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Galaxywide NewsNets
Galaxywide NewsNets Emblem Year 9.png
General Information
Motto "We own your information."
Status Defunct
Leader Orphaea Imperium (Year 9)
Rupert Havok[1] (Year 9)
2IC Donnie Deffland (Year 9)
Owner Orphaea Imperium (Year 9)
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 115
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Industry Information provider
Holosite Galaxywide NewsNets (Archived)

Galaxywide NewsNets (GNN) was [...]


While at Cloud City, Orphaea Imperium worked on the side to build his wealth. Eventually, he invested some of this wealth into the creation of Galaxywide NewsNets, an information corporation which he hoped would eventually supplant all the mediocre broadcasters and tabloids dominating the holonet at the time. [...]


"Galaxywide NewsNets is the most trusted information services corporation in the galaxy. Field reporters fly around the galaxy, reporting on-location or via the Mobile Reporting Ship Zarathustra, with other broadcasts originating from government and sector NewsNets throughout the galaxy. Satellites, both public and private, monitor everything happening on every planet in every system in every sector, analysts reporting to clients the comings and goings of the galaxy. Talented astrographers and navigators chart the known and unknown regions of our galaxy. Our activities continue across the galaxy twenty-four hours a day. Politics, Military, Economic, Trade, Entertainment; there is no limit to GNN's scope. Bounty lists, product reports, trader warnings, census data: somewhere in the galaxy, someone will need to know, and GNN is the one that makes that happen. The galaxy must move. The data must flow. In order to ensure impartiality, GNN is not officially affiliated with any government or corporate conglomerate, but does have holonet broadcasting and licensing arrangements with numerous groups."[1]

Notable personnel


  • Galaxywide NewsNets Banner Year 9.jpg (Year 9)
  • Galaxywide NewsNets Banner Year 9.png (Year 9)