Galactic Rescue Ops

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Galactic Rescue Ops

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General Information
Motto "The Galactic Rescue Ops, transporting people at the speed of light!"
Status Active (as NFG)
Leader Mouse Woodlake
Owner Mouse Woodlake
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 222
Dissolved Year 14 Day 141
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral Entity
Industry Transportation Provider
Holosite Universal Planetary Access

Mouse Woodlake founded the Galactic Rescue Ops on day 222 while on the planet of Naboo. Starting with just a YT-1300, Mouse decided to assist the galaxy's populace by providing a much needed transportation service. This project involved picking up any stranded sentient from anywhere in the galaxy and taking to them to their desired location free of charge. As well as the primary objective of transport, Mouse also designed the Galactic Rescue Ops to offer financial aid to any new citizen in the daunting universe.

Though a newcomer to the galactic scene he gained immediate notice for his bold approach and daring in rescuing from planets, ships and stations. He received broad support in building up his enterprise, and then in Year 14 he would become a Galactic chartered corporation with full benefits. Mouse was surprised at the reception that GRO received from others. With over 45 people sending in donations, Mouse had enough capital to maximise the services provided by the Galactic Rescue Ops. Being a neutral entity in the galactic conflict, all groups ranging from Jedi's to Imperials have been helped at some point. He is always seen in the official uniform of GRO and he prefers to be called Captain.

During his travels, Mouse also meet many talented and generous people willing to give their time for the Galactic Rescue Ops. Tahkee Noie was the first to join his cause, quickly becoming the Second in Command for GRO. Alyva Roscoe also became an integral part of the organisation, transporting passengers just like Mouse. With these three at the head of GRO, it was on the first day of year 14 that the Galactic Rescue Ops became a fully-fledged organization.

The headquarters of GRO is currently located at two space stations in the Denab system. All official vessels can be found here emblazoned in the red and white colours of the organisation.

Mouse, Alyva & Tahkee in a GNS Broadcast.

As an organization lasting 5 months, the Galactic Rescue Ops grew to employ ten workers, helping over a hundred people. During this time, both Tahkee and Alyva moved on to other ventures. Towards the end, Mouse found that the administration side of the organization was affecting the primary objectives of GRO and thus, was disbanded and returned to the state of an informal association.

To this day, Mouse continues to be the leader of the Galactic Rescue Ops, helping the new and poor people of the Galaxy.

Galactic Rescue Ops has publicly stated that they are striving to become the number one passenger transportation business from here to the Outer Rim.

Various Members of the Galactic Rescue Ops


Many sentients helped out the Galactic Rescue Ops, the most notable being Tabty Haasza. Tabty was the very first donor, helping the fresh up and coming pilot. Helping out by both endorsing the service and granting Mouse the material items needed, it allowed GRO to take off. This paved the way for other donors to follow suit becoming one of the most supported charities in history.