Garth Tanner

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Garth Tanner
Garth Tanner Portrait.gif
Biographical Information
Race Corellian[1] (Human)
Homeworld Born in space[2]
Mother Deceased[3]
Father Disappeared[3]
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Tanner Transport (Year 2)
Juganoth Mines (Years 3 - 7)

Garth Tanner is a male Corellian and a former Vice President of the Juganoth Mining Corporation.[4] He is a daring fellow much like the bygone swashbucklers of the Old Republic. His typical attire consists of black trousers, a lilac-blue shirt, and a nerf-hide flight jacket. A sawn-off DL-44 blaster is usually tucked in his waistband, with a EC-17 hold-out blaster carried in a shoulder holster. He has neither visible scars nor markings.[2] His last recorded sighting in the galaxy was circa Year 6 Day 192.[5]


Born aboard a tramp steamer in hyperspace, Garth has always called space his home.[3][2] His earliest memories are of flying with his itinerant father, and of not knowing his mother.[3] His absent mother, a native of Tatooine, reportedly perished of an agonizing venereal plague when he was a mere boy. His gruff father, a Corellian spice-merchant, raised him well enough on his own. He taught Garth at an early age how to handle both himself and the family starship.[2] Flying became second nature to the young Garth and hauling contraband made him easy credits which he lost just as easily playing Sabacc.[3][2]

Then came one fateful trip . . . While on a cargo run through the perilous Cron Drift, his cocksure father failed to return. The fact that his father had made this same voyage many times before only deepened the mystery. As his father had been smuggling munitions for rebel sympathizers on the last leg of the journey, Garth believed then — as he does now — that Imperial fingerprints were all over his father's disappearance. He swore a salty oath to find those responsible and to exact a bloody vengeance but, fortunately, several nights of lum-guzzling and ewok-carousing made him reconsider this hasty vow.[3][2]

After his father's unsolved disappearance circa Year 2, Garth launched Tanner Transport,[6] a small independent business consisting of one unreliable YT-1300 freighter and two DX-9 Dropship Transports.[6] During this financially difficult time, Garth performed odd jobs for a former bandit known only as Friar Blues,[2] a one-legged man with an insatiable thirst for Lum and a certain rough-edged charm.[7] Eventually, Blues offered Garth a gig in his latest bold venture Juganoth Mines, and thus Tanner became the director of its Transportation Division.[3] When Cap'n Blues departed for the Unknown Regions, he appointed the Wookiee tinkerer K'loran to lead the company and, as his final act, Blues rewarded Garth with a starship: The YT-1300 Wilde Quest.[2]

During K'loran's tenure as company president, Tanner helped construct their new headquarters, Juganoth City,[8] situated on the planet Alk`lellish I in the Alk`lellish system of the Sumitra Sector.[9] Later, circa Year 3 Day 163, the Bothan advisor Kurner Dah'tar became the next president of Juganoth Mines, and his new Bothan boss immediately appointed Tanner as Vice President.[10] In this latter capacity, Tanner was in charge of administrating all the facets of the company and helping to increase its efficiency. He aided Dah'tar by collecting intelligence on important security matters and undertaking classified tasks which were vital to Juganoth's future.[4]

Circa Year 4, Tanner became fatigued by overwork and entered cryogenic stasis in order to recuperate.[11] He mistakenly assumed Juganoth headquarters would be a safe place to do so. On Year 5 Day 88, while Tanner was in stasis, Bruce Spear and other Eidola Pirates — then known as Malebranch — infiltrated Juganoth and seized power.[12][13] Spear and the Arconan cutthroat Zortek Ignatz kidnapped or incapacitated the company's president K'loran and various personnel.[12] After disposing of Juganoth's liquid assets, the Eidola Pirates retained Juganoth's properties in the Sumitra Sector. The pirates re-purposed Juganoth City (originally built by K'loran and Dah'tar) as their new base of operations.[5] While these chaotic events unfolded, Tanner still remained in cryogenic stasis within Juganoth headquarters.[11] He finally emerged from stasis on Year 6 Day 110 in a disoriented mental state.[11] Teniel Djo or other Eidolans reportedly captured him when he tried to escape Juganoth City circa Day 192.[5]


Young Tanner circa Year 2.
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