Galactic Medical

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Galactic Medical
General Information
Motto "Healthcare in Harmony"
Status Active
Leader Pat Kil`astra
2IC Daniel Skyrunner
Owner Pat Kil`astra
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 227
Dissolved Year 16 Day 164
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems
Industry Medical Service
Holosite Galactic Medical

Galactic Medical is an active company with a focus on the production and distribution of quality medical goods, equipment and services. It was founded by Ettore Kalsi and Crawford Zapp, among others.

Based in the Principality of Praxius on Mondress in the Mondress System of the Mondress Sector, Galactic Medical provides goods and services to sentient all across the galaxy. Galactic Medical mainly operates out of Glom Tho system in the Hevvrol Sector

From its humble beginnings Galactic Medical is now a proud member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.



Galactic Medical was founded an informal organization nearly three months before its official incorporation date. Ettore Kalsi was in place to lead the company from conception, with Crawford Zapp financing the project. The group would balloon to include Mopar Scape and Kavilo Dujuk, the minds behind a prospering shipwright firm, and Ara Miransi and her sister, who would lead Praxius University. More would join over this initial period, but few would remain for very long. Together this founding group, with Pravus Malum, Diji Spiritstalker, Scott Mo, John Stello, and Christopher Eagles, forged the original Galactic Medical Charter and Articles of Incorporation.

Mopar Scape would be the first second in command of Galactic Medical. Despite having a major hand in the selection of the name of the company he would not live to see its incorporation. Mopar Scape died just few months after taking the position. His former partner, Kavilo Dujuk would take the position, only to resign a few weeks later due to personal restrictions. After this Vito Royan would be pulled from the outside, as Ettore tried again to find the right candidate for the position. He would resign to partake in an internal conflict with his people. After this, Ettore Kalsi would stop looking for a replacement for the position.

This would lead to the official incorporation and founding of the company on Day 227 of Year 11. In its first few weeks Ettore doubled the size of their fleet and added personal lands to the company's inventories.

As leader Ettore set an isolationist doctrine, deciding to focus on internal issues first and foremost. This limited diplomatic contact to only those groups they did business with. His limited sales policy prevented any further rapid expansion as the group stabilized.

Galactic Medical's Praxius Academy, lead by Ara Miransi grew into Praxius University, and the Galactic Medical Board of Directors moved to privatize the organization.

Royal Trade Alliance

Ettore, now crowned Prince of Praxius, broke his own policy when he, and the boards of each respective company, signed the Royal Trade Agreement. In truth it was only a formalization of a long held policy. The alliance formed by the agreement would consist of Galactic Medical, Pacnorval Defense Systems and would be protected by the Kalsi Royal Guard. This would free up resources from each company and allow their defenses to be centralized, allowing them to focus on their main tasks. The agreement also called for the sharing of some vessels and discounts on each others goods and services. The alliance on a federal level would be run by the House Kalsi.

This lead Ettore Kalsi offering the position of Executive Chief of Staff of Galactic Medical, referred to commonly as their second in command to of the highest ranking nobles within the house. Margrave Pravus Malum, then Chief Operation Officer of Pacnorval Defense Systems and then Margrave Leo Iscander, then Ambassador to Cybot Galactica to face off in an open election.

The two campaigned bitterly but in the end Leo Iscander would win, catapulting him to the title of Duke, and earning himself a Duchy. Leo Iscander would serve in the position until he was tapped to run Haven Recycling.

The election, originally done on a whim, was popular, and institutionalized, and Galactic Medical's Election Commission was founded. This established a democratic tradition within Galactic Medical.

The Royal Trade Alliance lasted under a year, as it would be dissolved with the dissolution of Pacnorval Defense Systems and its Articles on Incorporation.

Andromeda Agreement

The Andromeda Republic, then only Andromeda Security, control both the planet Berebosuil, and the System, Essowyn, where Galactic Medical is based. After an initially hostile confrontation the two groups opened diplomatic takes and some time later they would reach a what became known as the Andromeda Agreement.

Ettore would get all his desires in the agreement, from ship production capabilities, to shared security and the agreement proved to be mutually beneficial.

This was another step away from Galactic Medical and Ettore Kalsi's original isolationist doctrine.

Confederacy of Independent Systems

At the urging of Duke Leo Iscander, Ettore's authorized the ambassador to meet with the representatives of various neutral alliances. The most intriguing organization was the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and following a short period of information collection Ettore and Leo agreed to apply their company for admittance.

Once accepted Leo Iscander was appointed Senator, and Ettore as the companies leader also took his seat in the Senate. A new election law was drafted for the company, setting in place a democratic election under the supervision of the existing elections commission.

Their membership in the Confederacy of Independent Systems changed only one thing about the company, Ettore could no longer pretend that his isolationist policies were still in place. They embraced their new diplomatic freedom and moved into the next phase of life. Leo Iscander would leave the company to lead another Confederate subsidiary, and under a year later they both held leadership positions in the Confederacy, Leo as Supreme Commander, and Ettore as Head of Sate. Though Leo would lose his seat in the next election Ettore held on and now led not only Galactic Medical, but also the Confederacy itself.

After Ettore's death, Pat Kil`astra who was 2IC at the time, took over Galactic Medical both as owner and leader.