Galthar Spech

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Galthar Spech
Galthar Spech.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Iridonia
Mother Clerria Spech
Father Luthrin Spech
Spouse none
Siblings none
Children none
Born Year -10 Day 266
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 meters
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Czerka Corporation
Title Ghost Department Vice President
Rank O-5
Prior Affiliation Rothana Metal Works

Galthar Spech is a notable miner, pilot, and explorer who currently makes his home in the Moddell Sector. He began his career with Rothana Metal Works, a recycling and production company associated with the Axis family. At Rothana, he served under Axel Houghton and Bunres Volfis. After he left Rothana, he was hired by Czerka Corporation, a nationalized subsidiary of The Avance Coalition. He quickly advanced in rank, and was tapped to head the logistics department. He is also an active member of House Asclepius, and holds the governorship of the Magar's World system in the Stensen sector.


Galthar was born on the rocky steppes of Iridonia to a family of hunters, traders, and craftsmen. All of Galthar's family lived together in the northwestern part of the planet, on the borders of the large northern jungles. The values of self-reliance and respect were taught to Galthar from an early age, as is Zabrak custom. However, Galthar found himself yearning for a life among the stars.

When Galthar reached the age when he could begin work alongside his father, he realized this was not the life for him. Fearing his father’s disappointment, Galthar put off telling his family of his plans to strike out on his own. The day before Galthar was to catch a transport to Ordint, he told his family of his plan. To his great surprise, his parents were elated that he was taking his destiny into his own hands and gave him credits and advice to start off on the path to success. After an emotional goodbye, Galthar wished his parents the best and promised to return.

Reaching Ordint a few days later, he wandered into the Rothana Metal Works recruiting office. He was accepted immediately and quickly set to work as a pilot, picking up ships, materials and new members. During this time he befriended the Rothana leadership, a wonderful group who gave him his start in the Galaxy.

After a while, Galthar wanted a change of pace, so he signed on with Czerka Corporation. After the initial training, Galthar rose quickly through the ranks, finally achieving the rank of Vice President. He has grown close to the big family that is Czerka, and will retain his current position of the foreseeable future.


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