admiral Navy Command (Y9, D227 - Y9, D308)
  • BG CO Legacy BG (Y9, D42 - Y9, D160)
  • Commodore Navy Command (Y9, D42 - Y9, D227)
  • Fleet CO Legacy BG (Y9, D39 - Y9, D308)
  • Captain Navy Command (Y9, D7 - Y9, D42)
  • (Acting) BG XO Legacy BG (Y9, D3 - Y9 , D42)
  • Fleet XO Legacy BG (Y8, D267 - Y9, D39)
  • Adjutant to the CMO (Y8, D124)
  • Commander Navy Command (Y8, D124 - Y9, D7)
  • Governor of Republica (Y6, D208 - Y7, D309)
(Y10, D112 - Y12, 90)
(Y13, D142 - Y14, D305)

Former Positions - Rebel Alliance

  • Lieutenant, Navy Command (Y7 , D349 - Y8, D124)
  • Chief Engineer, Engineering Command (Y6, D318 - Y7, D309)
  • Governor of Republica (Y6, D208 - Y12, D90)
  • (Acting) Deputy Supreme Commander (Y6, D123 - Y6, D270)
  • Director CRI (Y5, D190 - Y7, D273)
  • Deputy Director CRI (Y4, D64 - Y5, D190)
  • Advisor to High Command (Y3, D318 - Y4, D141)
(Y4, D142 - Y5, D190)
  • Division Head CRI (Y3, D228 - Y4, D64)
  • Advisor to CRI (Y3, D224 - Y3, D228)
  • Director CRI (Y2, D134 - Y3, Days 153)
  • Assistant Director CRI (Y2, D134 - Y2, D257)

Former Positions - Jedi Praxium

  • Head of Security & Intelligence (Y1, D154 - Y2, D134)

Citations and Awards

  • Chief of State Medal (previously Presidential Commendation) (Y3, D146)
  • Meritorious Service Medal (previously Distinguished Service Medallion) (Y5, D191)
  • Mantooine Medallion (previously Camaraderie Medallion) (Y5, D191)
  • Chief of State Medal (previously Supreme Commander Citation) (Y7, D278)
  • Group Commander's Citation (Y9, D42)
  • Outstanding Excellence Award (Y12, D110)
  • Executive's Citation (Y18, D200)

Frollo's NR Signature