Gand Xitwa

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Biographical Information
Race Gand
Homeworld Gand
Born Year -16 Day 7
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.21 meters
Political Information
Affiliation The Resistance
Title General
Prior Affiliation Galactic Alliance Secretary General

New Republic High Ambassador
Cloud City Owner

Xitwa, a male albino Gand, is a founding member of the Resistance movement against the Imperial Union, former High Ambassador of the New Republic's Diplomatic Command, and a former two term Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance. Maintaining a direct governorship over planet of Danuta in the Colovas system, Xitwa has taken up the full-time command as the current General of the Resistance.


Mists of Kazrad

Mists rolling in East of Kazrad

The Gand, Xitwa, was born on the planet of Gand in the city of Kazrad. Kazrad, home to the clan of Gands with the same name, lays directly across the sea just west of the planets central city of Bak'tana. His parents were of low status and were laborers within the community and in keeping with Gand culture were not accomplished or notable enough to warrant use of their surname, let alone their first names. From the onset of his birth, Xitwa would bring about a level of notability to his family, albeit not the type that they had wanted. Xitwa was born an albino. Where most Gands have a brown exoskeleton and silver eyes, Xitwa was almost completely white with bright red eyes. The notability brought about by his appearance was not based off any great deed or action worthy of honor or renown and as such was a great source of personal shame.

Despite the infamy of his birth and appearance, Xitwa would experience a relatively normal childhood. He would learn the ways of his people and embrace the Gand culture to its fullest. Coming of age, Xitwa would go on to be tested as a Findsman. He had hoped that becoming an Findsman would restore some level of honor to himself. When he failed the tests, Xitwa would return to his family and join them as laborers finding some level of solace working with his hands.

Holowan to Feri-Tyronnel And Back Again

The Diplomacy of New Republic

The Resistance

The War for the Rebellion

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