Ga-Tuk Karth

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Ga-Tuk Karth
Biographical Information
Race Kaleesh
Homeworld Kalee
Mother Kree Karth (Deceased)
Father Gar-Keltzin Karth (Deceased)
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Gar-Skald Karth
Born Year -7 Day 144
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Coloring Gray
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation CLASSIFIED
Prior Affiliation CLASSIFIED

"He's a ruthless Kaleesh warrior that fights with brutal and horrific guerrilla tactics"

"He's keeps his tribe in his thoughts and he follows all of their ways"

Ga-Tuk Karth is a fearsome Kaleesh warrior from the planet Kalee.

Early Years

Ga-Tuk was born on the planet Kalee on Year -7, day 144. The child of Gar-Keltzin, a Kaleesh chieftan and the leader of tribe Karth, and Kree Karth, the Kaleesh boy was emerged in his people's warrior culture from an extremely early age. Being the son of a chieftain, albeit second, gave Tuk several advantages over the other tribesmen, as he had access to superior equipment and the rich experience of his father while training. His talent for hunting was obvious, and even at a young age he displayed skills that matched those of some more veteran hunters of his tribe.

In addition to his ruthlessness and the many creative traps he developed when hunting his pray, this Kaleesh hunter was known to always pay homage to his ancestors before a kill, making him a respect as well as feared member of clan Karth while earning his father's trust.

The Exiled Karth

Around his twelfth year, however, Ga-Tuk began getting more and more aggressive, eventually starting fights with his own tribesmen and going as far as killing few of them. He crossed the line when one day, during a sparring match, he tore his opponent apart using nothing but his bare hands. Due to the crimes he had commited towards his tribe, and his utterly savage nature, the chieftain was given no other choice but to exile his own son.

After being exiled from his home, the young Kaleesh spent most of his time hunting in the hostile, poor on resources landscape of Kalee. Finding pray, while staying under the radar of other tribes' hunting groups, was no easy task even for this experienced hunter and the lack of regular sustenance weakened his body. One day, almost at he verge of collapsing, Tuk came across a group from the Zaramo tribe of Kaleesh, who invited him to join them as one of their own - an offer the exiled, hungry warrior gladly accepted. In his time with the Zaramo he learned that there are other, albeit less honorable, ways of surviving on their harsh homeworld - raiding and pillaging other tribes. He was also delightfully surprised to discover that in his new home slaying a tribesman was allowed, and further gave in to his savage nature, resulting in the deaths of several tribesmen.

Some years later Ga-Tuk had turned into a brutal and merciless Kaleesh warrior, fully embracing his new tribe's way of life. He raided and pillaged many enemy tribes, playing a key role in the annihilation of some of them. This, although profitable, was not the Kaleesh way, for it did not bring honor, and caused many of the other tribes, including the Karth, to look down on Ga-Tuk and the Zaramo. He had even lost the respect of his own father.

Eventually rumors reached him that his father's tribe was waging war with an army of Jedi and was on the brink of extinction. After unsuccessful attempt to leave the Zaramo tribe, who would not let him leave them alive, he was forced to slaughter several of their key members, thus crippling the tribe for a long time to come. Due to the delay of having to deal with the Zaramo, however, he arrived at his home village too late, only to find it burning and most of the tribe dead. His own father, who had survived the initial attack, was slowly dying due to his wounds. He spent the several few days with him, while in the meantime calling the best healers the neighboring tribes had to offer. Alas, even their efforts were in vain, and the chieftain died soon after. Before he passed away, however, he told his son that the tribe yet stood a chance if Tuk were to find his brother - Gar-Skald Karth. Ga-Tuk gave his father a proper burial, so that he may ascend and become a God, before leaving the village for good.

The Kaleesh then traveled to the nearest city with a starport, and, after killing its owner, stole a ship and got off-planet.

The Search and Afterwards

Ga-Tuk had to travel for several years, and more than a dozen planets, before he found his elder brother. When the two finally met it was on the planet Mandalore, where Tuk had learned his brother was currently working. The elder Karth was shocked to hear of his father's demise, having believed him to be invincible, but believed the story nontheless. There are no records about what transpired in the short time the two brothers worked together, but it is known that they eventually parted ways. The brothers still kept contact, however, honoring the tribal and family bond they share.

Ga-Tuk decided to travel across the stars and, as member of numerous pirate organisations, pillage planet after planet as once taught by the Zaramo. By doing so he not only succeeded in amassing enormous riches, but also became one of the most famous Kaleesh operating outside of their homeworld. Nowadays, he uses his piles of credits to hire mercenaries, buy ships and acquire armaments to use in his future fights. As time went on he quit the pirate organisations, and started to change his ways. He knew his tribe was frowning upon him. So he started to embrace his Kaleesh ways once again and swore by his tribes tongue to become the best Kaleesh warrior he could be. To this day he is still hunting and taking down anyone that challenges him.