Gabriel Kaine

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Gabriel Kaine
Biographical Information
Race Human (Hapan), infected
Homeworld Koros Minor
Mother Erzabeth Kaine
Father Asenour Kaine
Spouse Paige Wellington
Siblings Reina Kaine, sister
Saige Kippenbrock, sister
Crueya Vandron, brother-in-law
Children Natasha Kaine
Born Year -32 Day 186 (age 47)
Died Year 18
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.91 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Holowan / House Kaine
Positions Lord Protector of Holowan
Governor of Colavas System
Patriarch, House Kaine
Prior Affiliation Cloud City
Church of Reansucru
Damorian Manufacturing Corporation
Galactic Empire

A deeply devoted man to his Faith and Family, Gabriel Kaine, was born on Year -32 Day 186 to the successful entrepreneur Asenour Kaine and his wife Erzabeth on the planet of Coruscant. Today, he is the current Lord Protector of Holowan, Governor of the Colavas System, and Patriarch of the Kaine Family. Though born as a set of triplets, Gabriel and his sister Reina grew up without any knowledge of their other sister, Saige, due to the tragic circumstances of her birth. Gabriel's childhood left little to be wanted as he was showered with the best education and lifestyle his family could provide. When he came of age, and much to the disapproval of his father, Gabriel followed in his uncle’s footsteps enrolling in the service to the Emperor in his Imperial Navy. After a long and successful career, Gabriel retired from all Imperial services to pursue his faith which would lead him to his current position at the side of his brother-in-law, Crueya Vandron, in Holowan in its stance against the Galactic Empire.



A young Gabriel & Reina Kaine at their Coruscant home.
Gabriel and his sister, Reina, born on Coruscant grew up with their father Asenour Kaine, a business mogul. Their father, would often share stories with his children of their mother, who tragically died just after child birth, but he never revealed that what caused her death was the birth of a third child. This mystery sister was known to them as Saige Kippenbrock, believed to be their first cousin on their mother’s side. The truth was never revealed until much later in life that because of the death of his beloved Erzabeth, Asenour hated and resented the young Saige and originally wanted her orphaned. Asenour's older brother, Herbert, forbid the action and approached the Kippenbrocks to raise the young Saige as their own.

Aside the ignorance of their mother’s death and subsequent unknown sister, both Kaine children enjoyed a happy and wonderful childhood. They enjoyed many vacations, educational opportunities, private tudors, and the posh lifestyle of growing up in a rich Imperial family. It was always the hope of Asenour that his son would follow in his footsteps, so he always tried to push Gabriel to areas of focus that revolved around business ventures. Unfortunately for his father, Gabriel was more like his uncle in that he found a fascination in the Imperial Military.

Galactic Empire

Lieutenant jg Gabriel Kaine.
Gabriel expressed his intent to enlist in the Imperial Academy. Initially forbidding it, Asenour allowed his enlistment with one minor stipulation: Gabriel had to finish his private schooling and would be allowed to enlist at the age of nineteen. Just missing the required score to be enrolled in the prestigious Imperial Naval Academy, he was however, accepted and able to thrive in the Coruscant Sector Naval Academy. Intrigued in astrogation, he earned top merits in the field and would lead to his enrollment in the Imperial Exploration Corps as an Ensign after his graduation. Exploring unknown regions, Gabriel worked his way up to Lieutenant Commander and led a sizable group of ships and pilots operating just outside the Deep Core Security Zone.

In late Year 10, summoned to the Naval Head Quarters, Gabriel was to give an update to the fleets of the Deep Core, on the western exploration front, to which Vice Admiral Axe Vulcan was in attendance. After a series of meetings and panels, the Admiral promoted Gabriel to the rank of Commander and reassigned him to his personal administration staff on Y10 D281. In his new advisory role, Gabriel was charged with investigating matters that warranted the Naval Command's attention without direct intercession of the Vice Admiral. His stay in this role was extremely short lived. He would quickly be reassigned as a Fleet Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy's Third Fleet nine days later on Y10 D290 and stay in this role for the rest of his naval career. He would retire from all military services on Y12 D074 as a Commodore and Fleet Commanding Officer of the Second Imperial Fleet. His departing gift from the then Naval Commanding Officer Admiral Senki Blackrain was the Navy's Medal of Loyalty, an award still treasured to him to this day.

