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The Galactic News System (abbreviated GNS) is an entity that provides the galaxy with information on: organizational changes, planetary control changes, and news articles pertaining to various events.


As of Year 16 Day 360, the GNS provides news to 14,615,952,421 sentients, spanning all sector and system borders. This service is provided by the Galactic Empire, due to the government's high population.

There are four categories in which a submitted main article can be placed in: social, economic, political and military. These categories make it easier for articles to be found by readers and allow multiple topics to be covered. As any other service in the galaxy, there is a fee that must be paid in order to submit information on the GNS. Companies specializing in information services are charged 2,000 galactic credits, whereas individual people or other companies must pay 200,000 galactic credits. There are also certain conditions required by the Galactic Government before one can submit a news article. However, the GNS is free to read and contains an extensive archive of news that affected the galaxy.

Besides full coverage articles, the GNS also gives flashnews - brief updates on minor events occurring throughout the galaxy.

Hacked News

The news network reaches any corner of the galaxy. Although news must pass through the Imperial censorship before publication, expert slicers know that the Imperial censorship cannot have a continuous and strict control on everything, therefore they manage to connect to the news network and holocast messages that escape Imperial control. Depending on the level of technology used by hackers, their location can be intercepted and revealed or not.

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