Galactic Intelligence Agency

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Galactic Intelligence Agency
Galactic Intelligence Agency Logo Year 10.jpg
General Information
Motto "Knowledge Is Power"
Status Defunct (Bankruptcy)
Leader Anak Bratom
2IC Zerk Nor (Security)

Kakra Kacs (Logistics)
Jinn-Tu Ornil (Intel)

Owner Anak Bratom
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 184
Dissolved Year 10 Day 188
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Information provider
Holosite Galactic Intelligence Agency

The Galactic Intelligence Agency (GIA) was a short-lived espionage organization formed in Year 10 by Anak Bratom and Zerk Nor. The organization gained notoriety for bankrupting a mere four days after its foundation.[1] Following its rapid dissolution, the GIA continued to exist as an informal network of thieves.[2] Three of its officers — Anak Bratom, Zerk Nor, and Revan Kanos — were eventually blacklisted as thieves by galactic traders.[3]


Founded on Year 10 Day 184 by Anak Bratom, the Galactic Intelligence Agency was initially financed by its own personnel and by business associates such as Vee Null. On the day of its founding, the nucleus of the future group consisted of Zerk Nor, Revan Kanos, Garik Loren, Anak Bratom, Grace Munna, and Kakra Kacs.[4] Their organization dissolved four days later, on Year 10 Day 188, when Bratom purchased an Action VI Transport from Cesodevo Avina for fifteen million credits. Bratom's purchase plunged his organization's resources below fifty percent of its initial capital which resulted in its bankruptcy.[1]

Anak Bratom

Having failed as a formal espionage apparatus, the Galactic Intelligence Agency floundered on as an informal network of thieves. At this point, many of its personnel were trapped aboard vessels that were no longer owned by the organization. In an attempt to recoup their lost assets, Zerk Nor and his partner Revan Kanos initiated a multitude of rackets with the consent of Anak Bratom. Their scams included:

  • A phony raffle in which Revan picked Zerk as the winner.[5]
  • A variety of false sales via the Centrepoint Station Market.[6]
  • Falsely promising transport to individuals and then reneging.[2]

These hastily-conceived and ill-executed scams were attempts by Zerk Nor, Revan Kanos, and Anak Bratom to refinance and rebuild the GIA. However, due to mistakes on their part, the scams were uncovered and documented.[2] As a result, Anak Bratom, Zerk Nor, and Revan Kanos were blacklisted by Togan Jano from the Centrepoint Station Market.[3]

With its key personnel now blacklisted and the organization itself deemed "the laughing stock of the galaxy,"[1] a GIA spokesperson — Kakra Kacs — publicly claimed their group had been disbanded.[7] Nevertheless, Kakra's claim did not alleviate their troubles. On Year 10 Day 215, Revan Kanos was captured by Rex Kharrus and Helena Gladio.[8] Due to their unsuccessful endeavors, the GIA is widely considered to be one of the most ineffective espionage organizations in the history of the galaxy.[2] Their record of failure is comparable only to The Darklights.[2]

Known Personnel

Grace Munna



Kakra Kacs



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Revan Kanos
  • Year 10 Day 182: Michael Tachi, brother of Revan Kanos, is executed by Mandalore.
  • Year 10 Day 184: Anak Bratom and Zerk Nor create the Galactic Intelligence Agency.
  • Year 10 Day 186: Revan Kanos and Zerk Nor undertake a crooked raffle.[9]
  • Year 10 Day 188: The Galactic Intelligence Agency is dissolved due to bankruptcy.[1]
  • Year 10 Day 189: The raffle by Zerk and Revan is investigated by traders.
  • Year 10 Day 197: Anak Bratom, Zerk Nor and Revan Kanos are blacklisted as thieves.[3]
  • Year 10 Day 197: Kakra Kacs announces the Galactic Intelligence Agency has disbanded.[7]
  • Year 10 Day 202: Megaroll Mcbob is caught, interrogated, and executed by the Hutt Cartel.
  • Year 10 Day 215: Revan Kanos is captured by Rex Kharrus and Helena Gladio.[8]
  • Year 11 Day 72: Kakra Kacs is captured by Rehon Mosspim of the Knights of the Fountain.
  • Year 12 Day 98: Kakra Kacs is executed by the Knights of the Fountain for theft and treason.


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