Genesis Corporation

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Genesis Corporation
Genesis Corporation Logo Year 2.gif
General Information
Motto "Expansion through relations and power through compassion."
Status Defunct
Leader KiltJoy[1] (Year 1)

Kosh Naranek[2] (Year 2)
Joseph Roscha[3] (Year 2)

Historical Information
Founded Circa Year 1
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun (Year 2)
Industry Vehicle Manufacturer
Holosite Year 2 (Archived)

The Genesis Corporation (GC), also known as GenCorp, is a defunct corporation that specialized in vehicle production. Founded circa Year 1, the earliest known leader was KiltJoy, a Mon Calamari, who ruled the organization for over a year. During his tenure, the organization had several contracts with other production corporations throughout the galaxy.


The earliest known leader of the Genesis Corporation was a Mon Calamari technician known as KiltJoy,[1] ostensibly the former Director of Research & Development (R&D) prior to his appointment as leader.[4] During KiltJoy's tenure as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the corporation sold Air-2 Swoops, S-Swoops, Cloud Cars, and Transport Barges.[5] The organization also had business partnerships with both NeuroSaav Technologies and the Bounty Hunter Guild.[6]

On Year 2 Day 242, Kosh Naranek replaced KiltJoy as owner of the Genesis Corporation.[2] Naranek's ownership was short-lived and, shortly thereafter, Joseph Roscha — as an official dignitary of Black Sun — seized power.[3] Under Roscha's auspices, the Genesis Corporation became an official subsidiary of Princess Gabriella Storm's criminal empire.[7] A Board of Directors was formed consisting of Roscha as Corporate Executive Officer, ForceFlow as Security Executive Officer, and Vase Zeschuk as Production Executive Officer.[8] Years later, when Princess Howie stepped down as ruler of Black Sun, Joseph Roscha took her place. He ruled as leader of Black Sun for three months and was ultimately expelled.[7]


"At one time, the Genesis Corporation was known as the premier vehicle production company in the galaxy. Facing rough times and ownership changes it has lost that title. Until now. GenCorp will once again rise to reclaim its long lost title of being the one premier company for all the galaxy's needs. Vehicle production repairs, modifications, research and development. GenCorp is now accepting applications for positions in every department. From piloting to repair to R&D. Come be a part of the rebirth. Genesis Corporation. The first in vehicle production."[3] (Year 2)


  • Genesis Corporation Banner Year 2.jpg (Year 2)

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