Church of Reansucru

Church Seal, Year 14
After the death of his cousin, Lilith Kaine, on Year 11 Day 155, a series of events would transpire which ultimately led to a formalization of his shared faith in the Force. Along with his childhood friend, Sami Freemason, Gabriel and his sister, Reina, would put much of their family wealth into the new Church of Reansucru. With Gabriel still in active duty, Reina was chosen to lead the Church as the first Vicar of the Church with Sami serving as the High Priestess. With his Imperial connections, Gabriel was able to use his influence to secure some of the Church’s first sites for construction and development with the Moff of Kuat, Adar Machkhit. When he retired from Imperial Service on Year 12 Day 143, Gabriel would become the Church’s second Vicar. He would stay head of the Church, seeing growth in both influence and notoriety.

In the early part of Year 13, the Church had grown beyond the financial means to conduct business, and facing a dire fiscal situation, the leadership of the Church convened to discuss alternative funding mechanisms. Up to this point, the Church capitalized on Gabriel’s network of Imperial contacts, namely those within the Imperial Ministry of Industry including Minister Eric Zahm, Director of Production Polarisruner, and Director of Research and Development Crueya Vandron. Eventually it would be agreed upon that the Church would wholly fund a new company, a shipwright named Damorian Manufacturing Corporation (DMC). Rather than keep both the Church and DMC running as separate entities, Gabriel decided that the Church would close as a legal entity, effectively taking it off the galactic scene until such a date that it could stand on its own once again.

The Church would reestablish itself in Year 14, rising again to prominence in the Colavas System within the Halla Sector. Restructured and standing on stronger financial feet, Gabriel would lead his Church on the colonization of the Gas Giant Colavas Minor with the combined backing of both the Vandron and Kaine Houses. This partnership would prove most efficient and beneficial and as a result of many meetings and summits between the Church and Holowan; resulting in the assimilation of the Gabriel's Church with a newly unified Holowan.


Crueya Vandron & Gabriel Kaine At Announcement of HRE
Holowan Factions
Towards the beginning of Year 15, Gabriel and Crueya began a series of summits that would lead to the combining of Holowan Mechanicals and the Church of Reansucru in bonds that would permanently cement the two. On the 53rd day, it was official Gabriel and his Church, all their people, and all their territory would be completely assimilated into a new Holowan. Now more than just a droid manufacture, Holowan structured itself to rule its planets, systems, and people in the form of an absolute monarchy. Between the two, Crueya and Gabriel, it was decided that Crueya would serve as the government's Lord Regent, with Gabriel serving as his Lord Protector. The two Lords of Holowan quickly elevated Bassius Kane, the proven and loyal leader of Holowan's Security Forces, to the rank of Lord Marshall. Between the three lords, each would be given dominion over a system; Crueya would maintain Holowan's capital in Ardroxia, Gabriel would see to the protection of the Church's former system of Colavas, and Bassius would be given charge of the system of Cejansij.

Immediately Holowan began to grow. Its population began to boom, borders began to tighten, and local economies began to thrive. This need to better regulate the government and its resources grew exponentially, and would require the oversight of an overarching division of the Holowan Government. Gabriel would see to the creation and development of Holowan Resources and Engineering. HRE, as it would be commonly referred to, began to regulate the allotment and uses of the natural resources of all of Holowan's planets and system and as a result, Holowan would see heightened production and develop in every facet.

Before the end of Year 15, Holowan Resources & Engineering had grown and become a staple in the Holowan infrastructure and would see the addition of one of the best Natural Resource & Prospection Specialist in the known galaxy, Ben Tzadikim. Both Gabriel and Crueya had worked extensively with this seasoned expert during their service in the Galactic Empire's nationalized company, Cloud City, which was later rebranded Imperial Mining Corporation. Desiring to leave the Empire, Ben was given a place within Holowan and began work immediately applying his craft to all of Holowan's dominion. As if by fate, the rights to the name Cloud City would become available, and with a decree from the leadership of Holowan, HRE was renamed and branded as Cloud City. Cloud City still remains an integral part of Holowan and along with Ben Tzadikim at the helm, Gabriel was able to move on to other avenues in Holowan's expanding family of corporations.

