Galen Darksol

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Galen Darksol
Galen darksol 001.png
Biographical Information
Race Herglic
Homeworld Giju
Mother Qatara Shuvi Darksol
Father Tosh Darksol
Siblings Mantani, Guvnai, Bertoni, Quavi
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Prior Affiliation Traitor to New Republic, Incom Corporation, JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
  • Republic Achievement Medal (Year 19 Day 39), rescinded following treason
  • Leadership Award (Year 18 Day 290), rescinded following treason
  • Production Supplier Award (Year 18 Day 200), rescinded following treason
  • New Republican of the Month (Year 18 Day 186), rescinded following treason
  • Outstanding Excellence Award (Year 18 Day 157), rescinded following treason
  • Hydian Star of Excellence (Year 17 Day 226), rescinded following treason
  • Friendship Award (Year 13 Day 195), rescinded following treason
  • Executive's Citation (Year 13 Day 195), rescinded following treason
  • Academic Excellence Award (Year 13 Day 89), rescinded following treason
  • Executive's Citation (Year 12 Day 287), rescinded following treason
  • Operation Urgent Fury (Year 19 Day 292), rescinded following treason
  • Meritorious Unit Medal (Year 19 Day 292), rescinded following treason
  • Republic Readiness Award (Year 19 Day 292), rescinded following treason
  • Exceptional Service Medal (Year 19 Day 292), rescinded following treason
  • Operation Unknown Signal (Year 18), rescinded following treason
  • Operation Ancile (Year 13 Day 307), rescinded following treason
  • Chief of State's Medal (Year 13 Day 195), rescinded following treason

A Rough Beginning

Born to loving parents, forced into the underground world by the Galactic Empire; Galen Darksol learned to exceed the expectations of his generation.

The Finite Youth

Like many of his pod-mates, Galen spent his youth swimming in the seemingly endless oceans of Giju. However, he would often look skyward and dream of one day reaching the bright points of light beyond his home. Frequently, he would ponder the ancestral stories of when his people governed a small but peaceful empire. Looking to the stars, Galen would ponder and dream of a life beyond while his siblings would focus on playing all about. The joy of youth though is but a finite time.

Underworld Existence

That finite time ended as an older youth, Galen would witness the arrival of the despotic Empire their ruthless annexation of his peoples' industries. While young, he saw his people suffer under the not so proverbial lash of the Galactic Empire. Driven to crime, a large portion of his youth was spent beneath the planet's surface smuggling Herglic food to those in great need while trying to avoid the tireless Imperial recruitment patrols searching for "volunteers." Ultimately he was found by such a patrol, with food (cookies) in hand that he was not authorized to carry. Force marched back with a few other youths he was given the choice few others would get; join the Imperial Academy and leave his homeworld or remain on his homeworld and work in the factories. Seeing opportunity among the stars, Galen was the only one of those who were caught who saught to join the ranks of Imperial forces, the rest were regulated to the grind of the factory, none of whom Galen ever heard from ever again.

Escape to Freedom's Door

Galen’s brief time at the Imperial Academy was spent in training. It took Galen all of a week to realize that life in the Empire was not for him. He did not mind structure or discipline, but the constant grind of saluting, bowing, and groveling was something he could not stomach. Especially among a humanistic organization where he was considered scum even though he wore their uniform. During a training mission where he was to return to the sector of his homeworld, Galen was left alone to guard a fence at the edge of a dense forest. Using his bulk, he forced his way through the thin fence and slipped into the forest beyond it. Hours on the run, he was surprised that Imperial gunships were not in pursuit, but even though Galen realized the Empire considered him worthless, he knew they would eventually come for him and make an 'example' of him. So Galen kept running further and further from his Imperial post until at the edge of the forest he found a large clearing with a small deserted landing pad. Inside an old but functional communications terminal Galen found his freedom. Smart enough to avoid Imperial frequencies, Galen contacted a local Herglic smuggler who graciously helped Galen escape to an unaffiliated trading station in neutral space.

A Rebel in the Making

A fugitive on the run seeking succor from his past, finds himself a path that only the will of the Force could have predicted.


On the trading station, now a fugitive from the Galactic Empire, Galen browsed the advertisements for employment. Remembering the dreams of his youth, he narrowed his selection to two prominent ship manufacturers: Incom Corporation and Falleen Naval Contracts. Impressed by the ship designs held by both groups and convinced that either would be an excellent choice, Galen closed his eyes and pointed, letting fate guide his hand to Incom Corporation. He was readily accepted by then CEO Cyrus Vasch. Soon thereafter, Galen boarded a ship to New Republic space.

Ascension to Leadership

Galen was happy working for Incom Corporation as it was far less confining than the Imperial Academy. After a few promotions, Galen sought a change in duties and transferred to Juganoth Mining Corporation. After a time, he was invited back to serve as second-in-command of Incom Corporation by then CEO Harton Mash. After the retirement of Harton, Galen was appointed CEO of Incom Corporation, a position for which Galen still considers himself unworthy.

Senator to Unknown

Outside of Incom Corporation, Galen found favor within the New Republic and was even elected Senator on several occasions. Grateful for the freedom of the New Republic, Galen volunteered to search the galaxy during the Unknown Signal event, and after personally locating one of the disabled vessels Galen received a YT-510 from the New Republic. Naturally, Galen renamed the YT frigate “Meredian Scout.”

Nowadays, Galen travels where he is needed to further the cause of the New Republic and her allies. He longs to one day liberate his people from the grips of the Empire and invite them to join him among the stars.


Galen Darksol betrayed the Republic for the Galactic Empire, ultimately leading to its takeover ca. Year 21. Ever since, he is at large and wanted for treason by the New Republics' successor, the Rebel Alliance.

Notable Positions and Titles

Speaker of the New Republic Senate
Preceded By:
Endaro Kassan
New Republican Speaker & Senator
Year 19 Day 277 — Year 20 Day 88
Succeeded By:

New Republican Senator
Preceded By:
24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th Sessions
Year 13 Day 94 — Current
Succeeded By:

New Republican Senator
Preceded By:
14th, 15th, and 16th Sessions
Year 13 Day 94 — Current
Succeeded By:

Incom Corporation
Preceded By:
Harton Mash
Chief Executive Officer
Y16 D75 — Current
Succeeded By:

Incom Corporation
Preceded By:
Doron Tristis
Chief Administrative Officer
Y15 D200 — Y16 D75
Succeeded By:
Valence Copidire


New Republic Promotes Economic Opportunities