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General Information
Status Active, Previously Dissolved
Leader Eso Kyouto
2IC Chazra Chak`na
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 46
Dissolved Year 14 Day 102
Political Information
Industry Mercenary
Holosite [1]

Judge, jury, and executioner.

As the War known as the Galactic Conflict entered Year 15 the strain on resources of all sides had taken its toll on the beleaguered citizens of the Galaxy. The need for reinforcements meant distant trade routes and backwater enclaves often found themselves without Security Forces overnight. Many local Law Enforcement Agencies soon found themselves outnumbered and out gunned by criminal gangs or neighboring Warlords.

A dark age had begun in the Galaxy. From this darkness emerged the Judges.

GalSec is a corporate security company that specializes in creating order in regions that have fallen into anarchy. GalSec endeavors to enforce its client's Judicial Charters in a timely and professional manner. If you are a Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Conglomerate, Venture Capitalist, or Investment Group and your profits margins are in danger due to crime or choas hire GalSec to manage your risk and protect your assets.

GalSec does not do morality, we do business with integrity. A Judicial Charter is a simple contract between GalSec and its Client to perform the services granted to it as a Mercenary Faction. All enquires will be reviewed to ensure the completion of the request has a positive effect on GalSec's profit margin. If GalSec determines your request is not in GalSec's best interest we will politely decline and your request will be kept strictly confidential. Once GalSec accepts a Judicial Charter we will do our utmost to complete the contract. The time to outbid your competitor for our services is before a contract is signed. GalSec will not switch sides during a conflict, bad business, so do not bother us with these inquiries. GalSec is a business and does not take opposition to its contracts personal. Therefore, as long as there is no current operation which would undermine or be a conflict of interest to another Client's mission we welcome enquires from everyone.

Make contract inquires to current Faction Leader.