After the failure of Operation Heartbreak, Bassius Kane, suffering from on going injuries, decided to retire from all Holowan services. Doing so placed his newly created corporation, Galactic Solutions Industries, under the umbrella of the Holowan Ministry of Industry. Seeing the potential that the Sovereignty could benefit from, it was decided that the corporation would be renamed to Holowan Laboratories and its integration into the everyday thread of Holowan would be spearheaded by Gabriel. Immediately, with his team of dedicated ministers and managers, Holowan Laboratories began producing innumerable equipment, vehicles, freighters, and warships for the Holowan Sovereignty and its citizens.

Personal Information


Kaine Family as of Year 16
Known Living Family Members:

Wife: Paige Wellington-Kaine

Daughter: Natasha Kaine

Sister: Reina Kaine

Brother-in-Law: Crueya Vandron

Cousin: Kyran Caelius

Cousin: Kristijan Caelius

Cousin: Sebastien Kaine

Heartbreak & Metamorphosis

Gabriel visits Vorsia Companion seeking answers
In the beginning of Year 14, official Kaine family agents began receiving reports of a young Hapan female that bore striking uncanny resemblance to his late cousin, Lilith Kaine. Considering that he had laid Lilith's body to rest along his uncle who raised her, Herbert Kaine, Gabriel was deeply troubled by such accusations. He had struggled deeply with his self-imposed failure to secure her release before the execution and so dismissed all rumors. It wasn't until Sami Freemason insisted that he look into the matter himself, after her own subsequent investigation into the claims. There were too many similarities between this young Hapan female that bore not only the same physical appearances, but almost identical social and psychological profiles. The name of this young woman was Lilith Delcroix.

Traveling to the Neshig Sector, Gabriel visited the home moon of Lilith on Vorsia Companion in Year 14. Landing he found that meeting with Lilith was more challenging than he had expected. Lilith was the moon's Sovereign Countess, the monarch of the moon but undeterred, Gabriel was able to meet with the young Hapan in her capital of Bloodthrone. When allowed an audience with Lilith, Gabriel was utterly taken back upon his initial sight of her. The similarities between Lilith Delcroix and Lilith Kaine were uncanny, but as the meeting came to a conclusion so did the hope that Gabriel's cousin was alive and well. Lilith Kaine was still dead, and Gabriel left the beautiful moon heartbroken carrying with him more than the loss of hope and his previous failures.

Shortly after arriving back to his planet of Danuta, Gabriel took ill with symptoms like muscle aches, unknown and measurable vital and biological signs, and a loss of appetite uncommon for known medical conditions. His best medical teams were at a loss until a young human doctor assigned to the alien refugee camps on Colavas Minor heard of the illness. Danutian doctors were the best at medically treating humans, but this illness was the dreaded alien Metamorphosis Plague, often referred to as the Derra Virus, and as such his medical staff had little experience or knowledge of treatment. Once the virus was confirmed as the Diathim strain, it was quickly halted, but enough changes had happen that he was no longer Human, though not entirely Diathim either. Upon closer investigation it was discovered that Lilith Delcroix was one of the first in the known galaxy to suffer the Diathim Strain of the Metamorphosis Plague. Gabriel had contracted the virus during his visit to Vorsia Companion and upon his return home.

This metamorphic change had many ramifications for Gabriel. The Kaine Family had always held to the beliefs of the Human High Culture from its time in the Galactic Empire's society. Though, Gabriel and the other living members of the Kaine family did not hold these views to the extreme as did many members of his family, it would come to change his outlook towards aliens and his place in the society and mindset that he subscribed to and promoted.


Asenour Kaine to a young Gabriel.
Composed of a solid appearance, Gabriel does not tower as a muscular giant. Standing approximately 6’3”, his 200 lbs. stature portrays a body that has been hardened but not chiseled by his 20 years in the service of the Imperial Navy. His hair is often kept short out of habit; however, he never was fond of the natural curls that would sprout once his hair would reach a certain length. His square facial features housed a pair of light green eyes and sported a scruffy appearance from time to time, though it was not uncommon for him to appear clean-shaven. Born into wealth and built in Imperial service, his fashion also is a byproduct of his life choices. Though he no longer wears a uniform, he does make a point to be well dressed, but not overdressed. Generally he is very laid back and patient, but there is a passionate rage within when it comes to matters of his family and his honor.

Despite his comfortable nature around people, Gabriel greatly looks forward to his solitude, however keeping a perfect balance can be difficult. Spending a good portion of his life in space, Gabriel’s wanderlust is all but over. Since the acquisition of his new home in the Halla Sector, he looks forward to time building up a new home, a place for his family to make their stand.