Gavin Rollan

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Gavin Rollan (von Ismay II)
Gav hat.png
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Treya Filiev
Father Matthew Rollan
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -12 Day 273
Died Year 13 Day 48
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Hair Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation Sienar Conglomerate, Falleen Federation, Aurodium Legion

In the Year -12, Gavin was born to human parents from Naboo. Shortly after, during a hiking expedition around the lands outside Theed, Matthew and Treya, Gavin's parents, were brutally murdered, leaving him an orphan. Upon hearing this news, the Akridas, long time family friends of the Rollans, secretly adopted Gavin to hide his existence from those that assassinated his parents.

At 10 years of age, Gavin started his education at a prestigious Theedian technical school, where he mostly enjoyed and excelled at the hands-on portions of his lessons, through which was revealed a talent for manufacturing and repairing vehicles and spacecrafts. These talents were quickly noticed by several Nabooian production conglomerates and Gav was recruited to take employment with one of the larger groups, exposing him to designs and capabilities that he had only dreamt of previously.

After several year of plying this trade, he learned from an older co-worker of his parent's murder and the lies perpetrated by his adoptive family regarding his origins. Gav felt betrayed and immediately had his name regally reverted to his birth family's name, Rollan, even going so far as to having it changed in the civilian database. Once the changes were made permanent, Gavin immediately left Naboo, wondering around the system looking for work.

After several moths of taking temporary and contract positions, Gavin accepted a permanent position with the Sienar Conglomerate, a group renowned for production and logistics in the Centrality sector. During his time there, Gavin quickly rose to the the position of Production Assistant, however through a critical mistake, a batch of items was contaminated and Gavin was summarily dismissed from Sienar's employment.

During the months that followed, Gavin jumped from job to job and developed a taste for alcohol, which landed him a 3 month jail term due to a misdemeanor in Falleen territory.

Upon his release, Gavin looked up a name he remembered from childhood — Asmo Bodan — who he met while working on Naboo, and at the time was second-in-charge of a group of shipwrights in the Tapani sector. Under Asmo's tutelage, Gavin rediscovered his love and talent for manufacturing and quickly rose to Asmo's previous position when Asmo assumed leadership of the group.

While serving as Asmo's faithful assistant, Gavin was given more and more responsibility in the group as Asmo's attentions were turned on various economic junkets and corporate acquisitions. Upon Asmo's return from a particularly long trip to the Unknown Regions, Asmo revealed to Gavin that he intended to step down as Tapani Starship Cooperative's leader and was going to nominate Gavin to assume the role. The Aurodium Legion Council agreed and appointed Gavin to the post that he held until Day 311, of that very same year, to when he had to stand down to troubles with Pirates. He chose Hondo Maximus as his successor.

Past Positions Within the Legion

Positions Held
Enlistment Date:
Year 11 Day 153
Place of Employment
Aurodium Legion
Resignation Date:
Year 12 Day 360
Preceeded By:
Position Created
Koornacht Cluster Production Director
Tapani Starship Cooperative
Year 11 Day 276 - Year 12 Day 23
Succeeded By:
Asmo Bodan
Preceeded By:
Nicolas Linnear
Operations Executive
Tapani Starship Cooperative
Year 11 Day 317- Year 12 Day 175
Succeeded By:
Asmo Bodan
Muad Kel Bask
Preceeded By:
Position Created
Moorja Production Director
Tapani Starship Cooperative
Year 12 Day 155 - Year 12 Day 220
Succeeded By:
Muad Kel Bask
Preceeded By:
Asmo Bodan
Chief Executive Officer
Tapani Starship Cooperative
Year 12 Day 175 - Year 12 Day 311
Succeeded By:
Hondo Maximus