G`lek Kalthess

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G`lek Kalthess
G`lek Avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Selkath
Homeworld Manaan
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -10, Day 264
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 Meters
Coloring Dark Blue/Purple
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Aurodium Legion
Rank Legionnaire [E-1]
Positions Member

G`lek Kalthess is a twenty-one year old male Selkath. Born on Manaan in Year -10, he is best known for his unusual first name, which has had a significant impact on his life to date. Currently, G`lek is a member of Aurodium Legion.


Pre-Education Years

Born on Day 264, Year -10, G`lek was marked from birth as different from other Selkath by his name. The short, harsh name was different from the usual Selkath names, which typically exhibit more flow and less harsh syllables.

In terms of family, G`lek was born to a middle-class family, average in almost every way. The family did their best to provide for their first child, including sheltering him from society in general. As a result, when G`lek entered the education system, he lacked the necessary social and coping skills.

Early Education

With his unique and uncommon name, G`lek was often the target of rude jokes and pranks, as well as the general ire of other children. To have the young Selkath come home early in tears was not uncommon. It was these early years of education that began to shape G`lek's outlook on life.

The constant abuse from other children formed in G`lek the opinion that the universe was a cruel and unforgiving place that would make every attempt to crush the weak and let only the strong survive. It was this mindset that led to G`lek's first disciplinary action in his final year of Early Education.

The victim was a young male who had, for several weeks, been making subtle jabs at G`lek. Things came to a boiling point when the male pushed G`lek out of his place in the lunch line. G`lek's immediate reaction was not visible, so the male pushed him again, hard enough to knock him to the ground. The reaction to this aggression was violent.

G`lek spent the rest of his final year in detention, the male he attacked having required minor facial reconstruction. The jokes and pranks stopped.

Middle Education

Carrying with him his reputation from his Early Education, G`lek received very little abuse from other students during these years. Those who did abuse him were dealt with outside of the school, G`lek having learned his lesson from his final year of Early Education.

During these years, G`lek continued to grow into his "show no weakness" mindset, with countless hours spent training physically and mentally. Outside of school, G`lek practiced several forms of martial arts and took up hobbies in art and programming.

Late Education

It was during these final years, in which G`lek was considered of-age, that he self-trained in weapons, both standard and heavy, as well as in starship piloting, focusing more on fighters and freighters then on capital ships. It was also during these years that G`lek began to show some aptitude for scientific research and mechanical skills.

At the end of his education, G`lek's parents publicly announced their disownment of their only child, stating that his actions had given them a bad reputation. All records linking G`lek to his birth parents were destroyed, and the Selkath was cast out of his home. Forced to carve a living for himself in whatever way possible, G`lek turned to shady activities to fund his life while he looked for more legal means of acquiring income. He planet hopped for a few years as a merc before being contacted by Rawth Shacklefist and formally invited into Aurodium Legion.


The two most notable events for the now mature Selkath were:

  1. Joining Aurodium Legion and
  2. The mugging during which he received the scar which runs above his left eye, from between his mouth and eyes, to the top of his head.

G`lek joined the Aurodium after being contacted by Rawth Shacklefist. The group seemed like the kind that would understand his mindset, and G`lek applied on the spot.

The scar is the remains of a vibro-blade wound received during a mugging. After failing to "co-operate," G`lek successfully fought off the muggers, but not before being wounded.

Relations with the Law

G`lek, while never charged for any crimes, has none the less been implicated in several crimes of varying scale.

The Comm Crash

In Year 10, one of Manaan's major cities suffered a major communication system breakdown. During the confusion, several banks came under cyber attack and at least one failed to fend the attack off, resulting in the loss of several thousand credits. Due to the state of the communication system, the attacker was never identified, but authorities questioned G`lek, who had been in the city and had previously been caught probing the bank's electronic security systems.

The comm crash was a result of malicious code injected into one of the city's backbone servers. It rapidly spread to other backbone servers, before being triggered by a remote single and scrambling the system. Analysis of the code revealed it was designed to scramble all comm lines except the one used to attack the banks, and had injected itself into the infected servers' hardware, making it difficult to detect.

No definitive evidence could be brought forth implicating G`lek, and he was released. He promptly left the city and purchased transport off-world, despite having just been disowned and lacking any money.

Mercenary Work

G`lek's weapons skills earned him easy employ as a gun-for-hire. Operating on the edge of the law, G`lek was often implicated but never convicted. He used his employment to planet hop, bartering his services in exchange for food and transport. He landed on the list of people for the authorities to watch on several planets before being contacted to join the Aurodium Legion.

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