Fures Nocti

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Fures Nocti
Biographical Information
Race Sakiyan
Homeworld Sakiya
Clan Clan Fures
Father Fures Sicarius (Deceased)
Marital Status Single
Siblings Fures Caligo (Brother)

Fures Ancora (Sister - Presumed Dead)

Born Year -12 Day 244
Languages Sakiyan
Galactic Basic
Quote "Survival demands efficiency."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98 meters
Coloring Charcoal
Eye Color Red/Orange
Political Information
Affiliation Clan Fures
House Kaine
Prior Affiliation Black Sun
Gesenix Mining
Corporate Sector Authority
"For a brief moment the night holds its breath... and then the impact from the darkness. The shadow approaches to claim its trophy as life slips away."

Fures Nocti (born Year -12 Day 244) is a male Sakiyan, Patriarch of Clan Fures, and currently serving the Family of Black Sun. Slow to show emotions deemed common among the lesser galactic humanoid races, even amongst those regarded as friends, Nocti brings his "no-nonsense" outlook on life to his post. To the best of his knowledge, he is the last of his Clan, and therefore will often accept being called Fures despite his given name being Nocti. His closest friends, however few they are, refer to him simply as Noc.


Fures Nocti was brought up on the planet Sakiya by his father, Fures Sicarius, Patriarch of Clan Fures along with his older siblings, Opaco and Ancora. His youth was reasonably unremarkable as Sakiyans are concerned, comprised of intense combat and survival training that most sentient species only experienced in advanced military branches. Every day was a lesson in perfection - in the preparation; in the execution. To make a mistake would bring swift and harsh punishment, while perfection was rewarded simply with the absence of punishment.

Around the age of 14, Noc's adolesence took an abrupt turn for the worst. Great shame was brought on their Clan after his father committed an exceptionally dishonourable act; he had murdered an unarmed woman heavy with child. It was deemed an accident by the elders of the community, but as perfection is the standard among Sakiyans, the fact that it was accidental was irrelevant. The resulting stain on the Fures Yithræl was so great that members of the clan became targets. Hunting them down would bring the person great Monthræl and by default, also increase their Yithræl within the community. With not enough time to collectively remove the shame on the Clan, they were hunted to the point of extinction. Nocti himself had been spared, for the time being, as he had not yet reached the age of 16, when he would be considered an adult. Nocti spent the next few months living alone, shunned by the Sakiyan community, surviving as his father had taught him and doing his best to fade from memory.

As fate would have it, a particularly well informed Hutt had heard of his plight and reached out to him. The Hutt, hoping to capitalize on Noc's superior abilities as a Sakiyan, offered him protection and a way off the planet until he reached the age of adulthood. In exchange, he was required to give 10 years of service to the Hutt once he reached the age of 16. Noc didn't need to think about it. It was a case of accept the offer or be hunted down when he reached adulthood; an easy choice when everything he had been taught since birth was for one purpose - survive.


As was agreed, at the age of 16 Noc went entered into a life of servitude for the Hutt crimelord, where the Hutt took full advantage of the young hunter's natural Sakiyan combat prowess. He utilised the training provided by Noc's father and sent him on assassination missions. Noc was honour bound to follow all commands given by the Hutt, and so he completed every assignment without question. Thankfully he was a natural, born for this type of work, and enjoyed putting his skills to the test. He always planned ahead and used his cunning to decide the best time to strike. His patience was and still is a virtue amongst many, keeping him from making mistakes by becoming bored or overly agitated waiting for the right moment to take his prey.

Nocti's missions meant he had to venture into very dangerous territory more often than not without back-up. Even the Hutt did not know if the missions were successful until his return. He gave full accounts of what he had endured often leaving the Hutt at a loss for words, having never anticipated the extremes to which Noc would go in order to complete his assignments. Noc was highly efficient and calculated with a no nonsense attitude when it came to killing. The higher the risk involved the greater the honour. However, Noc was careful to never reveal every tactic he used, always cautious in his mind that this could give others ideas on ways to assassinate him if the occasion ever arose. At present, his victims during his time of servitude remain classified between him and the crimelord. His ultimate goal was to gain enough honour to wash away the stain that had been brought upon his clan all those years before. His work for the Hutt crimelord was merely the beginning. In time he would gain wealth and renown, always with the goal to see Clan Fures regarded, once again, at the forefront of Sakiyan society.

Moving On

After his 10 years were complete, Noc made the decision to seek out some of the people he had encountered while venturing offworld in service of his hutt overlord. One of these people was a friend made during a mission in the Corporate Sector by the name of Gilbert Reed. After discussions, Gilbert offered Nocti a position in his organization. He worked hard, continuously proving himself, and over time he rose through the ranks, evidencing his worth with an assortment of weapons and military tactics and became Executive Commander of the Espos, Corporate Sector Authority's ruthless security force. The trust in his commitment and abilities was acknowledged and at times he filled the role of second in command. Although Noc no longer retains his position within Corporate Sector Authority, he remains on good terms with its leadership, and his long time friend, Gilbert Reed.

The Family

After a peaceful departure from his long time position within Corporate Sector Authority, Nocti spent a few weeks collecting some of his scattered assets while reaching out to some of his more lengthy contacts about his current employment situation. On more than one occasion some of his acquaintances over the years, namely Kira Morbus and Evelyn Reighner, had more than hinted about the possibility of joining Black Sun. As he was no longer tied to any other organization, he gave the offer some serious consideration.

On Day 093 of Year 16, Noc was officially accepted into the Black Sun Collective. Once again he would find himself working through the ranks, currently serving as a Junior Operator within Gesenix Mining. Although not a truly challenging test of his skill set, Noc completes his work efficiently and in a timely manner in order to prove his worth with the dual purpose of one day being accepted into the Blades, and more importantly, The Family.


Noc's ATR-6 "Infinita Venari"
Noc's Modified Nightstinger

Year 16 D 248 - Promoted to E-3 > Senior Broker and transferred from Gesenix Mining to Black Sun proper.

Year 16 D 260 - Resigned position within the Collective.

Year 17 D 215 - Returned to Black Sun - Initial Rank E-2 Blade